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hi I'm Marilyn welcome to the open house and make sure you sign in Oh mr. and mrs. Pollock you've come back for a third time yes we have and for the third time it's Pollock I'm sorry is three time's the charm oh well we like it but it's such a big decision um can we look around again of course take your time but hurry up there's a lot of interest in the place excuse me oh hell I'm the listing agent may I help you here my name is Miss Italy on a Campbell and I live couple blocks down the way and I was walking by on my way to the pick and save you know we're out of toilet paper at my house and just notice in it but there is a misprint on these Flyers that you got this way too many zeroes that's not a misprint 1 million is the price is that Chinese money no ma'am that's 1 million American dollars oh my gold mine in the basement don't be silly there is no basement oh did George Washington sleep here no no they say a Cineplex upstairs no is there a healing vortex around the house and when you get sick to walk into it and your flat banana and we magic no true in the Hat I just don't even understand now oh my goodness this is where they filmed that famous movie I recognize it now this is Big Mama hell I tell you I love Martin Lawrence look I love him so much but he's got a mouth on him he needs to find a new way to get a light okay this is not Big Momma's House and I don't have time to talk to you goodbye oh so ready to make an offer well what do you think Steve let's take another look at the kitchen oh my god I get it downs the pigeons and this is a con game oh I ain't never seen a con game up close you know I knew you had gypsy in you you know how I could tell them crazy eyeballs go away oh I got one more question and now are you part of a gypsy family or a carnival family is a big difference my friends ill does she married into a carnival family you know and they baked her into a funnel cake and charged people three dollars to watch her eat her way out of that cake for the job you know she was doing could she love from the page so fat you know almost not being squeezed out of the spongy goodness okay she was always walking around with powder children over yeah okay this is not a scam okay this house is priced to sell did you even notice the crown molding I noticed a mole this house is ideally located oh that's true it's on its way to the pic and save but everything don't avoid the picking says look out the window at the bucolic Meadow View our flower that is oh you know when my day we used to call that a vacant lot our place where the rats go to party you know there used to be a house out there actually it was held his house but she got so fat when she walked in it and just fell on top Oh what have we decided when our waiter said uh we really liked it we just don't want to spend more than 900,000 Oh you know I may be able to bring it down to 999 but that would be the bottom line it's a lot of money well I mean I guess that's what we're gonna have to pay to live in this neighborhood great I have the contract oh you know a minute honey cuz I just cared about a house two blocks away that is for sale and it is better than this one and it smells like potpourri instead of cat litter lady who owns it is real sweet she like sleazier soup I've never heard of this listing what else cause it just went on the market right now I'll just rock this very second and let me tell you what the path feels oh that's gonna be $900,000 in one cent we'll take it what the hell are you doing I'm showing these pigeons that new coop I think um are you pretty program I'm good yoga pants cuz I don't laugh

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  1. Stephanie Weir got more talent than the whole cast of that Saturday night shit show for the last 20 years.

  2. These are really good actresses. The lady who play Ms. Swan is amazing. Seemingly in most of her roles she characterize fidgetiness, emotional problems, and can be very inpatient. Yet Ms. Swan is a 360° Complete Opposite. Ms. Swan Is so calm, relaxed and she always get the last say with authoritive confidence. The Leona Campbell character is doing to her, what her character, Ms. Swan does to people. Then @ 3:00 Leona begin to her what she doing to her but it goes over the head because she is in her feelings now… emotional. I checked the season year for this episode skit, and the Ms. Swan character had already retired from the series.

  3. Southerners are masterful in the subtle art of slipping in passive-aggressiveness in everyday conversations.

  4. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
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  5. Lol, they should have just waited until 2009 and then the price would have dropped from a mil to 200k… But it won't happen THIS time.. prices will just continue to go morons.. just stack cash, gold and guns until the next one.. then buy it up while everyone's crying.. look at the djia, we're due for a massive correction sometime in the next 5 years or so…. And the longer it goes great the harder the fall will be..

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