Major Apple iOS 11.2 Bug Affecting Hyperlinks in Text Messages

Hey, everyone, Derek Johnson with It is Friday and we found something really
interesting and definitely something that all text message marketers need to know. With the new release of Apple iOS 11.2, so
that’s the new version of what is installed on the phone, what we found is, if you put
a dollar sign into a mass text message or even in a MMS message, you can see what’s
happening is the dollar sign is essentially making any link or so a hyperlink so you can
click on the phone or it’s even making telephone numbers unclickable. So let me show you the first message here. I’m sorry it’s a little hard to see with the
glare. So you can see the first one and the reason
is, is because it has that dollar symbol by the 5, so $5, any dollar symbol in the message
is making the links and the phone number unclickable. There is no way to make it clickable. And this is not an SMS provider issue. This is the iPhone doing this. Now just so we are clear, we’ve already contacted
Apple. We’re trying to get this resolved. We’ve submitted a bug so hopefully they get
this resolved. But if you are sending a text message out
with a dollar symbol, you, number one, should not be sending out currently while this bug
is live. You should not be sending out a text message
with the dollar symbol if you are using either a link in the message or you are putting a
phone number because no one will be able to click on those. So it makes the message almost not usable. So one other thing that we found very, very
interesting, which I think has to do with Apple Pay, we’re still kind of investigating,
figuring out what’s going on exactly here but as you can see…not the best at holding
this phone here. As you can see, if you actually put anything
that also is similar to a dollar symbol…and I’m not talking about another symbol, but
what I’m talking about is something like the word dollar. So we tested the word dollar. Instead of the dollar symbol we put $5 and
we spelled it out. Then we spelled out five bucks. And, as you can see, for some reason, and
I think it’s because of Apple Pay, the integration in 11.2, what you can see is that it’s not
rendering the link, so the dollar symbol or really any mention of dollar, bucks. The one thing that did work, as you can see
here, is buckaroos or what else is here, what we’ve put, and then we just put nothing. So save five off any purchase today and as
you can see here that won’t work. So you can see the bottom two messages, those
the link does work. So I think while this bug is in place and
I don’t know how long it’s going to last, this is gonna have a huge impact for text
messaging marketing and MMS marketing because you’re essentially not going to be able put
the dollar symbol in your messages or mention dollar or bucks and also I don’t know what
else they are screening for. This is a really good example of why when
before you send a mass text message, always test it and test it on multiple phones because
if you have an iOS device that hasn’t been upgraded, you will see the link. So you always want to test on multiple operating
system, multiple versions before actually sending to all your subscribers. So that’s what’s going on today. We just figured this out. So we are sending out an email to everybody. When this does get resolved we will let you
know. Be sure you subscribe on YouTube to our channel. We’ll be posting a video the minute this gets
resolved. Also, we will be sending out an email, so
you can go to our blog,, the right hand side there. There’ll be an email signup and you will get
an email the minute this is resolved. So, hopefully everybody is having a good Friday. Unfortunately, this has come up but now you
know how to avoid this issue, so that your links always appear on Apple iPhones. Have a good day, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Major Apple iOS 11.2 Bug Affecting Hyperlinks in Text Messages

  1. Old ASSCCII $ sign file naming conventions possible? Also maybe some genius at Apple closing the window for text messaging marketers.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up here! Looks like Apple is closing the text-marketing-door indeed. Question: Does the same apply for Euro- or UK-Pounds signs aswell? #IAmInTheNetherlands

  3. We just posted an update on this bug here:

    Also, if you haven't read the article by Mobile Marketer on this issue, you can read it here:

  4. I got an update from Apple that this bug will be fixed on iOS 11.3. You can download iOS 11.3 Beta 6 at the moment and test it. It is indeed fixed.

  5. NEW UPDATE: Apple fixes iOS $ SMS bug affecting text message marketers. Watch our report on it here:

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