Make Money Selling Your Crochet & Knit

I’m Alicia today I want to talk about
selling your um crafts and the hardships that you go through we try to make a
single sell usually it starts off most people have the same story I want to
give Crocheters an example somebody tells you Oh your work is so beautiful
you should definitely sell your work you’ll make tons of money and you
finally work up the nerve to you know what attended craft show or sell your
work online you attended craft shows and you see other people selling the exact
same thing for a fraction of the price I’ve seen before somebody sell their a
crochet baby hat for three dollars come on you’re not even getting back your
material you’re not even making minimum wage I believe we should make the money
that we deserve for the work that we put into the project or the items that were
making or let’s say you go on Etsy and you post your stuff online you see other
people in your category selling beautiful items making tons of sales and
you say oh I can sell a hat on here for $40 other people are doing it and
they’re having a great success you put yours on there and days ago by nothing
week’s go by nothing you’re not making a single sale and you’re wondering why
they tell you your work has to be better than somebody else’s you know what on Esty your work can be better than somebody else’s but somebody has to find
you you are a needle in a haystack you are one in a million of crafters there’s
a lot of us out there you have to somehow find a way and weed your way to the top so you think know what I’ll advertise I’ll buy ad space on Etsy and
know what people notice me yeah you might get noticed you might get clicks
on your links but still you’re not making the sales that you want to and
you’re nickle and dimeing yourself on these promotions on Etsy
so what can we do as crafters to become notice okay I want to put a disclaimer
out there right now by no means am i a craft Sales Professional so I just want
to give you the tips that like I said that i have that i have used as
successfully used in the past over the past couple years number one tip emulate
who you love online who inspire to be I’ll give an example let’s say you love
the Mad Hatter that you seen on Instagram and they have thousands of
followers on their page and have thousands of sales what exactly are they
doing to make these sales this leads kind of into my number two tip they’re
on social media number two tip you have to be everywhere let’s say you are a
wood whittling person who makes little tiny wood horses well when I type in
what little horses I should see your name your name should be synonymous with
your skill and craft when I think of course wood little horses I should think
of you don’t be afraid of social media it’s your friend if you say oh no I
can’t do this is too scary you’re not wanting to make money online we have
Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn you can write blogs there’s so many I’m
social media avenues that you can put yourself out there where people can find
you and this is also a great way to make free not free sales but to sell your
work for free I sell my work in my own personal
Facebook group I sell my work on my Facebook fan page I sell my work even on
Instagram I have tons of followers there um I sell my work on little join yours
com I also have a blog I’ll put a link in
the description box below I’m everywhere when you google me go join yarns you’ll
find me also number three don’t be afraid of selling
apps that’s also a great free Avenue for you to put yourself out there selling
apps like offer up or let go or Macari those are my favorite places of sale
and you know what it’s free you don’t have to nickel and dime yourself just to
sell your item tip number four be your own walking billboard wherever I go I
always have cards in my purse and you know what says I’m a crow share I can
actually wear my goods every time I walk out the house
guaranteed nine times out of ten when I leave the home and something I make
somebody is gonna ask me oh where did you get that BAM
potential customer right there I pull out my car and say oh I made this myself
my name is Alicia little Sean blase blase business card
yay potential customer please um your your greatest advertiser use it love
your work talk about it wherever you go like I said you’re your own walking
billboard and last tip number five learn learn everything you can just because
you have all of these tips you follow those tips one through four you’re never
done learning I’m never done learning I actually I’m a
little nerdy I enjoy watching like um business podcast and listening to those
and reading business books and joining on type of Facebook groups about
crocheting and how to include excuse me improve my skills and learn new things
always learn continue to learn it can do nothing but improve what you do okay
guys if you like this video and would like to know more exactly on how I make
my selves please don’t forget to stop by my new facebook group page where we can
discuss it the link will be in the description box below and don’t forget
to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel ok guys go out and make a
sale and see you on the next video bye you

47 thoughts on “Make Money Selling Your Crochet & Knit

  1. Outstanding video! You are as lovely as your voice is. You have great confidence and excellent tips. Thank you! I used to sell on Etsy and did okay, but that was years ago before there were billions of sellers. I'm thinking of starting again and your little pep talk was great.

  2. It's my story. No sale, only quality, work expenses to keep the Etsy open. I though to sell on open fair market, but I don't see here in my area. I have a lot compliments, people loves my stuff, my boss complimented and told me to sell. But I don't seel on Etsy, I am spending $15 per month to keep Etsy open. And one of this day I will have to close and keep the $15 in my pocket. I made a mistake not having business card. I was on a supermarket check out, and the lady loved to death my shawl, she wanted my contact and she wanted to buy it. I felt embarrassed giving my # right there on the check out and the shawl was not even part of my best items that I make. But she loved the simple knitted shawl with look like crochet stitch.

  3. You are a lovely young woman and very passionate. What about someone like myself? I am in my mid-60's and don't even own a cell phone…yet. I wouldn't know how to use twitter or instagram.

  4. Great video and very inspirational! I crocheted a beanie, posted it on my personal Facebook page and one of my friends mentioned how much she loved it. So, I made one for her as a surprise (for free) and ended up getting two orders from her friends who saw it and wanted one for themselves! Showcasing your products yourself or sending one to a friend as a marketing tool is definitely a great idea!

  5. you are brilliant ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge I'm also a crocheter and knitter from the UK I would love to start selling my items as I've had many comments on them I've never actually sold anything yet and would love to make some extra cash so I'm going to try social media thanks again !!!!!!

  6. This video is beyond superior. You are inspiring! I've been thinking along these lines to get going with my crochet business & appreciate all your specifics and enthusiasm and realism. The video is also very good quality and enjoyable to watch. Thank you!

  7. I loom knit, scarves, pop can coozies, pop bottle coozies, hats & ear warmers. I have my picture on Facebook but no action, yet.

  8. Very good video…. You keep it real thanks so much for this information….. You are so right always learn with crochet…..☺

  9. Thank you for this video. I knit and I been thinking about selling or knitting for other people. I been trying to get my GED. I have one more to go. So I am going to try doing that.

  10. My concern is not being able to keep up with demands. In high school was when I got kinds good at crochet. I learned amigurumi. I sold a few pigs for $10. Then I had like 3 people wanting Domo (not sure how it's spelled) and Gir and a few other things. I came home and half way made three Domos and then quit.. I quit crocheting for a long time cause I had so many more people asking me to make things. One amigurumi at that time took me 8 hours to make.. I went to school for 8 hours. I slept for 8 hours.. I still had to clean and cook and eat bathe do homework etc.. Couldn't just sit for 8 hours ..or even crochet most days.. So they never got finished. I stopped crochet and stopped selling.. Didn't really crochet again for like 3 years…

    My other problem since then is people telling me they want things then I make them and they never come to get them (I mostly sale to local people) so I have trust issues with people.

    I don't mind making things in free time and selling them. I'm currently trying to figure out names and all and get set up on etsy and a Facebook group to sell the items I have made in free times. I'm not the most creative at doing things like that though and cresting a sort of business.. I'd like to go to college and take business classes.

  11. Finally someone who GETS IT!! Everyone tells me I should sell my crochet stuff. I spend $40 on the yarn, it takes me 10-15 hours to make an item, then people expect to pay $20.

  12. So helpful hun, thanks! Really want to try and make a go of creating my own crochet patterns this year and this video really makes me want to get off my butt and do it! 🙂 Subbed!

  13. One thing I realized is how expensive yarn can be! I’m currently using a Instagram to grow a following before I make a Etsy!

  14. Thanks for your encouragement
    I started knitting summer o 2018 and I have sold somethings at school and to people who see me knitting I would like to advertise on Instagram but I am not allowed to have that

  15. I loved the video like Deanna said very inspirational and i am a beginner to medium crocheter, you answered a lot of my questions Thank You!!

  16. hi! i’m 13 and i’m trying to find ways to make money and i want to start my own etsy. i know how to crochet amigurumi, but i only know how to with already written patterns that other people make. should i be selling stuff that isn’t 100% mine?

  17. Mam. How do I start crochet 🧶? I started knitting 3 days ago already made two projects. Is crochet 🧶 good money ?

  18. I've been crocheting since I was about six, and I want to sell some of my work. Thanks for the advise!

  19. Thank you for the advice.
    I just started selling this year. Look for me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mercari, and Animo as either Sleepingvanessatori or Tori Reader.

  20. Just found you and I love your advice ❤️👍🏼thank you very inspirational 👍🏼I want to start my own tutorials and blog😊thank you for helping me to get motivated!🙏🏼❤️

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