Makers to Merchants: When to Jump recap

the real story behind doing what you love is it the glossed over photo on Instagram each of the panelists in their own way have taken that really brave step into the 10,000 unsexy steps that come after deciding to jump and before you make it to the end you write this business plan and then you're like great and then you can essentially throw it out the window trying to do the marketing trying to keep the books not having any idea how to do any of it getting into a van with peaches that had condition too long a sea of fruit flies but those lessons stick with us today you're the voice in your head just saying like what are you doing come on but then the other voice keeps saying that this is the point where everyone else is gonna give up it's exciting and not looking for permission but realizing you do need support there's this idea of letting yourself be walking and putting yourself in a position by showing up to get that well the toast to all of you for being here and for showing up years

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