stay I warned you guess what this game was announced well okay so the PAX East is happening or maybe it already happened depending on you see this video but this was a now some time ago but like they're highlighting it this week sorry um this is monopoly gamer now I'll that's gonna put this right here monopoly gamer came out some months ago and this is actually the collector's edition here's the thing the collector's edition of this one don't look as nice as the regular edition like the rare this is all colorful and they gave the collector edition his own bland look anyway this was just the characters and if you see right there at the bottom these are just two characters on a working on Monopoly board that's designed for Nintendo anybody want to come over play this I'm just saying but anyway they came out with this and the reason why I'm excited about this one this is I'll bring it very close is the Mario Kart edition I'm really weird okay so I want to go ahead and open and that's how we're gonna open it you know what I want to open this but I have to give homage to something I just thought about it I took this out of a box and reason I can't show the boxes they put my hand dress on it uh you know CANSIM to my house and I'm just saying like all this oh that's all the farts for today okay so let's go ahead and take this off right here that down there this is art like I feel like this should be on everybody's cabinet or wherever your Nintendo stuff is yeah just just that oh just stay stay okay all right so anyway in this thing I'm gonna raise everything up for you don't worry let me show you the game I warned you okay so here is how the board Latino is it look like it broke because that's how they voted but it's not so I'm gonna give you you seen the board before me actually I don't I couldn't even see the board okay there you go I may do a little closer here with another camera shut and show you all of it but it looks really cool this is like my Hasbro gaming I bought this from Gamestop by the way just so you know half boy did not send it to me I wish they would have would have saved me some money I don't know but uh if you visit jail what happens okay that is nothing important but I'm okay so anyway you saw the board it comes with the directions right here look if you don't know how to play Monopoly some people don't you know oh cool and just like the other one to get more characters with each of their own abilities unique abilities look for monopoly player Mario Kart power packs so yes this yeah we will give you a little sample in here a little taste a little some something and then you can go and get finish okay so this is form that this monopoly gave my pleasure these are the packs see these low these low pack and it has this one has what toad another thick let's yeah oh he's so cute let's see that's how to get you get these are like $8 each I don't know what they cost but like that's this this is this is a scheme but it's a delicious game it works okay so here's someone a card what is this title-deeds also water park get it you don't like water works if you don't if you don't focus off my face camera and show the audience there you go whoa it was still looking at this pretty thing and I'm like you know need to stop let's see what what else is cool here titled II told her okay this is a navy color ones moo moo Meadows paid one coin to race this is interesting so this is all about so said of buying property what is property but you're racing at the same time like I I found I find this really DK jumping he dish you interested there you go this is this is really unique like I've lived it what you all like to see again I don't know how we have to stuff the cameras but like have a few people come over we set some cameras up and then play I just I really want to play this I just think it's gonna be like really fun look I know you want to see the characters that's what everybody bit like Lamar you hurry your butt up I'm sorry no no kids don't kids okay adults to be a little silly alright so oh these are cool so this they come with these standards I'm go ahead and do close stuff don't worry you have oh so you you know the beauty guru thing yeah Mario then we have Princess Peach yeah you boil await good time you got y'all oh yeah this ain't your own this ain't your game but at least does not call Mario gamers everybody and total he told us do so oh my god with you okay and you have some nice there you go see those right there oh okay didn't even say like okay so these and if this is cardboard so you you pop these out and you have bananas because they make people slide I'm guessing you have coins uh yeah something with the number five on them okay I'm popping somebody's out okay this this is a this is really a full-fledged game I've done this to be like a quick unboxing show you and then go buy it but then this is actually come on that's not a coin coming out stop but yeah yeah I guess you pop all these out I mean just there you know you can see those linger better I'm loving the banana let me get you a close-up of that oh man those are cool so look I I don't know how to exactly how to play but I'm like really excited I'm gonna put these back so they can be just nice and collectible so listen I got this a game stop they have them in the store but then he'll walk by my store so I ordered it online and they shipped it in about three days so I'll truck I'll put the link to that below if there's an Amazon link that'll be easier for you I will give you that as well then since they announced it at PAX East there might be a lot available now so just check with your local store I think even if you don't play man like this is just a good kind of collectible to have you have I'm just saying what is the collector's edition I I guess they're given I just feel like the collector's edition could have been the colorful one but like I know there's two different games I'm just saying the the monopoly gamer the first one looks like this nice and colorful and alright guys thanks so much for watching I appreciate that again monopoly gamer Mario Kart edition I'd like oh ok so I think we look in here say there's more there's more to see go but go buy it go buy it anyway if you have any questions or you like you want me to talk about it more I have a discord that's a discord that Lamarr Wilson that's not this I see I forgot the link anyway this court died GG / Lamarck Wilson the link to that is below it might pop up on the screen at some point if you know so if I'm not too lazy to put that in but anyway yeah this is my disc or it's about 5050 500 of you it's a lot I keep pushing it because there's so many people there and we have a board talking about the Tendo stuff so anyway guys thanks so much for watching I this morning I want to kind of clean up before before I let you okay what did they're wrong wait let me do this okay keep what keep something okay okay there has to be accommodated okay that's gonna break it flip is the combinate yeah I will figure it out later thanks for watching us I will see y'all in the next video would you be so uh oh I'm looking at it right now it's a big box of cool stuff better probably in the next video I'll talk to y'all soon


  1. Scene on 2:00

    Lamarr: Stay
    Cover: no
    Lamarr: STAY
    Cover: fine

    falls on purpose

    Lamarr: I Warned Ya'

    Cover: 😓


    Lamarr: SsSsssSTOP IT!!!

    Cover: mama pls help me

    Haha new subscriber here! Ps i have a monopoly gamer but not mario kart just the original one

  2. This Was Funny, And Cool At The Same Time! I Just Subscribed! I Would Get Rosalina, Because She’s My Favorite Character.

  3. Lamarr… My brother just died, and you folding the board at the end gave me a much needed laugh… thank you my friend.

  4. Introducing, Monopoly World Domination Edition!

    Each player gets to choose a token whether it’s land, sea, or air. Difference is one has more attack, one has more defense, and one has more resource gained.

    Each side of board represents: Asia with islands & Australia, Europe, Africa, and Americas. Shuffle property (country) cards and lay them face down.

    Each time a player lands on face down card, flip over. If you have enough resources, you own that country. Each country will have its own attack, defense, and resource gained.

    If you land on opponent’s country, your attack minus that country’s defense equals whether you cough up resources or gain that country. If you land on your own country, you may gain resources and upgrade attack and defense. Upgrade attack in that country will help you gain more attack power on that side of country.

  5. Anybody else notice that Bone-Dry Dunes was shown on the board with an image of Grumble Volcano? Seems to be a mistake…

  6. Hashtag* lamarrs army big fan I know i won't win anything but just wanna say you made my life better and just watching your videos have helped me with my depression. Keep it up your the best youtuber ever

  7. I don’t like the box because each character is driving in a Kart from a different game than the others.

    Mario: 3DS
    Luigi: Wii U
    Peach: DS
    Toad: Wii

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