10 thoughts on “Merchants of Doubt (2014) with Naomi Oreskes, Jamy Ian Swiss, Frederick Singer Movie

  1. Some analysis of the 'climate papers' that showed a 100 percent consensus would have been useful. Excellent journalism from The Corbett Report on some of the contentions involved here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlnwhcO5NC0

  2. It's sad that so many comments dismiss the FACT that a coalition of Corporate Giants have lied to the public & spread disinformation for decades which is harmful & dangerous to the world population. The damage is locked in & apart from threatening the survival of Earth's biosphere & environment it is irreversible on millennial tinescales thus threatening the extinction of humanity.

    Before 1750 atmospheric CO2 was at around 280 ppm where it had been for hundreds of thousands of years. Now it has reached 405 ppm, which added with more potent gas emissions (methane & nitrous oxide) over the past 200 years equates to more than 500 ppm. At this unprecedented rate of increase this threatens to severely curtail the life expectancy of today's youngest generation as it heralds our species extinction.

    This is certainly NOT alarmism, it is the future we face if we don't DRASTICALLY reduce our fossil fuel burning.

  3. Dismissing conclusions because the source has an interest is just a foolhardy at accepting conclusions because the source is 'legitimate'. It should not matter what interest the source has, only that the data is legitimate and the conclusions are reproducible.

  4. The source is irrelevant. The question is whether the facts are true. That is, whether the data is legitimate and the conclusions make sense.

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