Merchants of Kaidan Gameplay Review

hello Internet James Allen from out of 8 lieutenant playing trading simulation merchants of Kadam game features a couple of different scenarios has kind of a story based mode one where you start out with a bunch of money and then also timed events that keep you going for a number of years so I'm just going to do the more story based mode alright so there's your little story which we'll skip past I obviously know what to do so first thing I need to do is sell my ring at the can tour in order to get some starting money so that next thing I need to do is hire a helper guy to help drive the cart and then also defend against attacks once they come so I will hire him none of those other people you can hire in the tavern too you can buy this person around you can recruit a negotiator for you and also by these other people beer too if you want then there's a little minigame that I'll avoid in addition to that in each of the town or some of the towns at least there's a workshop where you can buy or upgrade your cart so you can buy a new car which allow you to go faster and also carry more Goods and you can also buy more horses that'll decrease your travel time it's also an academy that can have you undergo training for people that are in your party and finally the place where you actually buy and sell goods so what I'm gonna do is the price for food is very good in this when you start out so I'm gonna fill up my cart full of food and take it to a town that needs it and that's basically what you do in the game is you go around and trading buying things for low prices selling them for high prices there are quests that you can undergo which is if I know where those are remember where those are there we go so my first one is to collect 4000 and become a member of the guild and the main capital city so that's kind of your first goal you can also want you get enough money you can actually buy mines and monasteries which will help you get a more income over time so what we'll do is we'll go to the map and plan out where we want to take this food first the game suffers from a couple of fairly significant problems the first off are random events that happen while you travel some of these are really crippling and can really stop your progress especially if you spend all your money on buying goods which you will because that's kind of the point I'm doing it another one is and you'll see this shortly there's a significant gap between the buy price and the sell price so it makes it really hard to make a profit which obviously means that you're gonna have to spend more time generating money as you go through the game it really slows the pace of the game down makes it more of a grind than a you know constantly escalating business that you're trying to undergo also there's nonsensical pricing you would think that food in farming areas would be cheaper and like maybe hides you know in forested areas would be cheaper than those things would be more expensive in cities but that's not the case the prices are set seemingly at random and they change all the time there's constant fluctuations in price which makes it more like random chance whether you're able to find good prices or not which is really kind of annoying you know in a game such as say elite dangerous where their systems that you know manufacturer are certain good you know you can go there to get it for a relatively cheap price and then sell it to the other systems that need it in this game you can't do that it's just luck as to which goods are gonna be low-priced at various places which is too bad because it's kind of the point of a training game is to trade so let's just go around in a big circle here you can see when you click on the city gives you how many days it takes to travel gives you a travel cost sometimes you have bridge tolls of border tolls to go through you can buy some insurance if you'd like to protect your goods and then it gives you a little you know thing about the city so travel there gives you a lot of random events as I said whenever you mean the old lady always want to ever do blessings alright so here we are again in this town there is a workshop if you so choose there's a tavern yeah that you can hire more mercenaries if you want here and then the little trading area so you can see here I bought this at 3:15 I could sell it for 1111 notice the huge gap between the Buy and the sell prices it's really significant so what I'm gonna do is sell everything there go so now I have a bunch of money so now another thing is when you start out most of these things are locked from you your rank is too low until you sell enough good so really kind of inhibits what you can purchase I'll give this you can buy this for 110 or sell it for 14 like really okay you know these are twenty three so but they don't even have that in this town so basically which it what I'm gonna do is wander around until I find a decent price for things so let's go over here and really a decent price is just you know from playing the game and reading guides that you find online and seeing what you know kind of a threshold for it is oh let's play yeah give me money there's a shrine I'm not gonna deal with that there's a tavern a suspicious package no thanks it's another mercenary I don't really need anybody else yet especially because I'm kind of starting out so let's see those are terrible prices for those not one of my like that or that's also terrible so there's absolutely nothing to buy here and this is the problem what you'll do is you'll just have a lot of places where their prices aren't good enough to buy and so you're wasting money on travel time cuz every time they travel cost money and he can only go to adjacent villages see every time it's gonna cost me seven gold which will add up over time especially if I'd venture around and there's nothing to buy alright got anything here I can get probably not no yeah so again you know buy for thirteen sell for eight nope again these are not good prices Anna done all it does is tells you what per what price you purchased it at so you really kind of have to now there's no real reason to write down prices because they fluctuate so often yeah I'll get you over there okay we'll make our way to the Capitol done which is over this way you can see and all I like to travel to adjacent villages anything to buy here 13 nope 15 15 is too high for me as you can see in the prices you really need to to buy food at about eight and you really need to buy hides at eleven cuz that's how much money they're making off of you so again I go here and on again oh good my carts broke 14 this is actually not too bad for hides 11 so let's buy some of them and fill up a little bit of my cart yeah no that's because they are random okay that's it for that let's finally make it to the capital rich toll uh-huh not a bridge tall no there's a miracle prices are high all right olive oil in there okay so see I actually bought this or the hides are good to sell oh there they go yeah thank you you're welcome hey 450 bucks thanks not too shabby let's see here I don't want to buy that this is actually not too bad for a price we'll buy that at 36 probably that much all right so let's kind of go on out there's the guild all right that's basically it so you just go around and trade oh yeah there's those bridge tolls again all right what we got yeah yeah I'm gonna sell that for 15 no thanks hi this is a bad fill out the rest of my car besides alright I want to go here let's go up here sure found a diamond good saw that all right uh-uh yep but 411 so 418 I don't work yeah what about my other thing no that's still way too much for the war and that's way too much food sure I'll do that go back to the capital all right not too far away now I don't want to play any crabs dang tolls ma'am anything good you know nope look good for me yeah that reminds me I can sell that uh no no I can't now there we go on that side all right let's see here don't worry I'll be careful ah this is not too bad for hides fill it up well maybe to see what else there is I don't really want anymore or yeah I can get a little bit of a margin on it I think this is where I actually bought it from which is hilarious I just sell it make a little bit of money off of that all right let's do heights there will go back up to that town yes I unidentified all right all right so I need to go back to that little city there there's all the goods I have let's see yeah that's not too shabby no no no no the rest of them slowly making money oh yeah I'll do that yeah you're welcome 300 bucks not too bad those are both terrible prices that's good for a war though not that much all right let's go this way sure I'll do that take a boat yeah actually lose a little bit of money on that OOP foods cheap though let's fill up on that there I want to see where do I have to go Sitara all right where the heck is that or she can't search but there it is way over there all right I'll go through the capital 132 cheese I'm gonna go broke soon oh they took food and money awesome this is what I mean about the random events you know they'll kill you oh cool can I sell it nope to buy some more for 8 all right Shh well it's good the bleeding money no not gonna sell it for eight when I bought it for seven not finally do the or and again I think I bought it here all right so much do I have mm that's bright so slow so I want to go over this way anything good no you don't need the workshop you Ivan you know don't want to sell my car it that'd be silly and this is like so expensive takes so long to generate any sort of money in this game at least when you're starting out starting out the hardest part okay whatever we're gonna be your errand boy and actually buy some more food oh yeah let's go to here no no I have to pay the border toll let's go over here no thanks can't really afford anybody else nope that's all I got on my car – yeah 27 food oh yeah I don't want the shrine and this is basically the game you just kind of wander around looking for decent prices that change all the time so there's no you know cheap way of that's good that's not great all right where is dar who knows look there it is way the hell over there alright fine I had anything good to buying it food it's good fill her up No nope don't want to do that sure why not nope don't want to do that kind of sell the food in the big town no don't want to do that I can actually buy more if I wanted to now let's go over here I don't want to go to the Barbarian town that one never mind though there's yes please yeah a little bit profit all right well I mean that's the game sadly you know like I said it's really sunk by the way that Goods are set up the difference between the Buy and the sell price is too much the prices fluctuate randomly and there's no sense to which places have cheap prices you know Farms don't have cheap food forested areas don't have cheap hides cities don't have cheap clothes or tools it just it all goes up and down so there's no reliability which is something you need in a training game otherwise it's just randomness random dice rolls determining how successful you'll be which is what this game is you know you can hire people to help you undertake little quests that you saw which is fairly entertaining although they are repetitive after a while join a guild which will open up more goods options and stuff and then eventually once you get enough money even upgrade your cart to go faster or carry more Goods and invest in mines to generate some money you know each day for production but the basic game is just too random to enjoy the game is extremely difficult it's very hard to generate any sort of income reliably because of how much randomness is introduced into the trading so that makes it an extremely difficult game to recommend and I think there's much better options for people who enjoy training games elsewhere so that's all I have for today it's all next time bye now

5 thoughts on “Merchants of Kaidan Gameplay Review

  1. [Scratches head] So it's like a fantasy RPG but without the fun bit – the looting and fighting.

    I have a 90% off coupon for this, but I don't think I'd be interested at 99% off.

  2. I remember your voice. I must have watched another review of yours a long time ago. can't say which game it was.

  3. Music is soo good and chilling. I love that game since I dont play much of these. But I adore peace climax it gives. Bought for 2 Euro seems like I wont regret a thing.

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