Metal Shack | Business Banking with Plains Commerce Bank

♪ [music] ♪ Hello, my name is Grant Johnson,
and I am the owner, operator of The Metal Shack. What we specialize in is faith-inspired,
metal home decor. Everything is done right in our shop here
in Mitchell, South Dakota. We’re shipping out thousands of signs a
year all over the United States. When my wife and I started The Metal
Shack, people were doing metal art, but they weren’t doing it in
the style that we do it. Never welded, never messed
with metal before. I would cut signs in this non-heated shed
that was probably 10 foot by 20 foot. The smoke would just fill the air. I think we went through three air
compressors that year because so much smoke got in. As we were growing, we were looking to get
a loan on a different shed. I chose to work with Plains Commerce Bank
because, honestly, it’s just been a really great experience. I’ve had a lot of business loans before
with a different bank, and it just seemed really difficult. From day one, Plains Commerce
treated me wonderfully. It was real simple. I gave them my profit/loss statement. Everything made sense,
and we were in our shed within a couple of weeks. Today, making signs is more streamlined. Instead of having two sheets of metal in
our shop because we had no room, now, our metal provider brings
semi loads of metal. Currently, we’re running two lasers. We have a powder coating system. And then, also, we offer four
different color options. We really take a lot of pride in giving a
product that is the highest quality possible. I see Plains Commerce Bank as a trusted
partner with The Metal Shack. I know that they’re the experts in the
banking industry, so I allow them to do what they need to do. And then, at the same time,
Plains Commerce Bank allows me to do what I specialize in. So, really, I feel like we just have a
great connection where we both know what we’re getting from each other. And, in the long run,
I think it’s going to really work out well for both of us. ♪ [music] ♪

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