Michael Brown’s Lenticular Art is amazing! ClickCon 2019 Trade-Show Highlights

I was at a trade show yesterday in
downtown Chicago. Part of a large photography convention called ClickCon.
Was walking around there.. met someone super interesting. His name is Michael Brown.
He does lenticular art. The type of art that is 3D when you move it. Or gets
different pictures that shift when you move it, and I just wanted to feature
this in one specific video. I did talk to him a little bit you can check that out… Scott: Oh?
Michael: 3D… Scott: Okay, nice! Michael: Thanks! Ron: Can I see? Michael: Yeah. Ron: So why four cameras? I don’t
want to say 3D but… 4 cameras… Michael: I’ll show ya. Ron: I got to see this. Ron: So that one’s done
with this? Michael: Some of them.
I, ahh, this is an instantaneous capture. Most of these have been done
with either Sony or Canons in an array. Ron: Okay Michael: I use like 96 pictures… Ron: Oh man, this throws me back!
(nostalgia reference I assume) Scott: Did you come up it…
Come up with this setup like just on your own? Or did you see difference sources? Michael: Well, I’ve been doing stuff
for like ten years. This is my newest rig. Because the Sonys now have gotten this compact. I used to have, ahh, multiple Canons that I was shooting. So that’s actually before and after makeup. Ron: Oh..oh..shi.. wow…
Michael: It’s like a different style. Same with this woman.
She like appears and disappears.. Scott: Nice, that’s cool! Adam: How hard is that to do? Scott: Well the… Is there like a specific place
that only does this type of printing? Michael: I print it myself…
Scott: Oh, wow! Ron: Explain this one for me… Ron: It’s like… did you use one camera for this? Michael: Yeah, I panned it. So I.. can’t remember exactly how many pictures.
I think about 60 or so. I wanted to get one gate.
So I had to do this a number of pictures where the horse’s gate
matched to get one cycle. Scott: Okay. Do you have a card or anything?
Michael: Yeah. Ron: I want to rotate this.
Michael: Yeah, go ahead. Scott: I do YouTube videos mostly like
photography related. Scott: So you are using the newer version of the (RX0)? Scott: How’s it working out for you? Michael: So far it’s good. I’ve only put this together in the past couple of weeks. Ron: Couple past weeks!?
Michael: So it’s in testing mode here. Michael: Yeah, because both…
Scott: Do you do 3D video stuff? Michael: I’ve.. I’ve used video to make this type of print. Scott: Nice, that’s interesting. So the idea here is to be able to
capture instantaneously. In the past I’ve got the camera on a rail
and I’ve split it taking all the individual perspectives.
But of course you have to be in the studio or somewhere stationary.
Outside and the hair is blowing and the trees are blowing… I have all this information in the description. His website. Different shows that he’s going to are on his website if you want to check it
out in person. I do suggest trying that because it is really interesting to see.
I hope you enjoyed this video. Again thanks to Michael Brown for let me check
out his crazy 4 camera setup. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai.

One thought on “Michael Brown’s Lenticular Art is amazing! ClickCon 2019 Trade-Show Highlights

  1. Wow!
    REALLY impressive.
    It reminds me of the old stereoscope photos.
    A lot like the old viewmaster slide system.

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