Michael Jordan – From Superman To Super-Businessman!

everyone has heard the name of Michael Jordan whether they are fans of basketball or not Jordan and the P fields of his career became such a big name and a celebrity presence that in the eyes of many he was bigger than the game itself Jordan often drank as the highest-paid athlete in the world and earned tons of cash which he has used wisely after his retirement to transition into a highly successful entrepreneur MJ as he's widely known among the legions of his adoring fans has now turned into a billionaire after a string of smart and highly successful investments and on the back of his ever enduring brand value it has been over 15 years now since Jordan hung up his boots from the basketball court but on the back of his legacy which he has created he still earns more money in a year than any other basketball player – right now on the NBA circuit it isn't the mean that he earns over a hundred million dollars from his Nike royalties alone and still has a string of other endorsements in his kitty in growing some of the biggest brands in the world like gaming giants 2k sports the world-famous clothing line Hanes and others he has very successfully collaborated with ninety to create his own line of shoes both for professional and athletic News named Air Jordan the line of shoes have become one of the most iconic lines with many successful athletes in the NBA wearing Jordans line of sneakers Air Jordan has become such a raging success that it has also negotiated some highly successful sponsorship deals across other sports French footballing giants Paris send your mouthwash an exclusive tour Jersey with the Air Jordan logo Air Jordan has also successfully collaborated with various NASCAR teams and athletes Jordan also calls an automotive group which has a dealership deal with nasaan Jordan also falls great interest in the restaurant business and has a string of photo chains including a steakhouse in the New York City's Grand Central Terminal but the most successful with Jordan has been into is by buying the franchise in the NBA the Charlotte Hornets initially in 2006 he became a part owner of the franchise along with his role of being the head of the basketball operations but in 2010 he brought a controlling stake in the franchise for 275 million dollars according to the agreement of the ownership John an old AAP person of the stakes in the franchise in 2014 he bumped up his stakes to 89% in the franchise and his fevered ship the brand of Charlotte Hornets has risen sky-high and they are now valued at over a staggering 750 million dollars this made Jordan the first basketball player in history to become a billionaire he has used his successful experience in being a franchise owner and has also invested in becoming a part owner of major league baseball franchise Miami Marlins as of 2018 Michael Jordan is the third richest African American in the USA after businessman Robert F Smith and media mogul Oprah Winfrey Michael Jordan well and truly personifies the word success with all the achievements which he had if you like this video please do like share and comment and do subscribe to our YouTube channel

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