Milner and Robertson decide the GOAT Christmas film | Which Home Alone? Die Hard & ELF impressions

Keviiiin! It’s Santa, I know him! Boring, they just sit on a train. Well, it doesn’t say
‘greatest of all time for Robbo’, does it? Keviiiin! Ho…ho…ho. Where’s the custard creams? Hi, guys, we are back by popular demand, or, as me and James like to say,
our teammates are boring. They didn’t live up to the standard
that we produced in the first one. And it’s Christmas films this time. – Look at the Christmas board as well.
– They’ve done a great effort. A lot of red noses, marvellous. Right, so, this film, Jingle All The Way,
have you seen that? – No.
– Neither have I. Elf, goes without saying, The Santa Claus…
The Polar Express I haven’t seen. I’ve seen it.
Average, James, average. It’s A Wonderful Life, I’ve heard about it, but… Never seen it. The Muppet Christmas Carol. Heard good things, never seen it though. Same. – Grinch.
– Seen it, definitely seen it. Seen it, seen it… Home Alone, Die Hard… ..seen it. Some might question
is Die Hard a Christmas film as well. For me, no. I just think it’s
a bit violent for a Christmas film. Love Actually and Arthur Christmas. – Are we missing any?
– For me, no. Cos we’ve got a wildcard, apparently. Maybe Home Alone 2. Right, so, top five – Elf is defo there,
it just depends how high we go. Right, so just slide it above… Yeah, that’s there.
That’s there. Uh, Polar Express – boring. They just sit on a train. – Really?
– Uh, garbage. Yeah, Polar Express, it’s embarrassing
that they’ve even put it on there. Muppet Christmas Carol.
I’m not a big Muppet man, to be fair, I spend enough time around you. Oh, come on now! Well, this hasn’t had any convo,
so that’s gone, innit? This… I mean, look at it. Yeah, but it’s all-time! Is that a big one then? – I haven’t seen it, but…
– Have I just disrespected…? Yeah, massively, it can’t go on the floor. Sorry. – So that’s got to be in black and white?
– Yeah. Doesn’t make it a bad film, though, does it? Doesn’t make it a bad film, James,
but come on, it’s 2019. Do they want to see this in their top five?
It’s black and white! Is it the greatest of all time, or is it
the greatest of all time in our opinion? It doesn’t say
‘greatest of all time for Robbo’, does it? Yeah, but it’s us two doing it! We’ve not seen this, it can’t be
the greatest of all time. You tell me one thing that happens in this film,
apart from a guy lifting a woman… It’s a feelgood film. If you want to put it in, that’s fine. Right, well, both of these can’t be in,
can they? Cos they’re too samey. Where’s Home Alone 2? – Thank you very much.
– Wildcard. One of these is gonna get written out. I’ve not seen that one, I’ve only seen this one. We’re just going very modern here,
aren’t we? Talk me through this. It’s about a miracle. On, eh, 34th Street! I don’t really remember it, to be fair, James,
I remember it was about a wee girl. I remember it being good,
but it’s not one of my favourites. Can’t believe you’ve not seen The Grinch. Have you seen the new John Lewis advert?
The wee dragon? – Yeah.
– I think that’s where they’ve maybe got their… I’m on to you, John Lewis. Everyone’s scared of him,
and then by the end of it… They love him.
I’ve probably seen bits of it, yeah. When he walks into dinner and they go… The Christmas pudding.
That’s lovely, that, amazing. Anyway, back to serious business. I think we need a nice selection in there. Yeah, cos you need a mix. Yeah. But we haven’t got
any classic Santa Claus ones in there. How many have we got here? Seven. Seven. And we’re debating this. And even that. That just stays on the board, it’s hard to
comment if neither of us have seen it. This is meant to be great,
but we don’t like the Muppets. That one’s definitely better than that. Definitely.
Without a shadow of a doubt. Home Alone 1 is always
the first movie I watch at Christmas. I like 2, I do like 2. – In New York?
– Yeah. And then his mum runs down,
with the tree and that. “Keviiiin!” And you go, “Yas!” What a film! What a film! But this is a cracker. This one when the guy is throwing
the bricks off the roof and it keeps smashing him on t’grid. The bird lady. And then right at the end
the dad gets the bill he’s been using. For the room service. “KEVIN!” And then that’s how it ends.
Oh, what a film. I forgot how good that one was.
But that one’s a belter. I think we’ve both confirmed
both Home Alones are in. That one’s probably going to
miss out but I like it. No, hold on a minute. This is the one where the guy goes to Italy and speaks Italian to the… That’s one of the stories, isn’t it?
He’s just not on the picture here. Yeah, the Prime Minister, innit?
When he’s dancing. That’s the most romantic thing ever. What about him? Snake. Good on him, though, good on him. He got the prize in the end. That’s amazing. “Santa!” We’ll go between these three. What we think
is missing here is a Santa-based one, isn’t it? Right, I don’t think we can
have two of them now. Oh, my God! I just think you’ve got to
have a Santa one in there. Then that’s better than that. Is it? And is it all about Santa? Yeah. Well, look at him. And he looks more like Santa.
Look, he doesn’t even look like Santa. Yeah, but you’ve watched it and can’t
remember it, so how good is it? – You tell me about that then.
– Couldn’t tell you. What’s Miracle on… That’s it! Thank God we’ve got… Yeah, but Santa Claus in court, it’s like… Yeah, but he’s the real Santa! How new is that? That’s quite new, innit? That’s probably not been around
long enough to get there. Love Actually, four for me. And it just depends –
do you want to go for explosives or do you want to go Santa in court?
One of the two. I mean, you can’t say
that’s not a Christmas film, he uses Christmas wrapping paper,
sticky tape to tape the gun to his back. Right, OK. I’m just quoting what you said about
needing more, Santa’s not even in Die Hard. Er… There’s not a Santa in Die Hard, they get taken hostage on Christmas Eve –
imagine that! Is there a Santa in Home Alone 1? – There’s a Santa in Elf.
– Of course there is. See, we’ve got enough Santas.
There’s enough Santas knocking about. Right, but this is what I’m saying to you. For me, I don’t know how it is
in Leeds and stuff like that, but for me, Glasgow, family and all that, I would much rather see Santa
in court and it become a miracle than me getting taken hostage
on Christmas Eve. But would it be Christmas
without seeing Die Hard on TV? – It’s always on TV.
– No, it wouldn’t be. Ooh, good question. Depends what mood you’re in. Do you know what? If that’s on and that’s on,
I ain’t even clicking ‘info’ on that. I forgot how good Home Alone 2 was. – That’s great, innit?
– 1st of December, Home Alone. “It’s Santa, I know him!” The thing that I think is
going to get questioned is this, but neither of us have seen it. These are the two I’ve heard
a lot of people talking about being classics. No, this [The Grinch],
I swear, this is trouble. I’ve never heard anyone say…
People say, “Oh, Elf, what a film.” – I’ve never heard that.
– No, this is trouble. But you’re comparing it to a John Lewis
advert, so how good is it? John Lewis adverts are amazing. They make Christmas, no? As soon as the John Lewis advert comes out,
I think, “Christmastime.” What, in October? A little dragon running through? Honestly, what an advert. We need to forget about these, unfortunately. But they’re still up there, at least. That’s a permanent marker. One? I think so, yeah. Two. Three. Four. Five. I know what we’re missing. Bad Santa. – Bad Santa wouldn’t get in there.
– Musical. The Greatest Showman. It’s not Christmassy, but what a film. Yeah? Well, that’s on you. I like Die Hard, I love Die Hard, but I’ve been
the one that’s said it’s not really Christmassy. IN HANS GRUBER’S VOICE:
Ho….ho…ho. Well, there you go then. That’s us, done. Where’s the custard creams? Right, guys, that’s our list,
took some getting there. Probably pretty controversial,
I’m sure you’ve got your own opinions, but if you want to subscribe
and give us your favourites, and if you’ve got any other ideas for what you want me and Robbo
to go through on the GOAT List… Cos Robbo’s said that you weren’t happy
with other people, so we can crack on again.

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  2. Its a wonderful life is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. But what do 2 childish men from UK know about classics?

  3. Minuto 1:23 robertson parece que fuera estifler el de american pie alguien se acuerda de ese tipo si que daba risa 🤣

  4. Once a boy was given an essay on Gods in the exam he thought for two hours and wrote milnerrrrr the teacher gave him 11 out of 10 then suddenly he woke up due to his mother's slap and mili Milner just grinned from heaven and said I have also experienced this that's why we say old is gold my son

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  6. Robertson is right about the appearance of The Polar Express in a GOAT xmas films list. Disgrace.

    Here's 3 better xmas films off the top of my head:
    Scrooge, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation & Klaus.

  7. Lol I love these two!! But…

    1. Home Alone
    2. The Santa Clause
    3. White Christmas
    4. Muppet Christmas Carol
    5. Home Alone 2

  8. Its a wonderful life….not just the best Christmas movie but one of the best movies ever made! Watch it it might just change your outlook on life….there is also a coloured in version for Robbo 🙂

  9. “But you’re comparing it to a John Lewis advert so how good is it?”

    looks up “John Lewis adverts are amazing.”

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  11. My GOAT christmas film is the one where the 11 purple gremlins forgot how to defend a corner and Santas helpers Alex and Origi gave Liverpool fans the best Christmas ever!

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