if you’re sitting there with your phone
or your laptop or your tablet not knowing what to do next oh yes this
video is just for you stay tuned okay so here’s the deal guys if you’re sitting
there and not knowing what to do next we’re talking about mindset okay you
need to get your mindset right now I’m continuing that series when I started
last week on talking about attitude and that attitude is the most crucial
component of your mindset that you’ve got to get right but the next thing I
want to talk about is getting your day started over and getting a ritual now I
did a big series on this a couple months ago but I’m not gonna make a long video
here I’m just gonna talk about the one component of it and that’s the ritual is
in for me and we’ll tell you where mine is you can modify yours however works
for you but we got to change something because unless you are where you want to
be right now you’ll get a change something now will tell you what I do
okay and just to say something real quick is something I say you know who
are you to talk about mine setting that kind of thing I’ve got a master’s degree
in psychology and that’s not bragging that’s just to let you know about my
passion for the human mind and I’ve been doing digital marketing for over a
decade so here’s what I do and you again you can take it and mold it and drop
some comments and you got some better ideas on how to do it what I do is I get
up early and I’m not talking about six o’clock in the morning I’m talking about
4:30 sometimes it’s four sometimes I’ll wait until the night you know to do
whatever as some of us have to do then I just stay up my alarm is set for 4:30
and you might say I can’t do that okay just move your time from whatever it is
now you’re back an hour so if you get up at six get up at five or whatever you
get up at seven get up at six but that extra hour gives you especially if you
have kids I don’t know about any of you have kids but either way if you do you
know what I mean is you get that you can get it before they get up then you get
that the peace of mind that you’re with just you you’re totally mindful and you
can be totally deliberate about how your day is going to unfold and you can
develop a real ritual for me here’s how I do it I get up early and then I get up
and I drink a full glass of water which I’m telling you biologically is is
really really really great for you can move on to other things coffee or tea or
whatever but a full glass of water soon as you wake up some stretching some
exercise don’t throw rocks at me but this stuff
really really helps and doesn’t have to be lifted a hundred pounds it can just
be some you know just some simple movement to get your body moving and
stretched out is your mind going to blood pumping just a little bit it keeps
jumping jacks whatever I’ve got a gazelle it’s a little thing you get on
and you know it’s kind of like an elliptical it comes like less than 100
bucks and that thing is really great just to move your entire body you do
anything you can sit there and like say do jumping jacks whatever so I get up
hydrate stretching just some kind of exercise which Mazda gazelle I do
weights and everything else as well but you don’t have to do that and then maybe
some meditation depending on the day and the time constraints meditation is
powerful I know don’t throw rocks on me meditation either don’t knock it till
you try it I can assure you it is very very very powerful you’re talking about
opening your mind up and getting present you know getting present with you your
dreams and your thoughts and be any control and not being reactionary being
proactive you know you set the agenda you make the rules
you don’t react to the day the day reacts to you it’s your day so either
way just want to touch on that quick video on rituals you know getting up a
little earlier going through a certain ritual to get your your body and your
mind right and then tackle your day okay that’s all I want to say for today if
you have any comments again dropping below you like some help with your
mindset and you like some help with your success endeavors your being successful
if you’d like some help doing that and stop trying to do it alone because that
is a dead-end street okay or it’s definitely a futile street okay it is
riddled with utility okay so if you’d like some help we’d love to help you
click on the link below if not stay tuned get some more videos kind of like
this one coming up soon and also a lot more how to make more money online we’d
love to help you that too if you like some help with it click on the link
below if not stay tuned see you soon it’s chazzy your digital mindset calm
I’ll see you on the inside thanks a lot you

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