Minecraft: 1.14 Update Building Tricks and Tips

hello my name is green and welcome back to another minecraft video today I'm going to be showing you a bunch of building tricks tips and all sorts of other things to do with the new 1.14 snapshot that's been added to Minecraft now there is an awful lot added here and the goal of this video is not to showcase what's there I'm going to briefly glance over everything that's been added just so you know but the main thing is we're gonna go over how we might use these things creatively so let's dive straight in shall we the first thing is there have been a bunch of flowers added the first one is the winner rose and my personal favorite as you know I like anything that can be used as a trap if you stand over it it doesn't wither effect on you and that hurts quite a lot there's also cornflour and lily of the valley two very good looking flowers indeed next up is a very interesting block the bamboo which is actually a plant or a grass and it actually behaves like one as well so if I take bamboo I was under the impression that it might be a little bit like a fence where you place it down then it sits nicely in the middle of the block it's not the case because it is a plant it takes up random locations on the block so it's not uniform at all meaning our uses in building are a bit limited but it does make it extra pleasing to the eye for actual uses of bamboo so we'll come back to that one a bit later on the next edition is a loom block which is a brand new block meant to make making a banner very easy indeed as it was a little bit complicated before with all of the crafting involved but I'm more interested in the way this block looks it's got a unique texture very unique texture and we'll come back to that later on as I've got a few ideas on how to use this and now the biggest thing in this update is a bunch of staircases and slabs have been added to the game so I'm going to go over each of these in turn now some of them haven't had the wall added to them just the slabs and the staircases but nonetheless this will make building very very interesting there's gonna be all sorts of things that can be done with these in a variety of ways so the first one is obviously mossy stone brick the next one is polished granite which looks pretty cool we've got red sandstone which also looks pretty good they've also added polished die alright a new sandstone texture which is very interesting we'll talk about this a little bit later on mossy cobblestone end stone brick which is a good choice stone slabs and stone stairs which was a bit of a surprise to me smooth quartz which looks almost identical to normal quartz granite and red nether brick along with some pushed andesite normal day alright and then we've had some walls added to blocks that already had staircases and slabs so we've now got stone brick walls we've now got brick walls itself which makes a lot of sense and we've also got prismarine walls as well so that makes an awful lot of sense and we've also had different color signs added to the game as well interestingly they have a texture change at the bottom so that the bark is holding up the sign I think this is a personal preference thing I could go either way to be honest with you but we now have spruce signs birch acacia jungle and dark oak which is a pretty big deal because we've always been limited to oak sign so this is going to expand our building abilities very much now there has been a texture change as well from version 2 to version 3 I made a video a while ago comparing the default to version 2 and now at the end of the video I am going to be comparing version 2 to version 3 just in case you wanted to see what has changed alright so let's move on to the most important thing how do we use these blocks in a new scenario now I'm not going to be doing any details on the new slabs and staircases as that's more of just a general enhancement to the building palette I want to focus on the new blocks and the first one is the loom like I said this has a very interesting texture and my first thought was piano keys so you can now make a very good-looking piano and it's also utilizing the new dark oak signs to cover up the front of it as well so this actually does look like a load of keys but then I thought there's actually another way that this could be used the Loom could be used as the strings at the back of the piano and then we could use daylight sensors like I have done before when I've made a piano and I think both designs work very well but my personal preference is the first one the loom can also be used as the back of it has a very distinct texture and this goes really well with bookcases now the reason is it mimics the same grid pattern that you get on bookcases so I thought putting it at the bottom adding a spruce button it looks like they're a bunch of drawers and this could be used in all kinds of furniture but it also if you just put it in with the bookcases it looks like the books have been removed from the Shelf which is another really unique way to use this block moving on there's even more ways to use this you can use it as a wall trim both the front of it which looks very much like a letterbox that's also another idea that could be done and at the bottom as a wall trim there's only a handful of blocks that you can do this with one of which being the quartz pillar block normally we would use quartz pillar in a more modern setting like so but the trim here works in multiple scenarios such as this in modern setting but if you look up the bottom of the Loom block actually has a really unique texture as well it does make an incredible ceiling block so that's something to consider as well and it wouldn't be right if I didn't include some kind of barbecue so this obviously looks like a grill it's a bit triggering that it doesn't quite match up that it you know it doesn't just go straight in line that would have been too perfect but if you just place them opposite each other you can create a pretty convincing looking grill surround it with a bunch of blocks and you've got yourself a barbecue also you can put bamboo in a potted plant and we'll come back to that a bit later as well one of my personal favorites of today is the garage door so again using the back of the Loom placing a bunch of them and it's not too expensive to make this block so I can see it being used as a decoration very very easily a button in the middle and you've got yourself a half open garage door just imagine that you could see it the bonnet of a car poking through there that could look very very convincing now moving on this cave is to show you that you can use the stone slabs and the stone staircases to really improve your caves if you want to make some custom terrain now there are so many slabs and stack is added to the game that training is going to be forever transformed there's even smooth sandstone added to the game so you'll be able to terrain with sand which is a bit of a game changer along with granite and andesite being added in as well you can create really convincing cave works that have a lot more shape and diversity moving on to the bamboo tricks now bamboo is a really good-looking plant so you can imagine that it's going to be very useful for decorations so I've made a little pathway here and some bamboo on the left and you can imagine how any walkway or any sort of tranquil space could be used with bamboo and also the Loom makes a fantastic grate or grill and I also added some water here to kind of illustrate that you know it all goes together really well and I feel like it all fits moving on I did mention earlier that you could put a bamboo in a potted plant but if you add just a block of leaves over the top you've got yourself a proper stem we used to have to use cactus but it never looked quite right this one looks way more at home because it's even got a little leaf in there as well so that's good you could take this even further and I know that the potted plant in the middle is a bit weird but with a bit of imagination you can see that this works as a small little plant hi Dom Dom is here okay well you can stack you can stack bamboo plants one on top of the other now Dom here is going to be my assistant today which I assume is why he's got a waistcoat on and hurt and a tie so he's going to be my assistant today now you can stack bamboo on a potted plant now this looks really weird and I thought this could be worked as a room divider but like I said it does look odd but while we were experimenting with this particular setup we found something incredibly weird that may interest some of you so Dom's going to be my little guinea pig here so what I'm gonna do is place a bunch of blocks here as a little bit of a wall now I'm gonna place if I place Dom rail can't get out there's no way but as a human we can walk in and out of these bars as if they are a very bad jail so very easy to get in and out if I place a bunch of husks here something very strange happens they can't get through even if Dom sort of looks around and stuff and sometimes they even get through the center of these blocks and they still hug it they will damage him if he gets too close but sometimes they'll break through let's see if we can push one through even though he's on the other side of this he just loves the bamboo for some reason and they won't go after Dom how bizarre is this so yeah that's a very odd thing that happens with that I don't know what you could be used that for and it's not always a hundred percent reliable but it works and also you could use this as your regular oven grill as well doesn't have to be a barbecue you could have an extractor fan over the top and you could use the loom as a grill as well you can cover it up with a couple of item frames and then add a couple of pressure plates in there as well and it looks like handles moving on we've got a few more bamboo tricks but these are more just decorative I just want to illustrate how beautiful this bamboo plant is and where it can be used so this is just your very simple man-made River and it's also used a lot of the new slabs and staircases along with some of the sand ones as well you can see that the smooth sandstone slab actually just looks like a half slab of sand so this could be used quite a lot so you can see that you can make some really pretty things here and you can even mix it in with a bunch of Reed's as well but in my opinion if I had to choose between the two I'm going for the bamboo over the reeds any day and of course you can make a bamboo forest a proper bamboo forest now I'm sure a lot of you were expecting it and what we've done is we've made sure that the bamboo is all at different heights and stopped with a string on the top and that kind of gives it a lot of variation of course you could just have it grow all to the same height to make it more realistic but I feel like this looks a lot better now every single block here except for a couple with some tall grass in has some bamboo in it and you can see that some of them you can walk through and others you can't because of the randomly generated placement and we also have pandas added to the game now I wasn't going to cover the mobs but all my goodness pandas are in game as well so I thought I'd mention that while we're here doing the bamboos as well this is an awesome way to decorate any sort of garden of some kind these little planks and stuff there's so many options but this vibrant green is going to become very useful in garden making moving on is another Japanese garden style build but this time it's less intense so just used again as a decoration tool we've got some very tall stripped dark oak log walls along with some trap doors and buttons and it looks really authentic this looks absolutely beautiful so these blocks are a bit of a game changer for gardens along with the new flowers as well they're going to make it incredibly pretty moving on is another bamboo example now this is obviously a modern build soon this is now DOM rouse house as he is here this is where you can use bamboo inside just even putting it by the windows you can still see through it enough so that you've got a nice a lot of light coming through but the vibrant green really makes this work now there's also a couple of new the textures used diorite and polished diorite but we'll go over some of the textures a bit later on so that's it for the building tricks with the bamboo and the loom which made up the majority of the building tricks and tips section however I'm playing on Java edition but on bedrock edition and indeed in the future of 1.14 updates there's going to be a new block called scaffolding added as well so I'm gonna hop on over to the bedrock edition to have a little experiment with those blocks as well ok so as you can see I'm in the beta 1.8 0 11 of the bedrock edition this is where we have access to the scaffolding blocks so this kind of future proofs the video a little bit because this block should be coming out on Java at some point and boy oh boy is it very very interesting and I think we can assume that it will work roughly the same way and hopefully will look exactly like this because this in itself is interesting but you can place scaffolding blocks by clicking the bottom of it and it builds on top so this means that you can travel upwards like a ladder but also build as you don't need to jump anymore you just build and right-click go up and up and up and up and up and up and up for as long as you can this is a really fantastic block normally we've been using dirt scaffolding so I can't wait to get my hands on this because it's so useful for building not only just as a building block by itself but as an aide to building as well so I'm gonna stop that now but if you if I keep all well how long is it yet there we go we're at the top now so the interesting thing about this is that you can also use this to go shift and find out it like it's a ladder you can stop at any point but if we fall down much like sand this is a falling block and if I remove the bottom one it all goes tumbling down that looks really magical that looks insanely magical geez how many did I do and the last one so before we get into the other ways that you can use this block particularly for building I want to show you something kind of interesting with it so I just showed you how you can travel up this block by holding down spacebar but I think that this could potentially be a game changer to parkour because like ladders you can get on it but this is so much more malleable I can just hold down press spacebar then I can turn around and go up another one this could be really really interesting for parkour makers and parkour map makers this could be really really cool now I didn't actually get enough time to spend with this block not nearly enough as I'd like so one of the first things that came to mind of course was a chair and this is just a normal door on the back of a scaffolding block and it looks like a four legged chair also works brilliantly with a trap door of any kind that is you just place it on the top and then right click it to open it and you got yourself a chair if you close it you've got a table multi-use you can of course make the table a lot bigger by adding more than one scaffolding block adding some of these on the top works as well just they're absolutely brilliant for anything that with four legs there's nothing quite like it in the game which is a bit of a game-changer in itself and of course you can make yourself a little table as well but instead of a trapdoor you can of course put a carpet on the top these are the things that are very simple that came to mind simple furniture chairs tables that kind of thing but then we get into things like a torch stand this is something that looks absolutely fantastic I can imagine this being used because you can see through it it gives you that sort of airiness and then you can put anything like a fire or a lamp in it it could make a pretty decent lamppost I feel this is a really good temporary structure and of course house on stilts I didn't actually spend very long on this as it's just a proof of concept which is why it doesn't look very good I made the entire thing out of trapdoors except for this little ceiling here so that's kind of interesting now it would have been fun if trap doors actually didn't float like they do now they used to just need a block to sit on but they don't anymore because if you had deleted all of these the whole thing could have come tumbling down together but now the house just floats so that's another concept house on stilts I'm sure that will work at some point and if you place a load of them together this looks a lot like a cat jungle gym gives you something for the animals to climb on it could be a dog but more likely a cat so let's spawn one in there we go Oh beautiful and out of everything that I was expecting today this was not one of them so if you tame a cat is that just a one-off or does the cat's are broken I can't even punch them oh there we go oh you can punch them back to normality I'm so sorry I'm so sorry have a fish oh my goodness I'm gonna I don't want to leave you like this either so I'm gonna try and there we go I am so sorry cats like I was trying to say this makes a brilliant cat jungle-gym mixed in with some fences and some carpets on the top you can see it this would work in the corner of a room very easily but then there are even more simple things like just a bit of furniture this looks like a stack of shelves and you can even throw a few items on the top as they will stay there so if we move on to the next one there's a couple of things I've added just a normal chair here but you can actually place water inside of the bamboo scaffolding so that's something that's really interesting so it could be used as a drain or a sink or indeed as a drain in the shower as well it works really quite well these cats are following me everywhere and lastly I had an idea to do like a TV because again you can see through these there's not many blocks like this way you can see through it and I thought that perhaps this isn't the best design in the world but it could be used in some way you can see how it outlines here and behind I've got a bunch of scaffolding making it so it's a square there's a few other traits of this now obviously I can just right click the bottom and it builds it up but you can also place these on the side and then they become a bit of a cuboid rubik's cube style thing but they also fall off if detached but you can only get so far as well if I keep placing them eventually they fall you can only attach it for so far so this is something that I need a lot of time to experiment with and I honestly didn't have enough time to do all the tricks and tips on this particular block however I feel like in the future when this joins Java Edition I will be able to come up with an entire video dedicated to the tricks that we can do with this this is an insanely unique block so that's it for the scaffolding block let's head back on to Java to continue this video now let's move on to some of the uses for these blocks that are more practical than aesthetic so the first one is traps of course the wither flower does damage and although there are way better ways to kill someone faster in Minecraft such as lava or simply fall damage for instant death the way the Rose offers something a little more interesting so Dom ray is going to be my guinea pig for today let's TP him up here okay so I've got here are two pillars one small and one extraordinarily large now the reason is that you get momentum the further you jump down now this is meant to be a very fun trap maybe even not to actually kill someone there are way better ways to do it I'm just experimenting here so if Dom rail jumps in yeah it's a very slow way to the wither flowers and he could probably destroy those cobwebs with a sword very easily but eventually he does get to the flowers and he does go down however if you made an extraordinarily tall and deep hole you could make something a bit more interesting but of course full damage will always be the better choice here now if Dom rail jumps in this example which is basically the equivalent of sea level to bedrock it takes a while to go he gets enough momentum that he takes damage from the flower instantly and it still takes a while for him to go down but I think that's all part of the fun of this little trap here but if they don't have a sword this is a guaranteed very fun trap something else added in this update is the crossbow now these are really fun to use they are instant fire and they have a really sweet animation like look how menacing that is just that just look someone dead in the eye an animator they know what's coming but I found something well a little bit overpowered in my opinion using the crossbow so I'm going to shoot the Apple above Dom rails head instant damage now I found a little bit of an exploit I feel so if I hold down right click and press one to nine very quickly I can fire so many arrows very quickly and I only fired six out of the potential nine and it decimated Dom very very quickly the only problem is you have to load them all up again but imagine if you had this in your inventory in a fight you could spam this so quickly and I imagine it works with the scroll wheel as well it does you can just scroll through you don't have to press the numbers at all let's do that again shall we hey it's so much fun to use the crossbow but unfortunately it does seem to have a little bit of an exploit with just how much damage you can deal incredibly quickly having said that with a bit of armor on that wouldn't be enough to finish them off alright let's put those back for now it's not only damage dealing that has been added in this update but an extremely odd-looking farm choice that can be added as well one of the features added in this new update is that if you place shares in a dispenser like so and activate it with redstone you can see there's a puff of smoke coming out but there's one coming here with a coat it will instantly share the Sheep now this farm design was originally concepted by excise you may void and the farm design is by mumbo-jumbo and of course I asked him for permission to show this if you want to see exactly how he made this go and check out his video in the description so the way this works is that we have layers and layers of grass and we conveyor belt the Sheep all the way along it and they have a chance to munch on this grass to get their coats back so we're just trying to increase the surface area of grass here and you need so many sheep here the sheep aren't going by their will the entities are pushing them along in a giant sheep conveyor belt and then the water trickles them along and pushes them into the dispenser but on a very simple hopper clock another idea that I had is using the wither rose to farm things now we do have magma blocks that also cause damage but this is slightly different I suppose I'm not sure if this is going to work but if mobs do spawn on an area with where the Rose is on I'm not sure if they do well maybe you can have platforms this could be an effective way of killing them without any server lag as well I don't know for sure but it's just an idea and then you can have a simple collection system underneath so this is maybe a game changer for potential farm makers so those are a few of the thoughts that I had on how to use some of these things in the new update but there's also a bit of feedback that I'd like to give while I'm here as well because there are a few things that I was hoping for that didn't quite happen and there's a few things that added that I do particularly like as you can see the signs have a very neon white text on them and I've already seen lots of opinions on this in the negative I personally am a little just a little bit dis favorable to it so I don't really mind them that much but they do stand out that little bit too much but I believe this is one of the things that will change so it's not too much of a worry I'm not too worried about it at all now this is something that I haven't seen people mention now there were many many walls added to the game and I was a little disappointed to find out that they didn't change how they connect as it stands at the moment if you place a wall like this it just puts the pillars at the end and has a nice connection all the way through and it looks very clean but as soon as we add walls on top of each other the pillars are fine but as soon as we add them on the rest of it we get this rather unpleasant effect of having pillars all the way through now my hope is that this lovely clean connection all the way will travel downwards and remove all of these pillars and just be a really clean wall that would make this so much better so I'm hoping that maybe that could be something that happens in the future the next thing that I wanted to get feedback on is that whether roses can be placed on magma blocks however they don't deal damage at the same time if you go into survival mode only the wither effect will take place and if you remove it then only the magma will hurt you so I was thinking if it's possible it would be great to have both of these attack you or damage you simultaneously to increase the rate of killing mobs in the farms so that could be a good idea as well and the last thing is the inventory so lots of new blocks have been added over the last few updates but their position in the creative menu hasn't really been thought through too much if you ask me indeed in the bedrock edition it looks a lot cleaner and it's a lot more intuitive to find what you're looking for but here for example here's Oaks lab but the oak stairs are over here but then the rest of the wooden stairs are all the way down here along with a bunch of the new things so this is just a chronological addition of each block so but for some reason dried kelp is right at the end this just doesn't make much sense to me the position of all of these blocks so I would really love to see these placed a bit more intuitively because normally if you're building with oak planks not only do you want oak planks but you want to get the oak slab and you also want to get the oak stairs and maybe even the oak fence as well but as it stands I've got to scroll down grab each one individually go over to the decoration blocks and get them just to get all of the same ones if these were all in a line in the in the creative menu this would be so much quicker now there's one more thing that's been added and that's new mobs now I already showed off the Panda briefly but like I said this isn't a showcase video I'm not just showing the new content in here but these guys are really really cool this is the pillager beast and these are the pillages and as you can see it's pretty horrendous looking it goes and charges down any villages that it can find and it makes yeah makes chain noises it's pretty terrifying and then these guys are the Raider versions and they hold crossbows they look awesome as well but I thought I just mentioned that these guys have been added as well just in case you have no idea what's in the new 1.14 update I'm very excited to see where this goes now I've saved for texture review for last as I know that this probably doesn't interest everybody but if you want to compare version 2 for version 3 I'm about to go over it now now this isn't every single block I played a very intense version of spot the difference between this and the resource pack that was available a few months ago and this is the list of the blocks they've had a substantial change to them and we're going to compare them and perhaps give an opinion here or there but before we do I just want to say it's mostly a matter of preference at this point there might be the odd block which you feel more passionately about but Jasper the guy that's been doing all of these textures is so insanely talented I really like pretty much everything that he makes it's just a case of do you like red apples or green apples yes they taste different but they're both apples and they both taste good so it's not so much about which one's better but which one you prefer so just bear that in mind that it's mainly just opinion at this point and this is certainly only my opinion and you may disagree with me okay so let's get into it version 2 is on the top as you can see and version 3 is on the bottom version 3 is the most recent release granite as you can see went from more and more soft to a harder line and that seems to be the case with all of these rocky kind of blocks you can see that deal all right went from a more soft palate to many more bits of like darker Gray's in there and I actually prefer version 2 on all of these except for the andesite which I think is a significant improvement as it removes a lot of the blue elements out of it and it looks more gray and fits better with the stone cobblestone seems to have like a bit of a darker tinge it's a little subtle change but I quite like it the wood is the one that I would like to bring up the most I think because as you can see there is a quite a big difference there the version 3 seems to be flatter and you can see the planks more clearly but version 2 almost seems a bit more 3d in a sense that it looks like the wood is slightly curved on the shading I actually prefer version 2 but I also really like version 3 sand is also something I would have brought up if Jasper hadn't already tweeted that it was going to change there's no point commenting on it too much logs has had a very subtle change to it I wonder if you can see it's had a slight change of tone and it seems like the lines that go down vertically have become a bit more solid and hard lined and I actually quite like it makes it like the Bucks kind of peeling off it and all of them have had a very subtle change but I think it's quite favorable I do quite like it a lot like I said some of these are more subtle than others and the log is definitely just a very slight tweak so you can't have too strong of an opinion on it wet sponge has had one but I don't actually use wet sponge in buildings so I honestly don't really mind what it looks like too much for the glass I actually like either it's had a very simple change I don't have to comment on it too much lapis lazuli has had more of a deep color into it having held lapis I actually know that it has a really deep blue so actually quite like this it's bit more accurate to real-life sandstone kind of like the sand has also had a really deep change but like I said he's already tweeted that this is likely to change in the future so best to disregard I imagine that v2 will take the more favourable approach Gold's had a slight shift actually quite like the change here and then we're back onto the wood and the wood planks and again you can see that version 3 has a slightly more flat approach to it and I think that wood is one of those ones where it's just your personal preference again I like the version too but if version 3 was to stick around I wouldn't be that upset to be honest with you building with planks is one of the biggest blocks that we use so is quite important to get this right but like I said before this is just a personal preference thing at this point moving on to some of the other slabs you can see that stone bricks had a bit of a change along with nether bricks had a bit of a tone change some of these are so subtle you really have to check really hard I mean I played such a big like spot the difference going between the two resource packs and I lost my mind doing it sometimes dark prismarine seems to have had a bit of a tone change as well I quote again quite like it bookshelves again seem to have had one or maybe that's one that didn't change at all yeah it looks like it didn't change it on I've lost my marbles obsidian is it change the I particularly don't like I definitely prefer version two on that and diamond or it might be very subtle be you can see version two has sort of a glow around it and version three sort of doesn't I think version three is closer to default on that one nether axe had a slight change again not too much of an opinion on that I prefer version two of the diamond but I wouldn't be upset with version three because it matches some of the other gems cobble stone stairs we've already gone over cobblestone it's got a bit more of a harder texture the nether brick seems to have had just a slight tone change of some kind not too massive but it's very unnoticeable the Emerald again you can see that the glow around the gems has been removed and I think that's very minecraft to have it without the glow to be honest with you you can also see that emerald blocks had quite a significant change with version 3 looking more in line with the gold blocks and the diamond blocks with that square pattern in the middle this is not something that we use for building particularly often so as long as you know what it is and it looks fairly good I don't see any problem with any of those changes we've got nether quartz in there again it's a subtle change but I quite like it and moving on you can see that the ice has had a slight change I personally prefer version 2 in this case because it it looks more smooth and when I think of you know giant icebergs and stuff like that I really do think of a smooth ice dark prismarine has had a slight change in shade I actually prefer the greener to the more blue and you can see more of the staircases that we've kind of gone all over already with the texture changes I just want to point out that the andesite is one of my personal favourites as it has removed that blue tinge it's going to synergize really well with the other gray blocks and gray is a very big color in Minecraft as there's so many of them and we can kind of go over some of the other ones if you've already seen them but 110 second opinion you can see that the granite has changed quite a lot and the D alright again I think they've been made more accurate to real-life and I've actually got those rocks in my hand in my house so I know that they look more accurate but I think in the context of Minecraft they might look better as a version 2 Edition so that's something that's hard to weigh up accuracy or how they fit into Minecraft and that's kind of hard to balance out I think a lot of these textures coming up apart from the last couple will be just variants of the ones that we've already seen but sometimes it's good to look at them several times over before you form an opinion but most importantly I think it's it's key that you look at these textures in the context of your built of a Minecraft world looking at these individually like I am is probably not the best way to do it but it's certainly the most time efficient way to do it so you can compare their previous to the new but it's really important to look at your current minecraft houses as well and make sure that it all fits you can also see that the iron bars have had a shade they actually look more shiny and new I quite like that and if the glass panes has had a similar change to the glass that was there before so whatever your opinion may be I think we can all agree that this looks fantastic so that was basically everything that I wanted to cover in the new snapshot 114 update now this was the very first one so there's undoubtedly much much more to come with this update I'm very happy with minecraft where it is at the moment where it's going I think it's absolutely brilliant I think the community's really coming together I think the texture changes are great I think these new blocks look fantastic and can be used in a multiple ways and I just want to say a big thank you to Tengku Simoes II and Picasso and of course dom rao himself for helping me put this video together these sorts of videos take an awful long time to make so if you'd like to let me know what you thought in the comments below what was your favorite thing what was your favorite design have you got any ideas on how to use this yourself please please please let me know down below thank you very much again for watching and good bye

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  5. Put jungle trapdoors on scaffolding and it becomes a parrot cage! Also make more by stacking scaffolding and placing trapdoors.

  6. Grian didb't think that he made the house (with the bamboo forest) look very Chinese…
    BUT he called it a Japanese garden. :p

  7. 7:55 I imagined as the bamboo room divider as beads hanging from the ceiling, like you see in clubs or a gypsy's house (xD), especially since you can walk through them! Just some food for imagination ;3

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