hello everyone this is Mambo and today we are going to be doing something pretty brand new this is something that I've never really tried before and we're going to be doing it with something that I think a lot of you are going to get fairly excited about I'm doing a slow pan up now something excuse me I must I am as someone I am light a building machine did I call you or something you say it is that I'm gonna be doing this with something excuse my well it's a Korean okay it's agreeing we've got agreeing with us and we're going to be doing some build swap action now for those who you haven't seen build swap before I think I'm going to let its grin explain this one because it had me a little bit confused at first but it should make perfect sense it seems quite simple fair enough I'll briefly explain because I think only some of your audience don't know the game most of mine probably know it by now yeah so as you can see we've got a very basic Pokemon style arena we got the blue in the Red Sea this was a problem right because we've both got red as our primary color okay we both got red just a slightly slightly lights of red whew so I've had to like NAB your your teal your on the blue side today and I'm going red and we've got a bunch of chests here and each one of those has a theme in them now you're gonna start for our first round by opening your chest and I'm going to open mine mine might say Kat and yours might say dog we're gonna then build those things on our side of the arena at the end of the round the judges are going to decide who wins the judges are Dom Rao and pearlescent moon over here yeah yeah they're just just being them hello they sniffed it away and then at the end of the round they're gonna side who gets the point and then we're gonna swap over and continue the process until we have a winner best of three it's a very simple concept it'll make it make sense we'll just we'll probably just get into it yeah yeah yeah I'm terrified again I'm really scared because of sweaty hands yeah I actually do have sweaty hands and sweaty pits sweaty everywhere so yeah I apologise if you can smell me from over there well we've just we have just already played around so you already know yeah you know what we're doing and if you remember lion in my episode mumbo here was taking the mick of our redstone skills because we had we had a little firework display yes this has been our fire because since the very first build swap okay very simple and he was like who could've done bit more so we have Dom rail has kindly put together some professional redstone to improve our fireworks get a load of that Rena damn weak it looks very professional yeah I see we've got we've got a I don't know what this is we've got a pyramid Ariminum redstone yeah I'm very good we have some some interesting things happening very interesting that's that's the only way that I can describe that you get a very delayed firework yeah it looks like it yeah all right begin to the first round okay let's do this so who are you your name is mumbling Jim I like that I'm gree with no Oh [Laughter] snorted there first I heard it I got I got a sick tree man a sick tree man I got a bottle of sauce how much is your sauce oh man man so what yours was what a sauce man no just a bottle of sauce oh just a bottle of sauce so you'll realize that everyone's gonna judge you on your sauce so if you choose a sauce that don't ask them judges don't tell him what sort you like he needs to guess okay oh I could just choose like a really vague looking sauce but Reds could go for a lot of sources and then maybe Brown now see you got to get creative here because they're gonna they're gonna judge you so if you get creative with it they're more likely to give you points true true I don't know how I can get possibly creative with a bottle of sauce i I've thought of one thing that I could do but it involves redstone would this be the first time that redstone is used in like a build a build Swilley would be so it would be a first go for it okay yeah then for I forgive that well well we'll see what we can do okay I think I'm good to go I'm fairly certain I'm good to go you came flying right at me I came out inventory and I think I'm going for a quite simple build all right ready yes okay let's wait for the countdown oh my gosh okay here it goes again this is the countdown that lasts an attorney ages yeah treats help Tim Tim one dis go thank you that's brilliant I'm amazed by the number of different words that they can come up with for for the numbers like it's quite impressive I I just realized I forgot a block so you got a head start on me now slight head start so mine's a sick tree man a sick tree man no is that sick in the cool kid sense or sick as in ill I think he's ill I think was very ill all right there's two ways to go for tree man right you could do a man that's like a tree or you could do a tree that's like a man yeah but that's make sense in a weird way yeah yeah though I I'm gonna go for the tree that's like a man so I'm gonna start with a stump and stuff okay I'm trying to think in terms of what I'm going to do from my bottle we might need a little bit more space than I was expecting actually that's very typical of redstone contraptions that is it will only take up this amount of space and then it ends up just being absolutely enormous I have gone for like proper sick Ezz snotting everywhere oh gosh well I have to say once I pop outside my bottle I'll have to take a look yeah I think you're gonna be a little bit freaked out when you see mine yeah it sounds horrifying what trips are you going on soon well then you see next year I have got so I've got Philippines we're going off to the Philippines there's a chance that we're going off to Bali but Bali has just had a bit of a eruption with them okay yes that might not be a good idea yeah maybe it depends it depends on the situation because I love surfing so I really want to go to Bali I really want to see what the beaches are like and obviously body just seems like a really interesting country so I wanted to go there but yeah with with the volcano I actually I see this is me being typically British against at once again not really knowing much about the country that I want to go to I thought that the only volcano there was on Lombok which is the which is the island next to it but no it turns out there's a pretty massive as you can see from the news volcano actually on Bali so we'll wait and see how that all pans out and if it's um if it's serious and then we might think it you're gonna take your drone with you oh yeah oh man that film the surf that's what I'm so excited for just doing some filming and things we're actually going to Phil we're actually going to the Philippines as a filming trip my girlfriend's 9 my girlfriend's family actually live in the Philippines and we're going to be doing some mini documentary work and everything like that with them so that is the best thing I made to use these mini blocks more often man he's ill don't don't judge him don't like don't judge how he looks he's he's sick he normally looks a bit better than this wow that is so hilarious are those eyes and that the arms going over as well that is fantastic nose to work those okay well I am almost done I kind of want to give mine a quick test all right make sure that you're not looking because I'm not I'm not looking all right I'm definitely not looking oh you can't really see it happening no oh dear oh I'm assuming I think is there a chance that the server has like does it have I don't know that was really strange it totally does Oh redstone totally doesn't work in the same way on the server oh my goodness I should have said that oh no it's all right it does work it does work don't worry it works as a system but it doesn't look quite as cool as I was which is fine there's no problem so we're just gonna have to base the judgment on on how it should have looked not how it's actually ended up looking guys that's the way that I'm gonna play it all right I think ready I think I'm good to go all right hang on three men two seconds hang on hang on hang on I know I just said that I finished but technically the judges didn't say that game was over yet so let me just okay I'm not looking all right and okay I think I think I'm I think I'm done there we go all right finish okay finished like a gun is this ketchup is it meant to be ketchup um it's meant to be ketchup or hot sauce or barbecue sauce that has faded in the Suns go a little bit redder it could also be sriracha I think it's rotten red it's Roger even a sauce am I saying that lanta guess I wouldn't guess it was a source right say it's a cannon yeah it's a gun yeah maybe something but see this should convince you are you ready yep see you look that's that's very clever I produced rate up just gone gone for the like laughs yeah see this is why this is why I'm gonna get the point in you're not magic exactly it was magic can I take a look under the hay and my problem is quite simple there we go listen with your pistons I'll sit it's just a one-time thing yeah oh yeah I mean there's no Korean how do you think I'm going to get these blocks down here I mean I know I can be half decent a redstone sometimes but I think getting these blocks back up into the mic but you don't have to get them back up but you could have could you not do like a dispenser with more Pistons in it like dispense push dispense push oh no you can't you can't dispense blocks green light how long have you been playing this game daddy I don't such redstone blocks though that would be if you get to spends blocks that would be pretty that would be pretty intense there could be serious stuff going on what oh my word look at this how does this happen when she does she puts me to shame every time it's a giant scorpion that's bit scary yeah I got some improvement all right there we go oh my word add these eyes to anything and you've got yourself an improvement that's just Blue Planet stuff like that looks like a strange fish that just exists deep ocean I got this oh my word I mean this does this this counts towards my build right there you go brilliant Dom's even rocking the look oh wow okay so Wow from the judges then who wins the point I'm terrified I'm nervous yours is very very good but I feel like the eyes the eyes is what Charles taking it at he's ill yeah I mean they're horrific he has stuck me in the goop from its nose yeah he's ill yeah I mean it's kind of how it goes and Dom said the source is so innovative yeah that's because we don't use bread stone on this server and every bit of redstone is magic I'm trying to woo view with with my 21st century ways and the eyes make it better oh come on that was me okay pearl votes for me and Dom votes for you that means it's up to the judge that could not make it yep gave a star okay what does star say I mean it's amazing that you can write so well in these signs when he's just a post yeah he looks a bit ill himself like he's lost a few limbs yeah sauce is good and it tastes nice every okay wait there's something suspicious going on here every time Dom Brown has an opinion Jay the star has it the same opinion it is very odd if it's mighty suspicious it's funny how this disappears gonna say [Laughter] okay you get the point I think that's a win for me though yep definitely you use a red stone one the point right now we spoke our mind you are a messy pup look I'd get rid of my chest and yours is still here all right well mine is mine is mum no job no I am at night reg night nog I in records so greenback words are sock where's that come from I don't understand okay oh my word mmm mine is flexing his muscles so you've already you've already done some of the work here because he looks like he's tensing like he looks like he's I've got something I got an idea alright I'm good to go in your mind's making a cake now I can't remember mine cart what does a Minecraft cake look like I should have looked this up before I started hang on I've got one I've got a Minecraft cape on oh yeah cape no no no okay k– okay that's what the cake looks like well I've got this wrong straight off the bat definitely not made of flesh okay yeah that's yeah that was a bad stuff my hair cutter of some sort concrete might be a nice idea what's the best block match I'm going I'm going straight up for Popeye style okay muscles yet that would be the way to do it that's the way that I would do it cuz it's it's easy that's the best way to do it because actually making human proportions in Minecraft is incredibly difficult which is why most of us like just opt for the very big string square style yeah yeah yeah I'm thinking mine's gonna be very traditional minecraft cake but then it's gonna have a nice light surprise on top that's the plan which this came early it's it's pretty pretty well timed because on Friday it is my birthday I'm good 22 years old 22 oh my goodness you that's like two years younger than me people often do yeah people are often quite surprised that I'm that young yeah I did I was when I mean like I I knew about you a few years ago when I learned you were like 18 or that well yeah I've been doing this YouTube thing since I was 16 I must have been 16 12 see how I started yes the I was what 18 when I sort of started I was definitely like 16 when I started playing minecraft yeah Oh 15 even maybe so like a man I need to play different games no no not at all but I'm just glad that I don't know how long in total I've spent on it because I don't know I don't even know how to speculate on the Hermit craft server we're one episode 100 and I think I have my already 45 days of play time which say but I don't even know how long I think has any been out for like a couple months obviously some of that is afk sessions and things the wonder of New Age minecraft is that we have farms that you can afk at and I can't do that on Eve oh no we're in the old versions of Minecraft on our server and there are no farms yet because we haven't even got pissed Jagger have Pistons you're gonna say we don't have Pistons we don't have dispensers there's very limited redstone the newest contraption that we got was powered rails and you know what they do not power anything they go like 10 blocks you know I remember I remember now it's so weak I got myself like 12 powered rails I was like this is gonna send me all the way back to spawn nope no like push me a little bit oh my goodness yeah I'd forgotten about that they had like a big overhaul at some point and then and then they suddenly made them good because there was a time I remember it was like a snapshot they they added in they updated the powered rails to make them more powerful and they made it so that if you went too fast into a corner the minecart would fly off but mine carts were ridiculously fast and it was a bit fun for a little while is it Oh mine carts gonna be fast in one of the upcoming well no it was way off I I remember it it was probably in the past couple years I think so yeah you've got you've got a long while of I mean I don't know how you guys are mining I genuinely don't know how you're doing and hours and hours of mining bats and a lot of diamonds I've gone through so many diamond pickaxes now let's imagine Achilles it takes hours to get anything done no complaints no complaints it's all good fun but no I'm doing it like a Christmas something on the hermit craft server is it too early for Christmas we're not even in December yet well yes as of filming this yeah we've I don't think is I've really got my Christmas tree really what I've already got I haven't put it up yet but it's it's in the house I'm gonna be putting it up tonight hopefully now do you do you get a real Chris are we talking real Christmas tree here or are we talking fake Christmas tree see I prefer a real Christmas tree but I'm getting a fake one this year because I've got two kittens and I've no idea how they're gonna take it I was I was about to blast you for getting a fake Christmas tree because you know that is that's totally not on green to be honest with you but I understand your reasoning so I'm giving you a free pass I see I've we usually got a real one at home and the cats would climb up it destroy it rip it to shreds and it creates horrible like needles everywhere right so I'm foreseeing that happening and I'm getting a fake one because they won't be able to tear it to shreds as much yeah that seems like a good plan he's left-handed as you can see yeah like me yeah but my arm definitely doesn't look like that I've got he's got these popping veins in his head because jeez he's flexing that much I like more than once more than once he skipped that day well and his arm yeah he's also skipped right arm day apparently yep every day what is that there's a parrot over here green for goodness sakes that is like oh well I mean if we're if we're gonna take a look at my build yeah let's take a look we have got so we've got like a fairly wish we've got a fairly standard cake nothing particularly exciting but what if the netherrack ah series if you come down and hit this button down here I'll let you do the honors magic real magic in front of my very eyes yeah that was dispenser with a fireball yeah yes yeah I know but yeah I thought I don't know if the fire tick is off so I think I might I might put those out just in case we get we get we should know I shouldn't do I hope not anyway right put them out okay okay see the wonder of relighting firework have candles is that you know you can see the button again now I just want to point out this is not twenty-two candles this is five candles yeah so I have count I have no explanation for it and can we include the check so if we include the cherries that's that's savvy six seven eight nine ten ten yes mmm yeah brilliant and then we double it for some bizarre reason and then we add two for the eyes because I'm gonna eat those good it's okay we've we've successfully done it this is totally accurate go and go and then judges who wins the round and and why more importantly because without without the Xbox that's true that is very true oh yeah he's sick why would he have a fire well you need to be nice and warm and he's sweating it out he's sweating out that this is yeah he's swaying out that's it yeah I told we explained this Perl he only has one arm strong because he skits leg day and he skips right arm day he only focuses on his left arm yeah have you actually seen the professional arm wrestlers and they are they literally did literally look like that yeah genuinely with one really that's that's mad yeah they're like see there are some of the professional arm wrestlers they have they have someone massive arm and then the other arm is isn't so big and yeah it's an interesting look but then again they look lopsided a little bit a little bit but it's impressive though really really impressive okay going in and Dom says I wouldn't pick a fight against this source yeah you're right no probably not oh and the the tree looks more like a like a witch or something yeah it has become a little bit Wiggy they're tiny yeah so who votes who do you for I didn't I didn't actually quite catch who you voted for whom no point okay so you have to agree okay cool I've agree and that's to know from Jada star that's unlucky that's to that's to to me I definitely get the point but we might as well hear from our third judge who's me like that's me I think that means me but you you get the point there congratulations green it was bounding up in at some point come on now is what over all right okay so I'm bashful my my original size please subscribe to gray and I'm not I'm not trying to steal the video I swear it says that on the side oh yeah oh yeah anything I show you sneakily change that sign over there I did I swear I swear it was Jana Starr alright okay well this this just says mum mum right okay what you got oh wow what okay is yours as weird as mine yeah little bit what's yours trying to feed his son that's a difficult one why it's wildly burning everything yours is burning everything yeah mines while trying to feed his son okay so thank you ever so much for building the the standard hands the chlorine hands yeah help me I'm telling ya it just helps yeah that's really handy right let's see now I don't know how to how big to make this what I want to do is I kind of want to make like a flamethrower type thing and he's gonna be holding it it's gonna be looking really really cool remind me yours is setting everything on fire yeah saying everything on fire okay pipe pyromaniac yep exactly I'm kind of going for it because you've done the arms up I don't know if you ever really played Team Fortress 2 but the pyro always like held up his flamethrower above his head so this is this is the sort of vibes that I'm going for here I can't remember what flamethrower looks like I mean really yeah like seriously I'm really struggling I forgot what a turkey looks like in in the one in your video I forgot what there's a cake I forgot what the cake looked like I just get block blindness block block blind yeah oh I've got this it's now balancing on his eyeballs I mean I'm trying to make mine like a sapling rather than a tree but I haven't really got the shape down yet I mean there is one really easy way that you could create a sapling yeah but I'm not getting any points for that okay okay just making sure that you know you haven't skipped and missed there a simple one there no I definitely I wouldn't get many points for that I think I think that would be very lazy way because I mean and for a start I'd be finished within seconds that's very true yeah see I'm trying to this is like a massive flame thrower that he's apparently balancing on his head as well I didn't really think about space particularly which wasn't my finest move but his balancing right on his eyebrows I don't know how how good that would be to be balancing a flamethrower on top of your eyebrows I feel like that would be that would be something that would be in the don't do this in the instruction manual definitely oh my goodness what is it looks like a giant hammer but I see it looks like he's picked up a hammer hasn't realized how heavy it is like gone on his head because he used his weak arm that might be eight I actually had someone when I have one of my old friends when we went to the gym he actually pretty much did that with a weight he lifted them up and then his arm just folded and it just smashed straight into his focus yeah it was not a pretty sight he was fine he was he was fine I think because you were there he just didn't want to didn't want to say anything in front of alright I'm okay I'm fine I hope I have a very embarrassing moment once where I was I was on rollerblades and I can rollerskate but it was dark right I went over a very okay for a start who puts a speed bump in the middle of a park but I went over a speed bump and just flat ward landed on my coccyx and it just knocked the wind out of me completely and I was I was on the floor going one of those ones yeah and my friends laughing his he's actually laughing his head off so much he can't control himself on I can imagine yeah like that that's one of those things I used to be a mex and I used to do that quite frequently you just just wipeout and then you can't speak anymore and you can't you can't human you can't do anything no no and you just want to just lie there for just until it passes then that's how I used to deal with it it's really like panicky though like it makes you really thing like I'm gonna die I'm visit if that's it I'm gonna die I remember there was am my cousin had a trampoline in his back garden I used to be quite good on the trampoline and it was pitch black and I said to my cousin I think I can remember what I was trying to do I think I was like a backflip 360 that was my goal and I sent this and I went for it and I landed and just I actually land on my feet but off balance because obviously you're rotating you're flipping and everything so I did that and then I just shot straight off the trampoline and landed on my back hit essentially and I was convinced I broken my back but I genuinely was I was terrified it's probably one of the scariest things I've always like no I'm yeah I've dead I'm genuinely what I felt like I couldn't talk can move yeah it was horrible but thankfully I was okay I just had like a bit of a bruise bottom for the next couple weeks but yeah it was not good have you broken anything before I've broken my arm I've bought the arm that's horrible I broken my collarbone I went down a tried to go down a slide backwards when I was much younger and chickened out at the last minute I could have grabbed onto the side of this it sounds horrible I don't actually remember it that much but I grabbed onto the so you know like a slide has the railings up at the top oh yeah kind of grab that and just swung off the edge of the slide and then I think that's when I dislocated my shoulder because obviously I was just swinging from my shoulder so my shoulder went straight out of its socket and then my arm fell me and I just broke my collarbone I'm kind of lucky it wasn't worse but yeah that was pretty bad that hurt a lot joy what I'm about to improve it tenfold oh here we go I need to learn I need to have the block ID of that just ingrained in my head just say I just know it straight off oh my word that is horrifying I need to make sure the mines mines done let's see I need a beautiful beautiful five seconds I got five seconds dude and that doesn't look like a flamethrower I'm just gonna say I'm gonna put it out there everyone's thinking it that doesn't look like a flame that is oh no no redstone redstone doesn't work how is supposed to know oh it works that goes I just saw it it's it's not see the thing is I put in a redstone clock I put in what's known as a comparator redstone clock they're super super fast so check it out really fast okay perfect okay well that's definitely not what a flamethrower looks like but it is magic yeah I would say it looks like a flamethrower on let me that a lot of this video is going to be me googling what I've just built like the turkey I built the turkey and then looked it up it should be the other way around oh my gosh the big bits meant to be on the back of the person yeah it's meant to be a tube and then there's like a gun a really long gun like thing yep see in the end yes I'm doing that now yeah okay yeah shoulda done that first should've looked at that first I don't know well we have it we haven't a policy of no no googling pictures no reference pictures okay all right you can't I guess you can't afterward to see how bad but beforehand no this is this is this is babby sapling this is babby tree and he's he's getting spoon-fed a bit of a cake that is very sweet but why does he still have I suppose you inherit them don't you you know your dad's got his father's I was gonna say your dad's got crazy eyes you get crazy eyes that works he's inherited his green eyes his beautiful green eyes what do you want from me I mean he's not he's not a full tree yet yeah he's getting there no I have to say I have to say you've done a very good job like you I I'm gonna I'm going to admit it you've done a really good job on this one it genuinely looks like a baby tree so I come you know generally speaking after these rounds I talk the big talk I go Conor McGregor on you and say you know put up the big fight and things but just looking between the two builds my obviously not obviously not so fainter yeah and your baby sapling which is obviously a baby sapling and it has the tiny cake as well it's very pretty yeah nicely done nicely done thank you I did I mean I do like yours it's very clever with the thing it's just I just I can't concede the fact that it looks like a flame throat to be honest yeah no it definitely doesn't I mean say it looks like though oh yeah that's what I'd say what does it look like nothing I'm to wait until then telling my head round yes squint don't know every I got nothing there really isn't anything I got I genuinely have nothing less than the comments accented something to be there yeah maybe I don't know maybe you'd like some weird toothbrush no now have those fireballs just shot off into the distance and destroyed some of my future projects or something are there future projects over there I there's all sorts of weird things in this world there's lots of they've landed on the ground on the ground okay that's my shot a lot of them by the way but we did find that they're all on the ground somewhere there's just like old video stuff here old build swap rounds just all out there they there's just a trail of destruction oh there's one of the old build swap rounds right there oh yeah it doesn't look like it's done any damage wow that's well there is stuff on fire is that house any fine doesn't everything it'll sort itself out okay there's a lot of stuff on fire but okay we'll move on it looked like it was meant to be on fire so I think it's okay but there was a lot of fire there just as I says this is the final round right so yeah before before we hear from the judges what we normally do is sort of take a look at what we've done in in text forms so to speak so yeah on my side we've got a very sick tree man a very sick tree man yeah making what was it was a fake making a cake making a cake yep making a cake while feeding his son yeah yeah I think yeah I think that's pretty spot-on yeah you've done that well on your side we have a bottle of sauce yeah that's flexing his muscles yep while setting everything on fire yep despite it not actually looking like a flamethrower you set stuff on fire yes it actually did it genuinely cause damage to the server so congratulations that's got to be taken into account it may not look like a flame around the clock didn't work yeah a wholesaler would be completely kaput yes that's very true I should be more considerate about my redstone in the future sometimes I get a little bit carried away and things like this happen so yeah in my defense you should have warned me that there was stuff off in that direction I just thought this was like a completely new way I did I wasn't expecting that I I was I was looking at it I was like what does it do what is where does it go I didn't know that it shot fireballs haha yeah there should be more communication on both of our paths I think so then it is to hear from our judges to see who wins this round I'm I'm nervous but I already feel like I know what the answer is gonna be and it makes I'm sad to hear it you have a beautiful eye the baby tree is cute yeah is it the eyes is it the eyes thumb around no this is not looking good for me I was I got sold with a tiny cake and chubby child no wood we and Jay the star says me like fire go mumbo okay well at least I'll get one I get one vote back from the fence yes you won congratulations I have to say it's well-deserved looking looking between them I definitely think yours is the better so do the honors as such it's the best it's the best prize that ever was simple redstone simple results you don't see I'm gonna sneak into this server overnight and we're gonna we're gonna sort out some of this redstone we're gonna make it automated so we're gonna be good you know it's gonna be all kicking off look at this look at this it's beautiful 'evil yeah if I'd one firework after you flicking the leaver a lot of times its brilliance why that's why this design is so much more elegant yes I mean I don't know if this is the best one to reference in say Kent this is the most optimum way to do a firework launcher I have to say but they sending you back to redstone school okay that doesn't work awesome well that was that was horribly good fun I'm absolutely disgusted by both of the builds which I believe is the point of this challenge so much thank you ever so much for inviting me along and thanks for joining me and I'm definitely gonna turn away from this thing because otherwise it's going to give me nightmares but that thing's over for so I'm just going away oh and before we go there is another build swap that I have done it with green on greens channel as well so if you guys want to go ahead and watch that and see more horrendous builds then go ahead well I'm speaking for myself they're your builds are very nice thank you thank you alright thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video you

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  1. It's in 360p because YouTube is taking forever to process this slightly longer video!
    It will be full HD super crispy soon!

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  4. For a bottle of sauce, I would of done kinda the same thing, but had lava pour out onto a plate to contain the sauce

  5. For the bottle you should’ve used a dispenser filled with lava and then have a bowl beneath it so it wouldn’t destroy everything.

  6. To me the flamethrower that Mumbo guilt looked like a baseball bat with a donut on it (a donut in baseball is a practicing weight that wraps around the bat)

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