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Where is Jai, man? He is on the way. Save me! Please! No… No… No… No… Do you know who I am? Son of rich parents.
A spoilt brat. Rahul. He knows me. In spite of knowing… When a girl from our
country pleads for help… …in a foreign land at night… …we should at least
try to help her, dude. What? Will you beat me? Problems will increase because of it.
They won’t solve it. We will find a solution
if we discuss for some time. You! Don’t know how much
money you gave them. They seem to take any risk. This guy will be hit first. I will hit him once
and he will fly in air and… …fall down within five seconds. This guy will get excited
after watching it. He will raise his hand
and the chain in his hand… One kick is sufficient
for him to fly… Will the guy standing behind
you remain silent after all this? He has got good muscles
but he doesn’t know that… …brain is more important than brawn. I will hit him once… It will be something. And then everyone
automatically decides… …psychologically to come forward… They will come one after another. You are thinking
that he is just talking. Watch the cut out
and believe it, dude! But in order to do like this
I should kill the person inside me. If possible let us love, dude. What is there to lose? At the most,
the person might love you in return. Hey, Rahul! – What is it, man? Come on, man. Tell me. What did he say? Love all. – Bullshit! Thanks a lot. I am Manasa. Hi. Jai. I am afraid to think
what would have happened… …if you were not there… Forget it.
Are you from Hyderabad? No. Iruguvaram near Macherla. Palnadu. Yes. Anyway forget the past and move ahead. Good night. Keep smiling. It has been once week
since you met that guy. Will you still live in
flashback thinking of him? You know about boys… Had he forgotten you if
he too was disturbed like you? He would have chased and harassed you. Just forget him. Is it him? What are you doing here? Is this your street? That day at night… It was night and I
don’t remember it well. You said thanks… Your name is… Your name… Manasa. Manasa. Right. What a coincidence? My bike broke down
and stopped exactly… …in front of your house. Funny. Right? Really funny. One sec, dude. So what is up? Too funny. Bike too has started. Strange. He too got disturbed. Hi, girls. Jai. If possible then love him.
What is there to lose? Blah! Blah! Blah! You told them about me, isn’t it? That’s really cool. Coffee? Hey, drink coffee and come to college. Come on, girls. See… Bike too is ready. Some other time. It is okay. Hey, isn’t it Jai? Hi!
– Hi, girls! Coffee is a silly thing.
I am so silly. Wine and dinner tonight? Sorry, Jai. I need to buy groceries.
Clean the room. Some other time. Some other time. No time, baby. Hey, Sushma! Didn’t I tell
you to keep theses flowers there? How many times should I tell you? Manasa, why are you so late? Everyone is waiting for you.
Come! Come! Come! The entire house is cleaned.
Your room too is cleaned. Go and freshen up soon. I have bought your
favourite Chinese food. Let us have dinner. Sorry, Manu. He has made your flat look beautiful. He gave it a macho touch. How will I not give small information? Yes. You like Chinese food.
You like white colour puppies. You like llayaraja’s music.
You like watching sky and stars. I swear! You don’t
know anything beyond that. Get ready, Manasa. I am very hungry. Food will become cold. That’s not funny, girls. Goodnight. Bye. Bye. What is your program for tomorrow? If you want to join, you can join. Actually I… – Yes. Yes.
Some other time… Some other time… Anyway, I will pass
by your house before going. If you want to come, you can come. Morning seven. Bye. Bye. “All the boys and the girls.
Come on to the floor.” “Let’s party in Indian style.” “So put up your smile.” “Hit it!” “Are you ready?” “Oh, baby. Open the window.” “Oh, baby. Open the window.” “Life welcomes everyone.” “Let us party.
Party right now. Oh, dear. “Let us party. Party right now.” “Oh, baby. Open the window.” “Life welcomes everyone.” “Let us party.
Party right now. Oh, dear. “Let us party. Party right now.” “Let us live… Let us live…” “…like there is no tomorrow.” “Let’s sing. Let’s dance.” “Like you don’t know
the meaning of sorrow.” “Life has trusted us.
Live up to its expectations.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Oh, baby. Open the window” “Life welcomes everyone.” “Let us party.
Party right now. Oh, dear. “Let us party. Party right now.” “All the boys and the girls.
Come on to the floor.” “Let’s party in Indian style.” “So put up your smile.” “Life is like the
style found in jeans.” “It can be enjoyed in many ways.” “It is like the flavor of champagne.” “It should be filled with enthusiasm.” “There are many ways to live it.” “We have to guts to fly in the air.” “There are many colours to it.” “Kiss me in the open sky.” “With the speed of youth,
and with the joy of living…” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “You cannot find the
true meaning of life even in… …Oxford dictionary.” “Mix the happiness with
the oxygen found outside.” “Continue the celebrations…” “Go with the wind…” “Sky is the limit for us.” “Nothing can stop us…” “Life can do nothing unless
you initiate something.” “You have to know it.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “Come on. Everybody say yes.” “All the boys and the girls.
Come on to the floor.” “Let’s party in Indian style.” “So put up your smile.”. Had fun? No, Jai. It is the best time. Jai, it will be good if
entire life is spent like this. It depends on us, Manasa. Our life is in our hands. No, Jai. My life can never become like that. My family… My Village…
The people are different, Jai. They know only to
kill and seek revenge. They don’t know to love
and live life like you. I tried hard and could come
till here after studying in America. I should go back to that
hell after completing my studies. But after watching you,
I wish to live like you… I wish to be with you
and remain happy all my life. Manasa, what is wrong
in living happily? I will stay happy as
long as I stay here with you. But I cannot take this
happiness with me to my village. Hence forth let me
live my previous life. Please don’t meet me again. Don’t ever see me again. Everyone is going abroad for studies. What is it with you?
Why did you come to India from abroad? For a girl, sir. Be careful with him.
He is doing this since ten years. Students who joined with
him have become lecturers. This will be the result
if you interfere… …with our brother Poorna. Yuck! Where did this fellow come from? He is giving us nightmares. If this continues then
we will become fools. We should break his bones… We should make him fear us. “Brother, you have become very great!” “Oh, brother.”. Don’t think of anybody. Finish him! Don’t think of me at all. Who are you?
– I will thrash him! Dude! Dude! Dude! Leave Poorna to me. I will handle him. Hey! I have come prepared
to break their knees. You don’t trouble me. I have understood your tempo. Wait. Toss the coin… Toss… Whoever wins the toss
will get to beat Poorna. What is your toss nuisance in between? You move aside. I will thrash them! Fatty dude! You are getting excited. Okay. Let us do something. Let us both fight.
Whoever wins will get to fight Poorna. Though I am not emotional like you… …I think I can handle him better. Emotional or crap?
Everything is over action. What is there that you don’t know? You are in good form. You are the right person
to handle this matter. Greetings, brother.
Bye. This rascal is good for nothing.
Item guy! Dudes!
– Brother. Hope you don’t chase
me tomorrow after sparing him. Stop it, brother.
Tomorrow we have an entrance exam. We have to study. Hey, carry that rascal. We will thrash him first
after going to the room. Thanks, boss.
Last night I was fully drunk. Had you not come on time
then they would have thrashed us. Is it him? How do they know?
They have boozed drunk than you. Well, dude.
How come you stay relax forgetting… …there will be a counter
attack after you attack someone. Boys, at least you should be alert. We are with him only to booze. Shut up. We have found the guys
who tried to attack brother. We will thrash them. You will spoil his name
with such useless ideas. They will live in fear
thinking when Poorna… …is going to attack us. They should fear you thinking Poorna… …might attack them anytime. How come they attack you in return? You should try something new, dude. Have you joined recently? Yes. I still didn’t
get admission in the hostel. Okay. Come to my room. Come. Come. Close the doors.
Don’t open them for anyone. Where is she? Our house is so big. Why is
she cutting her nails sitting here? Go inside! My goodness! They have come. Go! Go! Go! What, Veerapratap?
Are you going to office? Yes.
– He is my friend Jai. Hi.
– My owner Veerapratap. Hi, sir.
– Not Veerapratap. It is only Pratap. Earlier I was Veerapratap. After their coming,
I have removed Veera. Watch there.
I have removed it from name plate too. Okay. Stop your nuisance
and come upstairs with tea. Tea? I am going to bank. Brother-in-law,
I will give tea. You go. What, dear? Brother-in-law,
I will give tea. You go. You will give tea. You will give coffee. You will give food. They will not eat. They will eat only if I give them.
You go inside. Go inside. Go! Go inside! We will sleep in the bedroom.
You sleep in the hall. We booze and sleep anywhere.
Why do we need bedroom? He will sleep in bedroom.
You sleep anywhere. Have tea. Thanks, sir. Remove your leg, sir. I will keep tea. He has come with luggage. Extra rent 5000 and meals 2000. Why extra?
Are we not staying in the same room? If a flight is going empty
and if you Wish to travel in it… …then you Will be
charged for seat, right? This is also the same. Hey, Pratap.
– Sir. Tomorrow is his birthday.
Bring one lakh rupees from bank. We will have party.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Happy birthday, boy. Will you stay here only? Happy birthday, Poorna. Go away! You! Sorry. He pushed me. It is okay.
– Thank you. Is it fine if we fall over them? Go away! – Oh! Sorry. He pushed me. It is okay. Hi. – Hi. I will see. Go away! What is this?
There are beating me here too. Sir, you are the house owner?
Why are you afraid of him? What should I tell you, boy? I was like that in the beginning. That has brought me to this condition. Hey, Poori! What is this? Cigarette stub. How did it come here? I have smoked it in the
morning and then threw it here. You threw it here after
smoking it in the morning. Whose house is this? Whose house is this? SBI manager Veerapratap’s house. Do you know Veerapratap?
Do you know him? Hey, if I see cigarette
stub here again then… …Veerapratap’s valour
will come out and… …you will be thrown out of the house. Did I leave it there? No. What is this? Beer bottle. Beer bottle? Oh,
I thought milk bottle meant for kids. Hey! You! I will stab you. Go upstairs. Did you say all that? Yes, my dear. Yes. Will bachelors drink
lemon juice instead of beer? They are paying rent every month. What have you go to do?
Why can’t you keep quiet? I didn’t stop there.
I went ahead. Watch again. Hey. Wait!
Wait! Wait! What is the time? 11.30.
– How easily you say 11.30? Is this lodging so that
you can come and leave any time? Okay. Do something. My wife and sister-in-law are inside.
You go. I will sit here. Useless fellow! Hey, listen!
Why are you leaving when I am talking? What is it? Why are you not listening
to me when I am talking to you? What is the time?
Who do you think I am? Veerapratap. SBI bank manager.
Why don’t you reply? That’s it, boy. He started off. I gave up. By the way,
what have I got to do with him? Will everyone come home at 5pm and… …take bath and watch news at 7pm? It is his time and his wish. He
will come whenever he wishes to come. Why should I interfere in between? I cannot tolerate this anymore. Take it easy, sir. I will tackle him. Don’t know what you will do. Love with birthday boy? Do you want to dance with him? Get ready. I thought everyone will
come to wish you on your birthday. But nobody is coming near you. Everyone fears our brother. Dude, everyone should
come to you on your birthday. They shouldn’t stay
away from you like this. Anyway, why are you always
interested in gangs and fights? Don’t you have anything else to do? What else is more interesting
than gangs and fights at this age. Girls. Try them. They are magic. Shall we dance? Sure, my lady. Let us dance. Come on. Come on. Enjoy! Dance. Yes, man. “Love all! Love all! Love all!”. Brother, yesterday
I mixed brandy an vodka… Is it?
– Superb! Chicken too was superb. Hi, guys! Hi, Mads. Hey! Hey, you are looking beautiful. Let’s go for coffee.
– Coffee? Coffee?!
– Yes, sure. Please. He is saying beautiful.
He is saying coffee. I think we should find another guy. Well, Mr. Pratap.
– Oh! Last month’s rent is due. What is it my boy? If you are angry
then abuse me or hit me. Old Poorna and present
Poorna is different. Take it, sir. How good it would have been
if you had changed when I was here? What happened?
– Nothing has happened. I got transferred. To where?
– Palnadu area. Near Macherla. Iragavaram. Oh, my village. Your village? By the way, where are you staying? It is… Our bank has quarters.
I will stay there. How can you stay in bank quarters? You
should stay in my house. That’s it. What is the need for it? No need.
– You wait! Wait. No, boy.
– Mother… Do you think I will
stay in quarters? Never. What is the need for me to stay?
I will stay in his house. I have spent one and half
lakhs for getting transferred. My name is not Veerapratap
if I don’t collect… …three lakhs in return. You are staying in my house.
That’s it. Okay, boy. Why will I stay at a different place… …when you have convinced
your mother so much? I will definitely stay in your house.
Very good. Everything will be alright.
Just take care. Come out! Come! Hey! Bring him! Brother! Brother! Come! Move! Move! Brother,
watch without blinking your eyes. I will kill Deva’s men. Leave me! Hey! This heart will remain like
this until I kill the people… …who made you like
this and killed your son. One month holidays. What about you? Will you go to Italy? What will I do in Italy for one month? I will go to places like Mogulturu,
Nellore, Eluru… …Guntur and Tanguturu. Then come to my village. He is ready to leave in no time. There is something. “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Boy like chilli!” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “He twirled his moustache
like a man and jumped inside.” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Boy like chilli!” “Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “He twirled his moustache
like a man and jumped inside.” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “His looks are charming.
His style is rocking” “well, now the real story has begun.” “He is sweeping every
one off their feet.” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Boy like chilli!” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “He twirled his moustache
like a man and jumped inside.” “Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “Don’t know where he is going.” ” “He will fill the hearts
of enemies with fear. “He will create chaos all around.” “I can at least say
this much by watching him.” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!” “Chilli! Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!”. Hey, Ramu. Carry the luggage. Okay, sir. Dude, it seems they have
cut a goat or hen for you arrival. Come. How are you, father? Situation is not good.
Don’t come and go alone. Okay, father. My friend Jai. Nice to meet you, sir. Hey! He lives in foreign. Let us go inside. Hi, mother. Hey, son.
Did you remember your house now? Why are you behind
studies all the time? He is my friend Jai. Hi, aunt. It has been long time since
I saw a complete Telugu culture. Take him to the room. I will call you when
the food is ready. Okay, mother. What, aunt? How are you? Are you coming now?
– Yes. My aunt. Aunt?
– Yes. This is injustice. You should
increase your age little bit. Otherwise it will be difficult. My uncle. Hello, sir. Brother! Manasa? When did you come? I came one week back. What is this dress and style? My friend Jai. My sister Manasa.
My elder uncle’s daughter. Hi. What’s up? He is the reason behind my change? Come. Uncle, he is my friend Jai. Hi. This is a village. Behave like them. Sorry, dude. Come here. Be careful with my
father and brother. Okay? Jai. I felt very sad thinking
you went far away from me. But I didn’t think that
you will come so close to me. Manasa, every person
has only one life. I don’t believe there is another life. It is not correct if we
don’t stay happy in this life. I want to see you happy. You look good when you are happy. It is not easy to change this house.
Not as easy as you changed my brother. They are human beings, right? Manasa, human beings change.
Let us try. They have laid a trap and
kidnapped them before killing. Henceforth I shou Id know
each and every move of Uma. I should sacrifice his head
to goddess Poleramma this time! Greetings. Greetings. Good evening, sir. What, Pratapam?
What are you doing till night? Not Pratapam, sir. It is Pratap. I had some urgent work in bank.
Therefore I got late. Anyways thanks for your affection. Not affection.
If the neighbouring villagers… …know that you belong to this family,
they will chase and kill you. Nice, relationships, sir. Greetings, madam. Go and change your clothes.
After that come and eat food. My goodness. Okay. Bye. Dude, you should find
the right time and… …tell my love matter to my family. Please. You fell in love just now. Enjoy few days, dude. Okay. Greetings, boy. Sir! How are you? It seems you have settled
well in the house. I have settled down very well. Veerapratap liked
our house very much and… …said he will stay here for one year. Carry on, sir. Why do you worry? One minute. Hi, darling. Darling? I had some work… Hello, Mr. Pratap. How is it here? How is it? It is like getting transferred
to hell after paying one lakh. What is it, sir?
– What do you ask like that? Village should wake
up to cock-a-doodle-doo. Every house in the village
follows some tradition. Villages have a pleasant ambience. There isn’t anything like that here.
– There is nothing. Instead of that, I get to hear words
like killing revenge and burying. I am missing my home.
I cannot stay here. Homesick. Why are you staying here, sir?
Why don’t you go? I tried that too. Once I didn’t like this
place and went to bank quarters. They held my collar and beat me. Finally they brought me here. I asked the reason for beating me. They said it is love.
Hell with their love. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. What is it? Sir, she is my daughter. Padma. She stood first in district
in Intermediate exams. She says she wants to study further. I went to the newly
built engineering college. They are asking for fees. If you can have a word with them… Didn’t I tell you
not to get her educated? You will not listen to me. Is it wrong to work like you? First think about your status.
Today you will get her educated. And in future you have to search
for a suitable marriage proposal. Enough of your education. Come to work with your
mother from tomorrow. Go! Everyone is strange in your house. Will not they talk
with love and affection? What are you watching? Go! Do you wish to change
them like you did to me? Girl is the reason for my
giving up on fights and hooliganism. But they don’t have any reason. Come. Life is beautiful, dude. Why did Fatima come? Brother, maybe she is need of money. Why did you come? How are you? In spite of saying no, my
husband trusted you and your family. He got involved in fights. He lost his life in it. I didn’t come to ask
for help because he died. I have got only one son.
He is barely 16 years old. He too joined you and he
says he will kill the people… …who killed his father. Sir, he doesn’t care for my words. At least you tell him
to leave all this and send him. He is a man. A man is born to a man. He will stay here only. You go. What if he too dies? If my work is to give
you men to work under you… …then I don’t have any
man to have children with. Go! He will work here only! He will kill his father’s killers! If the wife of a person
working under me interferes… …then I will not spare her too. I will hang them to death. Go! Poorna! Poorna! Where is your brother? He is somewhere around
talking over the phone. I am observing him since his arrival. He is talking over
the phone continuously. Where is brother Jai? I thought only men beat women here. Will women too beat men? Not just beating. I should kill. What brother Jai? Did I say brother? Doesn’t brother’s
friend become brother? Is it written in constitution? Why will they write in constitution? Generally everyone feels so.
That’s why I too felt so. Why to discuss constitution now? If it is like this
then forget that girl… …you will never become
brother to any girl in this state. We cannot live in this house. Women are beating men.
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Don’t know what medicine
you gave him and changed him. You better change
everyone in this house. It is not so easy, sir. I have thrown your
sister-in-law as bait to him. Not possible to do it with… Threw her as bait?
Is she a fish to use her like that? It is not that, sir.
He and your sister-in-law are in love. My sister-in-law and this guy in love?
– Yes, sir. Oh! How well you are enjoying?
Hell with it! I hope they don’t kill
me if they find out… …that he loves my
sister-in-law. Really? Sir, I am there. I am living here by
pinning all my hopes on you. Homesick. Homesick. Madam! Madam! Fatima consumed
pesticide in the fields. She is lying in hospital. I told her many times to
give up her hopes on her son. She didn’t listen to me. Her fate. Let us go to hospital. Come. Brother,
I too will come this time when… …you go to kill the people
from neighbouring village. Be careful. They will fall down. Bring them here. Come. Where? He will not come. His mother consumed
pesticide and is in hospital. Brother, nothing happened
to my mother, right? She is alive, isn’t? Tell her that you will live
for her and not for your dead father. She will stay alive. Mother! Mother! Will you
die leaving me behind? No, mother.
Henceforth, I will listen to you. I will not go to them and their house. Believe me, mother. Brother! Brother, at least you tell her, Tell her that I will
stay with my mother and study. Mother, henceforth
he will listen to you. Go to some place and get
him educated and live happily. No, son. I am not doing this favour. The head of that family
told me to give you. Mother… Darling, it has been
many days since I saw you. I am longing to see you. Nothing, son. There is
only one cell phone in my house. I am feeling homesick
and I want to speak to my wife. But the phone is busy since two days. By the way, what is he
talking with my sister-in-law? Sir, he is in love. Let him talk. You go and ask for the phone.
He will give it. – Okay. Nothing, son. Homesick. I wish to become the
pillow in your hands… …and hug you tightly. What?
One minute, darling. It has been many days
since I spoke to my wife. I am feeling homesick. Can I talk once? Brother is asking
how are you both doing. What is wrong with him?
He is excellent. They are fine she says.
Do you want anything else? Okay. I told him as you said. You told them that I am fine, right. Brother too says he is fine. I told her. Okay. So there is no need for me to talk,
isn’t it? Okay. Okay. Sir! What? Sir, I thought this house
doesn’t care for others. But I never thought they
will understand others feelings too. My husband died because
of this family and… …therefore I never
wanted you to prosper. But I was wrong. By looking at the support
given by your family… …I feel that you
should live a long life. Sir, you have helped
me to provide him a good life. I will make him a good
human being and bring him to you. This life belongs to you. Sir, wherever we might go,
we will remember you… …and your favours. I thought of living
for my deceased father. But what if my mother
who is alive dies. Then what is the use
of this life, brother. For the first time I have
heard someone talking good… …about this family. I know you are the reason behind it. Why did you tell our name
when you have helped them? Sir, they are your people. They are living by trusting you. Sir, if a stranger
like me helps them then… …they will not care for it. But if you do the same
thing then people think… …that the family they
trusted had stood by them. Sir, do you know why
the villagers come to you… …whenever they face any problem? It is not because this family is rich. It is because they think there
is an elder person in this family. Sir, power doesn’t
mean to control people. It is the happiness of helping people. Sir, it is not our greatness
if there are people who are… …willing to give
up their lives for us. Our greatness lies
in saving the people… …who are ready to
give up their lives for us. Hi, Jai. Hey! Jai, today I am very happy.
Everything is new. I will ask you something openly. Tell me frankly. By the way,
why did you come to my house? It is… It is… I have come
to see this village and its beauty. Okay. I will show you the village.
Watch it there. Beauty. I think this is the first
time you came to a village. Wow! Superb location. How nice it will be if you… …could watch this beauty
without blinking your eyes. Watch here.
Look how beautifu I it looks. Those fields. Those fields…
I thought something else… Look at the area in between. How beautiful it looks
as if it is sculptured. I am talking about that area. Yes. Perfect. Perfect. Look here…
Look how beautifuI and pleasing it is. It will look more beautiful
if we do something to it. I mean it will be better
if we irrigate the land. Irrigate… Land… If you could watch with
interest and patience… …then there is more beauty. You will watch, right? Sir… Sit inside. Why will it not be outstanding
if you do a follow up? I will see to it, sir. Sir… why did you come here, sir? Had you informed me then
I wou Id have come on my own. She is our girl. I told her many times not to study. She didn’t listen to me.
She stood first in the district. She will do well in her life
if she studies in your college. You too will get good name. Sir, all the free seats are filled.
Only payment seats are left. Money? Not that I cannot pay. If I pay then only I will become good. But you too should become good.
Give her seat… Sir, if I keep giving like
this then I cannot run my business. Are you doing business with education? Open a liquor shop. It will be good. She will come to
college from tomorrow. Many villagers will show interest
in studies after seeing her. I shouldn’t come here for them. Look, you should study
well and become like him. Sir… I have brought a marriage
proposal for Manasa. The boy is from Jammalamadugu. Boy’s family is coming
tomorrow to see her. What marriage? Are you mad? Anybody will feel happy for marriage. Why are you creating nuisance? Whom did you ask before fixing it? I will not even see his face. You should have told
me something about it. I too don’t know. Your uncle has brought
this proposal all of a sudden. Jai. My uncle has brought
a marriage proposal for me. I know. What is it, Jai? Do something. Boy’s family is coming to see you.
Not to marry you. Just pass your time
with it for one day. I will take care of it later. Cool. Hello.
– Come. Sit down. My uncle. Your to-be father-in-law. Veerasimhudu.
You must have heard my name. I killed six people
alone in Jammalamadugu. Hey, Pratapam. Where are you going? Sir, it is not Pratapam. It is Pratap. I am going to bank. There is a function
in our house. Come. He is Veerasimhudu.
He has come to see my daughter. Greetings, sir.
Why did you come with friends? Why didn’t you bring your parents? If the entire family comes out
together then enemy will attack us. That’s why we don’t go out together. Oh! Nice scheme. Is the girl still getting ready? It is enough. Tell her to come. If I stay for long at one
place then it is dangerous to me. I like the girl. What is the name? Manasa. Name too is good.
My name is Veerasimhudu. Will you give coffee
or something with your hands? He is asking for coffee. Give it. I am able to see the pride of Palnadu.
I like you again. What did you study?
Did you at least pass 10th standard? I studied MS in foreign. So you didn’t pass even 10th standard? Which place are you coming from?
– Jammalamadugu. How many Sumos have you brought? Two. Oh. What are your travelling expenses? It is 10,000. Food expenses will
be around 5,000, right? Yes. Altogether it is 15,000. I like the girl.
Talk to parents and fix the marriage. 15,000 for coming here and
15,000 for going back are wasted. Greetings. He liked me? Yuck! Does that rascal have a choice too? Mother, how did you
think of him as groom? Dear, I convinced everyone
when you wanted to study. But I don’t have the right
to find a boy of your choice. Boy is good, isn’t? He is tall. Thick moustache. If he is good then you marry him. Madam, it will not look
good if she marries at this age. Hello. Hello. Hello.
Hello. Did you like the boy? At least you tell her.
What is wrong with that boy? He is perfect.
Only his name is not good. Name? What is Veerasimhudu? Wild name. Sambashivudu or Sadashivudu
would have been good. According to his name,
he travels in Sumo and… …wears white clothes. Also glares. Okay. No problem. We will agree. But watching the people around him… …I think the boy’s enemies
are following him badly. Since the boy is bachelor now,
he will be surrounded… …by those goons all the time. After marriage, she will be with him. What if enemies attack
him after finding a right time? What will be the situation? He will die. It is okay if he dies.
It is okay if he dies. We will cry for a week and
forget thinking it is her fate. But it will be a problem
if he stays alive after… …losing his hands and legs. Your daughter too should
serve him all her life… …by making him sit in a chair. Except this there is
nothing wrong with that boy. Nothing wrong. Nothing. Next month is auspicious.
Priest has told us. I don’t like Manasa marrying that boy. She is educated.
She cannot live with such boy. It is fine even if the
boy is uneducated and a famer. But no need of a boy who
goes around surrounded by goons. She is your daughter. I will not agree with the
proposal that you don’t like. We will find a good match. What is happening here?
Do you know that girl before? Don’t tell anyone.
I know her from abroad. Did you come for the girl? Something like that… Did you befriend her brother
and come to this house… …for the girl? Sir, you got it well. You are using everyone very nicely. You are not sparing anyone. You are not sparing
even the person who is lame. Wow! You are using everyone well. If you want then use me too. I have already used you. He is using you.
He is using everyone nicely. You are unable to
understand it. Fools. It is okay. “He is a handsome
guy and six feet tall.” “He turned me crazy.” “By looking into my eyes,
he intoxicated me.” “Hello, Senorita. Hello, Senorita.” “You are my horlicks and bournvita.” “I am Margareta. I am Margareta.” “You are yet to see my beauty.” “Your beauty is hidden
inside your eyes.” “Your charm lies in your heart.” “I will turn your crazy, dear.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.” “Hello, Senorita. Hello, Senorita.” “You are my horlicks and bournvita.” “I am Margareta. I am Margareta.” “You are yet to see my beauty.” “Don’t touch me so hard.” “Don’t kiss me sweetly.
Please don’t do that.” “Don’t hurt my lips.” “Your body is mesmerising.” “You are an epitome of beauty.” “Girl looks yummy like a chocolate.” “Taste it, dear.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.” “I will help you
lose your inhibitions.” “I will help you
discover more beauty.” “I will make your realize
your true beauty.” “I will jump like a storm.” “Don’t know whether
you hijack or kidnap me.” “Show me your speed in air.” “You will faint after
my watching my romance.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.” “Barbie girl! Baby doll!” “My heart is beating fast.”. Brother, tyre is punctured. Hey, fix it. Okay, brother. Greetings, brother.
– Are you going to the village? Yes, brother. They are coming! Go! Go! Go! You are finished! He is saved! Rascal! What are you doing here? I went to city for hair cut. Just miss, dude. What will happen if you get caught? So the next attack is ours. Nobody will stay alive from them. I have an idea. They will be alert all
the time thinking that… …you will attack them any time. So what if we don’t attack
them for 50, 60 years. They will live in fear, right? How is the idea? It is superb, right? This… will it rotate all the time? It will stop only when we stop it. For food. Even the motor in the fields
is given rest at regular intervals. You are thrown inside
the kitchen and… …are made to work round the year. I didn’t like this at all. Rest? You have seen
the members of this family. We have to cook in huge
quantities to feed them. So will you stay inside
like this all your life. You wake up and prepare breakfast. And then you think of
what to prepare for lunch. Okay. You prepare good lunch. After lunch, you will discuss
whether to prepare fritters… …or something else for snacks. Once it is over,
you get ready to prepare dinner. Next day you wake up
and think the same again. What is this life? If you go back ten
years and think then… …you will not find anything
other than vegetables… …lemon rice and upma
(south Indian breakfast). What else can we do other than that? You have to lock this
kitchen for one month. Your idea is to order food
from Mastan’s hotel, right? Did you understand like that? Let us go out for a
week on holiday and enjoy. Holiday? Superb! Outside? – Why did you
ask as if it is to moon? Son, we went to Tirupati
temple when I was newly married. That’s it. I went to ‘Prema Pavuram’
movie in 1990. That’s it. My goodness!
It will be like going abroad… …if they go out of the district. Mother, let us go. Aunt! Aunt! Let us please go, aunt. Please! Please! Please! Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, go and ask your
father and uncle. Go. Mr. Pratap, Jai is taking
all of us on a holiday for a week. You too can come. Mad woman! You don’t know.
He is using all of you. You must be tired of sitting
like this for 20 years. Sir, let us go and see
the outside world and enjoy. Brother, they have planned
everything discreetly… …and then executed it. They tried to kill us. Rascals! Uncle, everyone is bored of
staying in the house all the time. Uncle, let us go on a holiday. Let us go, uncle. Please. Not outside! You will die! If anybody gets such mad thoughts… …then I will kill everyone. Go! Didn’t I tell you to go? Go! We should kill our enemies right now. We should kill them all! We are going to Srisailam temple. Younger brother will finish
the work after coming back. Deva’s family left for Srisailam. His entire family should be dead. Brother, the goons
from Bihar have laid trap… …at three places on their way. Don’t show mercy
on women and children. You have to kill everyone! Brother, they cannot
escape from first place. You will hear their death
screams in another ten minutes. Start! Nobody is lifting the call over there. What happened? Brother, it seems
their escaped from there. We have caught them. Their lives will be
dead in another two minutes. What is happening? Hey! Hey! Hey!
Are they caught? Tell me that Deva’s family dead. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! My family is safe! Brother! What happened? What happened, brother? “He will not spare anyone
who touches his family.” “He has come to rescue his men!” “He will not spare anyone
who touches his family.” “He has come to rescue his men!”. Didn’t you say that
he is not in that family? Brother, don’t know
from where he has come. By god’s grace we all are safe. No. It is his grace. Nobody other than Jai
can save from those devils. Brother, I suspect that
he is living somewhere… …in these surroundings for our sake. Brother-in-law,
I had never seen Manasa… …so happy like this anytime before. Jai is the reason
behind her happiness. If we want her to remain
happy like this forever… …then we shou Id
get her married to Jai. Dear, there is happiness
all around after Jai’s arrival. What if we get Manasa married to him? Yes, father. We cannot find a better
boy than Jai for Manasa. Jai, I don’t know who you are. I just said I am not happy,
you came till here… You made my life. I love you. I love you, Jai. Manasa, I wanted to see you happy. Along with you, I wanted to see
many people living here to be happy. Do you know who I am? This family wants to kill
Deva from the neighbouring village. I am his son. Manasa, the Jai whom
you are seeing now… …is different from
the Jai of old days. His character is different. His world is different. All the flowers shouId be spread. Anita, it is dark over there.
See to it. Okay, madam. Ashok.
– Yes, madam. Check the arch at the entrance. Okay, madam. Madam, tulips flowers
haven’t come yet. Okay. Jai will bring them.
– Okay, madam. How come you remain so irresponsible? Should I stop the function for you? Mother, roses and lilies
are found everywhere. Tulips are difficult to find. Hey, don’t tell these stories. Anita, keep these tulips there.
– Okay, madam. Hi, Jai!
– Hi. Hi.
– Hi, Jai! – Hi, girls. It has been many days since I saw you. Madam.
– Yes. Watch the flies around jaggery. Construction site is really good. Jai, come here. I am afraid to bring you
to these kinds of functions. Mother, please leave my hand. I have to protect you like a girl. Mother, I am not a kid. Mother, bridegroom’s
father is over reacting. Keep quiet. I am safe. I don’t have
anyone like him to do all this. ‘I am safe. I don’t have
anyone like him to do all this.’ Mother, are you okay? I have committed a mistake. I have committed a mistake
by not telling you that… …you have a father and he lives here. When you were two year old,
your father and I were living… …in Mumbai. We all went to your father’s
village during a festival. Till then the people from
those two villages killed each other. That region turned into a hell. Your grandfather was killed
brutally in front of us. Sir, only one is caught by us. Rest have escaped. Sir, even if one is alive
from that family then… …it will be dangerous for us. We can live only if we kill all men. Lift the sword, sir. It is my father who has died. Why are you seeking revenge? We will kill them
and they will kill us. What will remain in the end? It will turn into a graveyard
without any trace of humans. They cannot think like us. We should change our thinking. Sir, we are living by
trusting you and your family. What if something happens to you? Your wife and children
are living by trusting you. What if something happens to you? Henceforth if I come to
know that if you have attacked… …any person from that village
then the family that you love… Nobody will stay alive. Go. Deva. Shall we start? Where? To our house? Latha, how can we go by
leaving everything like this? These people behave like animals. The moment I leave this place they
will turn this place into graveyard. I will stay here and hold them back. I have to change
them into human beings. Deva, I am too afraid
of the same thing. These animals will hold onto you and… …make you take u p the sword. Don’t you trust me? I don’t trust the people around you. I cannot leave this village and go. Deva, I too cannot live here. Deva, decide whether
you want this village… …or me and your child. Sister-in-law says she wants to go. Take her carefully. That day I left and went
far away from him and the village. Because if something happens to him… …then I shouldn’t get that news. He has left me for
the sake of villagers. I am sad for it but I haven’t
seen a good person than him. I want to see him once. We are getting you dressed
up well every time… …whenever a boy comes to see you. We don’t understand when
your marriage will take place. Boy should be extremely
lucky to get a girl like me. I say no to such things. Days and traditions have changed. Otherwise if I was given
a choice to find a boy… …of my choice then lot of
boys would have come to marry me. Few neighbouring villages
have come to know her mentality. Some boys didn’t come even to see her. That is not called mental.
It is called intelligence. Sister, play. You go out. Go. I doubt whether she will marry or not. Aunt, how can I live without marrying? The thing is that I want
to marry a king like boy. Hey.
– What? Do I look like a king?
– You look like a thief. Tell me the truth. From one angle you look like that. Enough. One angle is enough. How is it possible from all angles? Hey, why are you so relaxed? Boy’s family is coming to
see madam today. Do you know that? I know. It will take place
in my house. She is my sister-in-law. Nobody will come to see her. Even if any boy comes
then he will not like her. Finally they will think
of getting her married to me. She might remain single
but she will never marry you. I beg you, dear. Behave well and see that
this marriage proposal works out. Mother, I have
understood your problem. I too will visit the
temple and pray for… …this marriage proposal to succeed. What will happen
if anybody watches me? They will kill me. Leave it. You will become
martyr for sacrificing… …your life for the
sake of sister-in-law. And then I will name
my children after you. Oh! She is talking more. Hey, do you remember what
you shouId say to the boy’s family? Oh! You made me to
tell this to four boys. We love each other.
Nobody can separate us. That’s it, right?
Why do you worry for it, Vennu? Four marriage proposals didn’t
believe that you and I are lovers. They came to our house. It was very difficult
for me to stop them. Stop crying and stop that car. Wait. How handsome he looks. Let us go home. We will say okay. Come on. Listen to me.
We cannot find such a boy again. Please… Boss, are you going to Deva’s house? Yes. You are going to their
house to see this girl. But we both love each other. Don’t kill our love
with your marriage proposal. Hey! If you go back from here
then you will save our love. Are you going to Deva’s house? Yes. You are going to see that girl. Hello. By the way, we should see the girl
inside the house. What is it outside? They both love each other. If you go back then
their love will succeed. They have come to say this. Oh! No! Well, the girl is beautiful.
It is difficult to say no. But they are in love, boss. Happy? Who are you, son? I am Deva’s son. Come. Sir. Who? Father. Our Jai. Did you remember us now? Didn’t mother come? She had some work.
Therefore she couldn’t come. Vennu, why did he come to our house? Jai, your uncle. Everyone is gathered at one place. Do you think the matter is leaked? My goodness!
They will thrash me. I will escape. Hey! Hey! Where are you going? We have done everything together. We will go together.
– What did we do? You have spoiled your chances of
marriage. I was by your side. That’s it. Vennu, I will not come. Vennu… Hello. How are you all?
– Greetings. Why are you watching like that?
Your elder brother-in-law. Your elder uncle’s son. Jai. Didn’t you sleep yet? I am not feeling sleepy. How is your mother?
– She is fine. Daily one peg. This is my company since 20 years. Will you have?
– No. No. No. No. I am fine. So what are you doing? I am an architect. Okay, father.
It is late. Good night. Bye. Jai, will you sleep here? There could be
mosquitoes in that room. It is okay. I will sleep upstairs. Good night.
– Good night. You will fall. Has someone given coffee
to brother-in-law or not… Oh! So you are giving coffee
to everyone in the morning. New clothes? No. Torn clothes. Why don’t you buy me two silk saris? Which one? You come, brother-in-law. Is there any function
in the house today? Happy birthday, Jai. Thanks. Today is my birthday.
I have forgotten. Is it your birthday today? Since my childhood I have seen
celebrating this day as a big festival. My son. Greetings! “You have come like a festival.” “You have given us
light and strength.” “You have come like a festival.” “You have given us light.” “You have given us strength.” “You have given us support.” “You have given us shadow. “You stood by us.” “Sir, you are our happiness.
You are our joy.” “You are everything to us.” “Good times have come.
This is our good luck.” “Let us live like this forever.” “We didn’t sing lullabies
for you in your children.” “We didn’t play with you.” “You have grown big.” “This land and our
lives have found hope.” “Our lives should be
filled with your love.” “We want to see our
children happy like you.” “Your father and we
have missed you a lot.” “You have come searching
for us and stood by us.” “You have come like a festival.” “You have given us
light and strength.” “You have given us support.” “You have given us shadow.” “You have stood by us.” “All these years we
had tears in our eyes.” “We have seen the glow in your eyes
that is similar to your father’s.” “Don’t know which god has sent you.” “Our lives have found a new hope.” “We will remain indebted
to you all our lives.” “You have come like a festival.” “You have given us
light and strength.” “You have given us support.” “You have given us shadow.” “You have stood by us.”. Should they give 1500
acres of land to you? If you tell them once
then it will be done. That’s why we have come here. If you want then we will
give you your commission. Do you know with whom you are talking? Do you know who has sent us? Brother Uma. If you do as he says then he
will not seek revenge and kill you. It is fine if revenge is given up. But not at the cost
of poor man’s life. We will give them some money. Some money? Farmers don’t know what
to do if you give them money, They know only farming. You have come so far.
Drink butter milk and go. All these years you have
maintained a low profile. Why are you showing
arrogance suddenly? If we leave from here
with a negative reply… …then the entire
village will be destroyed what nonsense did you talk?
– Stop! I will kill you! You said what you wanted to say.
Now you may leave. 600 families are living
by trusting one person. How did you believe
that you can threaten him… …by bringing six people? Because of his good nature
you are leaving this village safely. Forget the last 20 years. Now his son has come. Go and tell that his son has come! “Palnadu has come to
life upon your arrival.” “Will not the enemy live in fear now?” “You have come like a festival.” “You are a ray of hope for us.”. For the last 20 years
I didn’t say anything… …because of the respect
I have towards your father. We have been waiting
as who will come to… …challenge them
and teach them a lesson. I didn’t think that you
will come back and make us proud. Brother Uma shouldn’t
come to know this. Otherwise he will kill us. Deva is not a coward
and useless person… …as we are thinking him to be like. It seems he is ready to give
up his life or take others lives… …if anybody harms that village. Brother-in-law,
you are brought up in a city. You must not have seen a village. Are you enjoying everything? Had mother too come then
it would have been a festival. There is only one option
if aunt has to come to uncle. What? Your marriage. Do you have anyone?
– What? I mean girlfriend. I had one in college.
Maybe now she got married. If that is your case
then I too have 10, 15 boys. Sorry. I mean… 10 to 15 have chased me… Don’t you have any girl friend now? I heard that girls from
Hyderabad are quite fast. Are they so weak? Well, did you set any condition
regarding girl friend? I am tall so I wish
my girl friend to have… …an average height. If you are in first floor… …and the girl is on ground
floor then how will it work. Girl too should be on first floor.
Then only everything will match. Did you understand? Do you have something else? Educated girl will be better. What better? Will you eat education? If both are educated then
they will have ego problems. They will never get along well. It is sufficient if the girl could teach
alphabets and cooking to children. Use little bit. Is there anything else? I think an orphan girl
will take good care of mother. It the girl is alone
then she will think that… …you too should be alone. If the girl is from a joint
family then she knows family values… …and will take good
care of you and your mother. Marriage is a one time opportunity. If given a chance then
the girl should take good care… …of the boy and his family. Am I right? That’s okay. Your love story is fine. Why don’t you tell the family
that you and Naalu love each other? What is the problem?
– What? Love with brother-in-law Naalu? It is okay that you said this to me. Don’t tell this in front of him. He will die of heart attack
if he hears it. He is a dark soul. Though he is my brother-in-law
by relationship… …he has brought me up. Foolish guy.
– What? I don’t want more chocolates.
It is not good. Deva doesn’t care for anything
because of these people. Let us see what he will do if everything
turns into ashes by morning. Hey! Who is it? Hey! Who is it? Houses are set on fire! Come! Come! Sir, we are living without
sleep for the last 20 years because… …I don’t want the enmity
between two families… …to spread between two villages. Sir, though they are attacking
my family with swords… …I am tolerating it with
pain but I am not retaliating. Sir, had our men not
come on time last night then… …the entire village would
have turned into graveyard. Farmers have sold their crop. I think they must have got drunk and… …set their own houses on fire. In fact there is an educated
boy in their family. He must have told them
that they will get insurance. They didn’t think of
anything and went ahead. S.P. sir, don’t believe them
and call us for again for nothing. Otherwise we wish to do
things that we never wanted to do. Sorry, Deva.
I too know that they have done it. But we cannot do anything. Sir, even the rising
sun gets tired and goes down… …but I don’t understand
when they will get tired. Greetings. I thought men from this
area will retaliate with weapons… …if they are attacked. I didn’t think they are cowards
and will approach the police. This time only houses are set on fire. Don’t know where he
will go if the members… …of the house too are set on fire. Are you a human being or animal? Will you call me animal? Leave them! Listen to me! Cool! Cool I say! Stop it! Everybody cool! Where, Jai? It was… Forget the collar, I have come
to your village and held your neck. You need to make a sketch
if you want to come to my village. I will come by just wearing a shirt. Stop! Jai. Where did you go? Brother, he knows some
people living nearby. We went to meet them. Situation in the village is not good. There is some problem. You have come to spend
some good time here. It is not good for you
to stay here during this time. People from neighbouring
village shouldn’t even… …know how you look. If something happens to you
then I will repent all my life. You leave, Jai. Okay, father. I have pinned all my
hopes on her since childhood. How can she go by leaving me? Where is she going? She is going to do job. Isn’t it? Oh! Will she get collector’s
job for her education? What is that he has and I don’t? What is the difference between
you and me? – Difference… Difference… Sit down. Let us discuss. Yes. Yes. We should discuss. What is his height? He will be of my height
if he wears shoes. Are you blind? He is of your height
even when he sits on chair. Forget height. Then colour? What is wrong with his colour? Leave it! My colour too is good. Yours? Well, I am bit dark.
Okay. Forget it. Forget. Next.
– Next… Education. Hey! Hey! Hey!
Sit down. Sit down. He doesn’t have it, right?
– Yes. Forget it.
– Next… Hey! Hey! Hey! Sit down. Sit down. Everyone is leaving. How will I get a job
without having any education? How is it possible?
Don’t we know that? Sit down. Forget it!
Forget it! Forget it! What is next? What will remain if
everything is forgotten? Do something. Go to the
girl and tell her everything. You will get the answer. He would come to make
compromise even when… …people were attacked
and killed from his village. A man from that family comes and… who is he? Who has got that guts? His son. Deva’s son. We should be careful, brother. If he comes here then
he will not spare anyone. Where does he live? He lives in Hyderabad with his mother. He came to this village as a guest. That village is living in fear. If this man supports them then the
entire village will turn against us. This man should die in Hyderabad. Call us daily. Hey! What is it with him? Vennu, I want to tell you something. I am going out of town.
What is it now? Tell me fast. I don’t understand
from where I shouId start. It is… I grew up watching
you since childhood. I always think of you. I don’t know whether it is
right or wrong to tell like this. Your personality
and beauty make me mad. Whether anybody likes it or not… …we both will make a good couple. I love you. I love you. I love… I love you, uncle. I thought you are just a fool.
You are worse than that. I will kill you. You just want to escape to Hyderabad. Otherwise who will give
you a job for you education. You are taking a mad girl with you.
I think you will face problem. Bye, father. Bye, mother. Bye, brother-in-law. Take care. Bye! Aunt, you still look very beautiful. Uncle will fall for
you even at this age. Okay. Brother-in-law is
going to office. Go and see. Vennela. Do fights still take place in village? No. Not in uncle’s presence. He will not let people fight. Everyone should live
in peace like him. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Good morning.
– Good morning, madam. Come. Hi, Kishore. This is Vennela. Hello.
– Hi. Vennela, this is your cabin. That is mine.
– Shut up. Sir, this is commercial project…
Banjara Hills… what are you talking? Sir, she has joined newly. I am teaching her how to work. Who said she has come to work? She has come to pass time. It is better if we do our work. She is talking closely with me. How should I work? She talks like that with dogs,
cats and buffaloes. It is not the greatness of animals.
And not yours too. You sit in the middle cabin. It is her greatness. Kishore! Kishore! “I am going mad watching
your kohl filled eyes.” “I am going mad watching your gait.” “I am going mad watching
your smooth lips.” “I am going mad watching your beauty.” “I wish to see this
beauty again and again.” “My heart is running towards you.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “I am feeling happy…” “Happy on hearing
your compliments.” “I am feeling happy
for raising hopes in you.” “I am feeling happy
for making you run behind me.” “I am feeling happy
for making you crazy for me.” “I am feeling pity watching your woes.” “Let this continue for some more time.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.”. Father, how is the bike? Loved it.
– Don’t drink and drive. Okay. “Will you find out or should
I tell you the condition of my heart?” “I am waiting for it.” “Make sure I hear your voice.” “My heart is singing loud.” “It has fallen for you.” “I know it says I belong only to you.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “I am longing for you.” “I don’t want to give up on you.” “It will succeed in getting you.” “I am too longing for you.” “Make sure you get me at any cost.” “My eyes are never
tired of watching you.” “I can do anything for you. ” “I am all for you.” “This is really good.” “Let us consider it as love.” “This is really good.” Whom do you want to meet? One person from our village
lives here. We came to meet him. They went out. They will
come in short time. Sit down. We are many people.
We will go and have tea in a hotel. Poorna sir, we will go only
if we are confident of killing him. If he stays alive then
it will be very dangerous. Hey! We should go to our village
by carrying his head. Wait, sir. He is going inside. Sir, around ten people have
come from your village to meet you. I told them to sit. They went
to drink tea in the opposite hotel. Hey, you start the vehicle. Poorna sir, he is somewhere around. He came to know about us. He will kill us too.
Listen to me. Let us go! He will not keep quiet if we attack.
He is a tiger. He will kill us! Start the vehicle! Come!
Get inside! Start! Go! 30 people went and
only 3 have returned. Is he a human being? They say he is a tiger. I will cut the tiger’s head. I will hang it on the
village outskirts and… …make them remember
it all their lives. ‘They will not change.
It is better I escape.’ Hello. Vennela. Aunt, my family has
selected a boy for me. But I like brother-in-law. I cannot think of anyone
other than brother-in-law. Bye.
– Bye. Get inside. Greetings.
– Greetings. Okay. Greetings. Brother-in-law,
your responsibility is over. One has left and
another arrived. Fate. Son, finally her marriage is fixed. They say that they will
do everything as you wish. Boy lives in America.
You will live a happy life, dear. Uncle, she will not be happy in a rich
family or the one that lives in America. She will be happy if the
boy takes good care of her. Uncle, she won’t live happily
if you send her to some faraway place. She will be happy if she
finds a boy who loves her truly. Uncle, she is not an article
to change her as they wish. She is a wonderful girl. She will be happy if she finds a boy… …who understands her very well. Son, it is nothing
wrong if we wish all that. But where can we find
such a boy these days. Will you give a single chance? I will hide you here all my life. “Like a fish out of water…” “My heart is jumping around…” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “Like you have fallen all over me…” “I have dreamt of a beautiful scene.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “I feel as if I am hit for a six…” “I am spinning like a ball.” “As if I am contained
inside a bottle…” “I am feeling suffocated.” “Enough of the waiting…” “Arrange the meeting immediately.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “You are a firecracker.
I am the matchstick.” “Let us burst together
and celebrate Diwali festival.” “You are as sharp as knife…
I am ready to tread it…” “Let us rip everything apart.” “I will hug you close to my heart.” “Come, oh my darling.” “I will love you and
make you forget the world.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.”. When will the day come
when I can hold you close… …to my heart and scold you. “Baby, all your desires
will be fulfilled very soon.” “That day is not far.” “Darling, do something to
me so that I become one with you.” “Darling, your complexion
and taste is remarkable.” “Come to me and hold me.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.”. How are you, sister-in-law? I am fine, Laxmi. How are you, Deva? In spite of knowing what you are… …I went away from you thinking that… …nobody can change
you for what you are. I have given you the punishment that… …no wife would ever
give to her husband. Though I went away from you,
I brought him up like you… …by thinking of you all the time. I have filled his life with love. Deva, I will not go by leaving
you as long as I am alive. Father, though you cannot speak… …your eyes are saying
that you wish for enemy’s death. I will wash your feet
with the blood of the people… …who had done this to you. Kareemulla! Hey, eat and go. What happened? Deva sir,
I want to tell you something. Sir, the fights that you
have prevented from taking place… …all these years have started again. Reason is your son. Sir, I am afraid as
what might happen anytime. It is better if you remain careful. Greetings, sir. Sir, go and wear these silk clothes. All are found at one place. I will kill everyone. As long as he is there,
he will not let anybody… …harm his family. He should be attacked first! Take them inside.
– Take everyone inside! Kill them! Aunt! Aunt! Aunt! Sister! Latha! Hey! Take out the swords! Come! Where? Not a single person responsible… …for mothers’ death
should stay alive. Keep aside your morals
and ethics for some time… …and go inside. Solution was not found for 20 years. I will go and finish
it in two minutes! Brother, he says two minutes.
You go inside. Sir, you have committed
a similar mistake… …20 years back by
stopping us like this. Don’t repeat the mistake, sir. Listen to sir and go inside. Before madam’s body
is burnt completely… …ten people from
that family should die. What sin did I commit due
to which you are born to me? I have left you and have
been living all these years… …for this village and its people. I wanted to change
them to human beings. But after your coming,
they have become animals. Your mother said she has
filled your life with love. You have cheated her. She left this village out of fear. But you have brought
that fear back and… …thereby made your
mother leave this world. Had I known that this village
will become like this again… …because of you, I wouldn’t
have allowed you to come here. If I knew that she
will die because of you… …then I wouldn’t
have given you birth. It would have been good
if you had died instead of her. Go. Leave this village. Go away from us. Don’t come even after I die. Sir! Sir! Sir! Brother-in-law! No, dear. You don’t need
a heartless man like him. He got his mother killed.
Tomorrow you too… He has come like a guest.
Let him leave like a guest. “You have given us hope.
You have shown us the way.” “Who else do we have now?” “Who will lead us now?” “Our lives will be filled
with sorrow without you.”. Though I felt hurt by father’s words,
I found them to be true. Because of my going there,
fights and problems took place. I went abroad thinking that
things will fall into place… …if I leave the village. But through Vennela,
I came to know that everyone… …has given up on father’s
ideas and are back to fighting. This problem has started with me. So I thought of stopping it myself. And then I met you at the right time. After watching you,
I understood that… …yours villagers too are
suffering from fights like ours. I came to your house through you. I tried to change everyone. If my family is so happy today
then you are the reason for it. This is enough, Jai.
You leave from here. Jai, I am not telling you
all this because I cannot get you. I am afraid to think
as what will happen… …if everyone comes to know
that you belong to that village. Manasa, I will leave from
here only after finishing the… …work that I have come for. Jai. I don’t know from where you
came and for what you have come. But we all wish you to become
the son-in-law of this house. Though she is my daughter,
she is not as bad as us. She knows what is good and bad. If you have no objection
to it then inform your parents. I will talk. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! You got it. Son, though you used
every family member… …you have achieved what you wanted. You got that girl. Mr. Pratap,
it shouldn’t happen like this. What is this? I am the son of their enemy Deva. Stop. What are you thinking? Are you thinking that your
work has finished quite early? I thought of finding a man for her. You neither have pride nor manhood. I am unable to understand
how this family liked you. Let us keep the girl’s
matter aside for some time. What is the second one? Man and manhood… what is manhood? Not one like you
who keeps quiet even… …when a person abuses you. Man is one who has
nerves of steel and… …who is always ready to fight back. Even if they don’t carry any weapons… …they are always ready
to fight the enemy… …whenever they are attacked. They are men. Is it manhood to kill people? It belongs to stone age. That doesn’t need courage and valour. Manhood means to
befriend even our enemy. It needs… Is it so easy? Will you try? Hey, his manhood lies in words. He got scared when asked to fight. You told to love the enemy.
I will try that manhood. But what if you try the
manhood that I talked about. He should see stars! “A true warrior has arrived.” “He knows to fight
as well as love the enemy.” “A true warrior has arrived.” “He knows to fight
as well as love the enemy.” “A true warrior has arrived.” “He knows to fight
as well as love the enemy.”. I have tried the manhood
that you talked about. Will you try the
manhood that I told you? Don’t know how many days
it will take for them to recover. We are not sure even
if they will recover or not. I liked you.
I am searching for a boy like you. I will give her hand
in marriage to you. But I want one help. There is one man from that village… …who is filled with
courage and pride. Kill him and fulfil my revenge. I will serve you
for the rest of my life. Will… will you not change? You will not change? The man from that village
who fought back and… …gave you sleepless nights is dead. The pride of that family
which held your neck… …when you attacked
them once has died. He is dead.
He is filled with love now. He is now filled with
love and has come to you. He is in front of your eyes. So the enemy and my arch
rival whom I am searching is… Hey! Uncle! Come! Stop! Are you mad? It is this guy who fooled us. We thought he is our man. He is our enemy! We thought of making
him our son-in-law! He has come to destroy our family! I am alive only to kill you! You have come to live with enemy. You are not an ordinary man. You should die! Uncle! Please, uncle. Tell him to stop! Man, you will not keep quiet
if I enter that village or attack it! Brother! Brother, tell him to stop! I will kill you, Deva and his family! If I get back to my old
style for ten minutes then… …nobody from this
family will stay alive. You have killed my mother. But I am living with love
after coming to your family! You have separated me from my father! You have separated me from my love! But I came closer to you with love! For how long? For how long should
people cry because of you? I had given up revenge
and left my village for peace. Do you want to kill such a person? If I start using the sword
then nobody can use it better than me. But only swords will
remain in the end. Human beings will not remain. If possible then let us love. What is there to lose? At the most,
the person might love you in return! Otherwise if you think that
this enmity will come to end… …because of my death then… Hey, you said he is not our man. You said he is our enemy. You said he will kill us. But why did he save you
when his men were chasing you. Brother, everyone feared
the members of this house till date. Ever did you see a person
giving respect to us out of love? Though he is the son of our enemy,
he has done it. Should we kill him for that? Uncle, he is our enemy. But still he is living with us.
It means he wants something. It is not our lives,
property or our girl. He wants something else. We will give it. We will change and give
him his love in return. Father! He wants love in spite
of living in the enemy’s house. What are his guts?
He should stay alive. He will save more people.
He will save more people. Not only in that village,
there is a man in this village too. What is this, father? I am living for a
dream by leaving you all. I couldn’t understand
that it would have remained… …as a dream without having you. I thought if one side gives
up enmity then the other side… …will get tired and will do the same. You thought it will not
happen unless people change. I have separated you
from your love thinking… …that you will not be able to love. Forgive me. What is it, father? She is waiting for you
and your love with thousand eyes. Go. Are you still rejecting
marriage proposals? It is too late. Will you marry me? “Like a fish out of water…” “My heart is jumping around…” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “Like you have fallen all over me…” “I have dreamt of a beautiful scene.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “I feel as if I am hit for a six…” “I am spinning like a ball.” “As if I am contained
inside a bottle…” “I am feeling suffocated.” “Enough of the waiting…” “Arrange the meeting immediately.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.” “Darling, oh, my darling.” “Darling! My feeling.”.

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  2. Peace is good but my policy is if they want friendship we will give them what they want but if they want enmity fine we will give that also we have to treat good people with good but bad people we have to treat them in different manner. Mahatma Gandhi is good but because of his principles many people are sacrificed because of non violence. If we raise weapons and die with honor rather becoming slaves of those outsiders. In Hindu scriptures peace and negotiation is very important but if they want enmity why should we care kill them or make them surrender that is duty of Kshatriya(warriors,soldiers). Now a days Mahatma Gandhi principles won't work orelse our country will be ruled by outsiders eg Pakistan and China. According to hindu scriptures we will not raise or imprison children or women at all it is unethical to do so only one thing we can do is giving them status,freedom and education that's it.
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