Mobile Flexibility with Workday Financial Management

as an executive with P&L responsibility
in my organization I need to access relevant financial information quickly
and easily and I need that access everywhere whether I’m at the office or
traveling for business in this scenario learn how workday allows me to add
content to my financials dashboard online and then access the most
important content on my mobile device while I’m traveling in legacy systems
this would require significant IT resources while workday allows me to
configure my financials dashboard and view it on my mobile device in real time
when I open my financials dashboard I can see data displayed graphically
through a worklet I can easily add delete or change the order of these
worklets and if there is a specific worklet I want to add I can simply
select it from the list add it to my dashboard and set the order now that
worklet will appear every time I open my financials dashboard not only does it
appear in workday at the office but it’s immediately available on my mobile
device I can also set up specific notebooks with workdays mobile interface
this lets me organize and bookmark content in a way that works best for me
I can simply open the financials dashboard via the mobile interface
bookmark the selected worklet and designate in which notebook to store it
from here I can use the content in the notebooks I’ve set up to understand and
run my business my way with workday I can manage and personalize my business
anytime and anywhere at no additional cost
doesn’t your organization deserve this kind of access for more information
check out our product preview on workday financial management at

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