28 thoughts on “Mod Spotlight Tinkers Construct 2

  1. for some reason if i try to get cobalt by mining it with a steel pickaxe(steel rod, steel binding, steel head) it doesnt drop the item. im also using thermal foundation and expansion

  2. I know this is super old but for those that don't know, slimy = random chance to spawn a small slime when mining a block or hitting an enemy. It's slightly annoying but honestly it just means free repair materials.

  3. This really kills it for me. No RF tools, no max luck and sharpness. TC has been reduced to early games only, because I don't want to dedicate so much lapis/redstone/quartz to a tool I need to keep recharging with "___". at least I can put stone on the head and use that for repairs…

    All in all, TC was OP, but it stayed at a balanced OP to late game because of the additional modifiers + rare resources. Now its nerfed but still functional, and really drives you to find other tools and weapons for the mid game. I think thats fair

  4. Dire! This needs another new spotlight. There's allot they have now that you don't explain in this video. Is there a newer video I can't find or have you not done it yet? I hope you do! (I go to you first for any spotlights XD)

  5. drains will pour out into tanks so if you do put liquids in and want them out you can do it that way. FYI!

  6. Does the Cleaver still use mining fatigue in the 1.9/1.10 version of the mod, or do they use the new vanilla attack speed system?

  7. Did they remove ore gravels? I thought that was their way of adding in their own versions of copper and aluminum.

  8. Time to update and show us more, how about the weapons modifiers, the moss auto-repair and such, I can't find how to do them anymore, I created ball of moss but can't apply it like it should.

  9. I've seen Youtubers use bows and things from Tinkers Construct. Were they from other mods or were some of the weapons removed in 1.10?

  10. hey Direwolf. can you put the knightslime kit on the hammers, so that it will mine the dirt like the pickaxe and sand?

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