MONDAY MOTIVATION – How to be successful with an Instagram Marketing Online Business SMMA

(dramatic electronic music) – For me, this still feels kind of unreal. – Why? – Dude, if you see Dominican
Republic, where I came from, you’re probably not gonna
send something stupid to put up in here. English is not even my first language. You see me stuttering. You see
me mumbling across my words. For me, I grew up in a country… I was there last week. I saw
it again after a year or so, no actually, after six months. And just like your life
can change so dramatically, so freaking fast. People don’t realize it. So, I’ve been only doing this
for, quote unquote, successful for about two years. That was my first paying
client, in September 13, 2016. It’s not even a year today, maybe when you see this video it is. But it was September, 13
2016, my first paying client for thirty five hundred
bucks a month, for consulting on Instagram. Right? And that was the point that
I realize that I actually have value. I can actually
charge people for my skill set. From September to December
we made six figures, a hundred thousand dollars.
Which is crazy, right? But, the craziest part is that
last year, almost a year ago, in July, I almost went bankrupt. So, I’m not gonna go into too much detail, but basically a lot of
business situations, clients charge back, five figures. Two clients, which was horrible. And it put me in a very, very tight spot, where I had three thousand
dollars in my bank account, and it was just horrible. Right? So, for me, it was a time where
I had to basically decide, am I going all in or not? And then, from there, just
focus 100% on what I was doing in order to make things happen. You know what’s funny? We
also have a cop behind us. That’s following us. And he thinks I’m not seeing him, I’m from the Dominican Republic! Alright? We know how cops are handled. So, yeah. Anyways, like I was saying, anything that you guys put your mind to it is possible, with the
power of the internet. You can be playing football.
That’s how it started. I wanted to become a
professional soccer player, and I made. Right? If you like basketball,
if you like drawing, painting, whatever it
is. It doesn’t matter. You can make it happen. So, if you guys put your mind
to it, focus, grind hard, and work smarter. Don’t be
afraid to invest in yourself, don’t be afraid to invest in a mentor. So here’s the funny thing, I
want to point out something, real quick, that I totally forgot. Right? In 2016, the reason why I was
able to scale up so quickly, I made a two thousand dollar
investment in February of 2016. That year I made a
hundred thousand dollars. In 2017 I invested in a
coach, in a webinar coach, $20,000.00 and made from that,
over three hundred grand. This year, right? Three hundred grand in
2017 and then, basically, now have a business from that investment, because I understood
sales and all that stuff, that’s making over six figures a month. This year, I invested in
a coach, over $60,000.00. 60 grand, right? 60 grand. And that is because I
want to take my business to the next level. The point I’m trying to make… And that’s apart from
courses and things I bought, which I have a lot. Now, the point I’m trying to make is that, if you’re afraid to take
your money and invest it, you’re gonna waste that money
anyways, going to the movies, going to the bars. Renting a Lambo. But, if you take your
money and use it wisely, you can make that money work for you by investing in yourself,
cuz it’s the best investment you can ever do. Whatever you passion is;
Soccer, fitness, basketball, drawing, marketing, it doesn’t matter. Just find something that you like, find something that you’re good at. Invest in yourself to learn
that craft and put it online, and your life can change forever, extremely, extremely quick. I’m not gonna say overnight,
cuz that’s just false. But, I only got two years
doing this, successfully, and less than one year that
I went back from the rut that I was in, where I almost
went bankrupt. So, a year ago. So, again, you can
definitely do this as well. Now we’re gonna pull up in Kevin’s house. And again, like I said, you can do this. Make it happen. Stop procrastinating. Stop putting excuses,
and just go. Just go. Time will pass anyways. Today, your few minutes that
you’re giving me to watch this video, that I appreciate
a lot, are going to leave, are going to go away. They’re
not going to come back. So, go out there and… Stop watching this video
right now and just go make something happen. Alright? Now, we’re gonna pull
out to Kevin’s house and I’m gonna present to you, to a bunch of really
really awesome people. (dramatic electronic music)

33 thoughts on “MONDAY MOTIVATION – How to be successful with an Instagram Marketing Online Business SMMA

  1. Honestly, I have my concerns about my English given the fact that English is not my primary language, still, I try to push content every day! Keep crushing it brother!

  2. Ok I'll stop watching haha but seriously.. Thinking of taking a loan out for more Instagram ads.. The worst that can happen is I go bankrupt. But my research tells me bankrupt is not that big a deal. Just wipe clean and start building your credit over. No?

  3. Josue i have watched plenty of your videos and wanted to ask you something related to something you said in one of your interviews. I feel like starting a niche account and wanted to ask if tagging and giving credit in caption is enough to not get in trouble. I see how all these niche accounts take other people's content and do this. I just don't want to start a niche account that gets eventually shut down

  4. I want to pay for your courses but do i have to have some kind of a business idea or a model to really get value out of your courses cuz i really dont have.. i also have very little understanding on marketing,ADs, etc.

  5. Heyy bro… ur stuff is great. But how to approach clients that can pay such a high amount. How to convince them coz they dont have much time for us. How to secure a client.

  6. Instagram marketing!!! Me suena interesante eso me gustaria aprender mas. Le dare subscribe a tu canal de seguro. Gracias por el contenido.

  7. Sup Josue. My name is Yon. I've been following you for about half a year now. Really love what you do! I'm starting out with my own Social Media Agency now as well. If you have any clients on instagram you could refer to me, I'd love to pay you a monthly commission for that & also help you anyway I can! That would be AWESOME. Thanks. Any way we can connect? You know I do a good job, because I learned from you 😉

  8. It only took me 43 years to learn that the difference between those that became SUCCESSFUL, and those who didn't, was their ability to HOLD ON and PERSIST in the face of less than desireable, often bleak, circumstances and/or environments. Just. Hold. On.

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