but a wonderful YouTube once again we've got a mist of annatto mr. the random genius mr. the random genius that was a mouthful what mr. turbo one mr. Kevin Eva of last minute continue what mr. dusk and myself as usual Forza monopoly so we're back with the living board today and we are playing just a standard rule set so who knows ITINs go first so you might be able to fire property whoo guys what's with these moves by roles I'm keeping I'm keeping everything consistent he goes fast we know what happened last time Pete went first Pete one let's see if we can keep the streak so as everybody in the chat is aware we are back to play some more hate your friends Plus as we like to call this this is probably going to be more barbaric than it usually is I imagine yeah take that pieces of thanks you stuck by battleship I've got the British names off once again walks and stuff auctions ah I felt slightly slightly perturbed I was like I've gotta wait for everybody bid lose all my money on the first time around the board stop attacking me what is this it's fine I don't know why anybody comes into monopoly with the gamepad anyway so I mean game planning study by love man that's the game plan am I not having income [Applause] he's thinking clearly maybe you may be looking ready so yeah I did a little bit of look it up and that lasts too long whereas apparently an average game of Monopoly from the Norfolk room set with the exception of last words auction game which lasts about two and a half I think yeah on course avoiding all the [Applause] hello hello this video will be the week of war I was the one who had the train stations and they did nothing so go that when I traded you for your train stations they work for me as well that's how great they were there's an the chat sing hello Ellen I really need to give that ladder the VIP badge I think it is let's go well fine chakra secret alliances are happening already oh okay oh yes fully hello you like some money I've got a fantastical idea for this lawyer [Laughter] [Laughter] gives me 500 it's a freebie every time he gains on my property well boys that kinda game cuz I would pay that hippie 500 and you end up living free because all does he think assault for everyone if you want think queens chess my Pima be orange I'm afraid that your kids are costing you money yet again oh that would have been a very strange strategy you're not wrong this SJ it would have been a very strange Ted you missed it nine not bad I've yet to see the Red Lake and play so I really know and they usually do it have been too late to be abused Oh Oh crying about interesting what's that you want to cheat before I throw you a fighting j9o look myself over relax take that 72 [Applause] KaBlam tonight dual-core nights you play straight to jail with me go yeah yeah Street I've been since the Coventry I was hoping it was gonna be at 3:00 I'll be honest just because it would have been funny I mean he's got chest excuse me they're supposed to pay me now yeah this is the UK version of Monopoly isn't the NHS supposed to be free I know he wants it it's your turn Oh first take that rabid it's not Jo it's a yellow though if only it was free [Applause] no into the clink with him misdeeds this is for being drunkenly hard for fire extinguisher you'll give me a hundred bits of Piccadilly I'll tell you I'll tell you what John if you give me a hundred bits I'll option the next piece I come to you that's how we'll play if I if I get bit 'add I will auction some places mr. Cove jailed the van jato locking for all time houses bits up there you go I've been given a hundred bits i auction the next property I come to you lads this is a fun way to play the game isn't it gotta go to brown town your first one round the board is all keV Joe friends it seems I think I think the rabbit is the young wheel babies no I think I've just missed it you have just missed Joe this game has definitely become interesting with a sixth player I'll tell you that much the victim calls it Libra Benjamin play yeah play again oh that's a green that's going up for auction lads yeah they can standard rules no I'll get a bit of Fondren cuz I'm funny fuck you now Eva Wow I would give it my second green yeah well Jay's got the money excellent I got rid of the extra two we have a new spot opening up in that's a train station [Applause] meanwhile the only person to have gone round the board so far gets to keep going he gets to visit Ian no catch the pizza J Oh doesn't mean man I've got some good tips so nine that's a nice property I believe it begins oh you're fairly decent spasming 70 it's exactly how much you pay for it on the ocean and he's already got 20 back off that as well so yeah Satchel profit I I would say J thank you for the offer was it what I'm saying not interested that doesn't mean I am NOT interested allow me to me to have the little thing I think I get a couple of I've got a plan excuse me that dog flipped over on its thoughts but whose who's that ice cream on my screen it was the six and they was it dissolved again whose sir is it Nima it's just rolled forever once he gets here the katamari in terms of rolling [Applause] I'll tell you what keV I'll give you those tuned however I propose a trade my friend interesting interesting I mean it's all for the minute I'll tell you that Aguila fixed again what I'm saying this interesting a couple of terms it's like a full term thing yeah thus it's what the trades day [Laughter] god goddamnit picture bill do you of you next turn you [Laughter] train yeah I think it's normally wife to at least make a circuit around the board's before you start trading or in last games case three trips to jail to be fair I mean with the exception of I just I just kind of low he didn't even let me in he didn't even he didn't even let me get the auction or no balls so you need it quickly annoying thank you bye – that money well you pass you you pass you know he said he'd think about it once he passed go John have you thought about it you can do it's not gonna cost you 18 that's community I think again straight to judo [Laughter] very sick man yeah what are you doing careful I'm just seeing the lay of the land one two three eight properties just ten one round Ted left Jesus one brown one pink on orange one red one yellow railway station and the utilities landing on the singular roll the dice that's jail my boy so second do some bizarre reason please take it [Laughter] oh yeah Nick welcome to hate your friends plus my friend how you doing buddy that dice just seemed they wanna linger forever don't they just roll in for a bit more community Joe Oh Cheers I think that's my own place yes I can't be bothered to go through the motions careful John Ivor you want to do that trade I hid trade anyway because I'm an idiot the eternal optimist that's why was that I was waiting for one of them to say yes to just jump on that fucking Y button half his cash though [Applause] daivi rows of four five yeah we're all too well I think everybody in is doing around they that's green pink even though green is my color but yeah it's a greenish pink that is a pink your own pink oh no poor Jay I hope someone just gives Park Lane and just cock side into infinity of course mortgage the hammer just wash a cord last week's episode homes under the hammer that would have worked out well annoying join join improve Zig [Applause] yes he's lucky cuz he's not paying anything the downside is that CEO stone traveling station and we all know how about well excuse that bad press at the minute I want to say this is anyone's game but I have a feeling we can't happy and with every day quit plan works keep this green away from him dad boy Ian white dead boy grizzly dead by green light that's what I is a thirsty 300 so I don't own either of them Ian would you like 300 for it you have to at least roll the dice first joke thank you they get chopped they get they got to make a trade before I go okay 300 of red in exchange for a rare 300 foot right I will keep that in the back of our mind for now why is this keeping it in the back of my mind you guys ah how dare you learn from prior experiences no no red four red name your voice you said you wanted three hundred cracks ah let's go for how you're pushing you're fucking lucky aren't 334 because I hate uneven numbers how about 326 you should go 324 because it ain't $40 yeah 324 there we go I know you gonna say I've got nothing Oh have you got the two Reds then Jay okay get we need to keep what price just went up Oh careful job not at this present time I'd like I like actually owning properties yeah I was giving you a property I was given by per viewer property I was gonna give you the yellow exchange for the light blue and you give me how could you have forgotten this it was two turns ago two tons in monopoly site kind of like 15 ice ages so green in what are you thinking I'll fuck me maybe name dinner price and get back to me what about face funny of the card plus the water company okay all right I gotta make you an offer wait you're giving me the train station from the blue I don't want to play the game with train stations again they won't well last time today no because I had to auction them I didn't make my money back even when at the train station why am I paying jobs for the train station I very clearly use the word and sorry how do you saying and put the money or from my side that you would be interested in for it as like a package deal and give me another sorry give me a second the deal was this I don't want to play with tray stations again if I go for just train stations I lose because I have nothing else this was the deal I'm paying you over the odds for this your time has come right okay [Applause] the bankers paid for your medical bills oh thank go for that right Aaron your favor was the medical bills at least three monopolies he'll baby hello Sims welcome to hate your friends Plus oh my not yeah he's there space no we have a food to jail to jail gets a month be kept as a further on like I have some kind of these that spy go to jail clothes exact chance the other side that's community there we go went to jail anyway oh it's about to happen at some point he's safer there true is a clearly doing stuff game yeah I don't I don't like how it doesn't register your fucking actively doing things oh gee might be joining you know [Applause] even though I'm in jail yeah you went to get your birthday he went through you have my posture you gave him as he went fruit but that 10 bucks wasn't excellent that's like Jays birthday comes next two years so name your price so I want the green one soul I don't want to give him any fish on the place fuck off sorry it's a halibut of mine are we already into the phase of breeding yeah well we've been into the phase of trading for quite a long time but someone now has their first monopoly yeah this could very well be his game so far fill out of this is game 3 and Kev has won one game he won week one I want week two and I have a very big feeling that you might win today but not believe this early is very scared before I roll a 12 I see a 1 right I've just got to get make sure that people actually land in my properties because in all the other games were played as soon as I start getting houses and such on that avoid them right keV what did you say to me if you make an offer food there will be and also include the train station you want a yellow train station but but then I have no trading power with your baby I'm making a big blue for the train station he's Richard Branson don't give it to Pete I'll take it just for the train station for some money well I'm giving this you've got some money for me as well the level of focus in this game what do you want job tell me what you want talk to me now now talk to me tell me what you want I want it you have been inactive from the game for far too long but what about that and you will be boost everyone's got a price that gives that gives enough time to build up that stuff before you go past it it I'll take away not boggans what I'll take that really really annoying just to take one of our measles do you want what's your offer that I'm a little telling what I'll say now well I do not have to get pee off your back or or five and it's gonna be painful that's the other one as the interstage the read the whole night didn't put her house on yeah no let me do it let me do lovely X the fantastic I haven't feelings that my emotions are big toys keep tweaking them so P tomorrow night I'm not playing monopoly tomorrow good its Cluedo instead it's just I will kill people what do you wanna trade I literally offered you 666 for one blue you said no this is this is true this is true actually please feel free to ask for counteroffer Trading is the heart of business no this is like the same thing I didn't mean tap council if I also clue those the good games a game and get some free luck most games are hapy yeah maybe not the decks go because I'd rather you be something that you're comfortable with then I'll tell you what I tell you are go to me make me an offer press that me but not dude I'm not going any no yeah no but I'm saying what thing is press speed put the property on there and then I'll make you the offer I get the impression this is how the LMC crew dies money sure why not what type what if you like there knows no one likes Donuts Kevin likes Donuts Kevin likes Donuts Vijay likes Donuts oh he can trade a red for a yellow thanks for a bit are you you happy with the Reds over the others that's going to be a deadly corner so I'm just gonna help I see the station of thing Oh hundred to you mister keV I was thinking you're not allowed to think in this game yeah okay your turn okay make what you consider to be a fair offer for this monopoly fair a fair offer keV is value a fair value a fair value a fair offer is valid no pressing B as we speak it's 33 digits I don't pay fuck you know he's more than welcome to counteroffer we'll go from there what's that 99 he was Rex don't like even numbers it's a chunk but it's a is pretty much guaranteed money I mean you you need yet I pressed it I'm not sure I like the way that's going but I just wanna what do you wanna trade you want to try that again yeah that Bree did not work with it is it as you buy fucking paid well over the odds for IKEA so you just got a fucking set for nothing let me phrase it another one you end up paying will over the odds for that when the alternative was you just didn't have anything and in your game the screw had nothing anyway I buy literally Portus I know John so I could give it it I know you did then hopefully I can take somebody out of the game and make some more money elsewhere for example forget pass these green buttons and point how did you actually plan for this game to go may I ask hoping to steal the train station went over gave him one did you see the boy it actually gave me one bit yeah no I did I said thank you [Applause] love what you've done to the place Oh No what's a shame keV why do you like Jail ooh pricey 150 for a house I need to get yourself out on your next turn anyway oh no oh no no they roll the roll I see it free that's at 9:00 train station nope yes Middleton reds and yellows and five and skipped by all of my stuff as well see I'm a bit worried because this is the first time that Jays actually been in a position to own a stop at Community Chest go to blue go to blue go blue go blue go to blue [Applause] Oh [Applause] the dice big big profit big roll roll all seven above tear down that's me paying a hundred thing to do all of that shit I mean in the grand scheme of things where things happen is it turn three for both of you guys next time five some money how much 50 see well the problem is that there's a great many of us that have the tactic go for the mic blue because they have the cheapest for the light blue of the pink are literally well I say that like I'm quite sure the very older version of Monopoly it was 25 50 75 100 150 200 250 400 I can't so still alluring it left there's still a train station left still a dark-blue left and mr. Lester isn't that the unknown pink so ian has one John has one what do you wanna trade just four actually oh nice trick I will take the 11 how much do you want for the pink tie back well the basis of just sold no worries maybe you should ask turbo five five eight there's no it's tell oh fuck the unibrow no that's it's horrible happened to me it'll happen to you it even happened to you pigeon flapping around that's annoying No something that's not owned though buddy but yes that we've all suffered that so far John so we get your pain why has the other one so that's a train station a dark blue and a brown remaining we might actually get everything bought this game LEDs almost off that the Blues have alleviated that much in the game so from table is done building away the big massive rush going oh yeah go to parlay the cards never turned up you know what that's a pretty fair offer I feel I've been shafted today that's a little bit of cash just as well how does that sound medium I'll give you my orange for utilizations as Christ oh did you not yeah don't worry our counteroffer with this and then you can do what you want if there's demand there will be an offer pleasure doing business with you welcome to boasts the monopoly club yeah so that means is the anyone that doesn't know I could end up with both blues you know good and what are what's gonna happen to the oranges they're now in play I can afford an extra house [Applause] three properties left we both know which ones they are if everybody gets uh monopoly on this board this is gonna be a game of I don't want to land on any of your shit it is basically going to be the first person who lands on someone's property with us with a house or hotel on its effects please the kingmaker I mean John has already landed on one yeah I was not King made not yet anyway [Applause] I haven't feeling this game might last more than two hours boys this that's a train station that's two enjoy mr. cash tradestation muddy baby I'll need it will allow anybody else of the board watch me roll the ten people to ten roll on the plus side it means I've successfully passed all the Pete's houses again this trick I'll come visit you though en it's all right no no I mean I walk past it leather I think you I think you might need both and both are well used number one I need my property or jail Oh Jay Oh what am I not allowed to win twice this is all people are doing is to soften them up for when they come back round the my blues that's all you doing someone's gonna land there and I'm gonna get the back door even to you I have to worry because you fuckers will just mortgage everything off and then just like I'll give it to other people so I don't get anything there is 21 houses left nine hotels left two properties left okay who do you thinks gonna win I honestly thought ear was gonna win with the early monopoly honestly honestly honestly once that was that late eight that actually passed all my properties the bad luck comes again I think it's anyone's game SJ says it's too hard well truth be told I think it's anyone's game by now I think you guys need to race my hotels what if I could but I can't I have a feeling that is that everybody's every last person I have a feeling Jay might oh I blame the rabid keV blame the rabbits now I'm still remembered that would have been nice if we had the free parking rule in effect you could have had all those doctor space yeah seven that's a train station I think no it's come on seven eight or ten six dammit Jesus is joining you in jail though I'm avoiding paying on the downside I don't give those as two properties you don't you also get another chance to play against the red and the yellow which if people keep landing on them are gonna get pretty hefty pretty quick yeah hmm people have to actually land on – yeah same with this it's like you have to land on my love then people also have to end their turn okay I should give you the utility for one on a promise that when you get the chance for the dark-blue you buy it for me when you say buy it for you do you mean that he boys it and then trades it to you yeah I'm getting him a monthly now with some cash yeah but you wanted to buy it and then trade it to you for nothing all face value yeah this is a make or break you need answered I almost want to land on it just to cook him some that's what I'm kind of hoping as well that's the green also damn you for going past my yellows again roll a 12 1 or 12 John 3 2 into something oh is that the other blue is by the quiet no is he can't buy it though so the stipulation was if I landed on it I have to buy crap that was exactly what he said in Thea so I'm dropping out you did specify precisely whether it included auctions that's that's actually really big ian is a man of his word if you don't believe it look at the small print of it oh I'm gonna give it to you for 3:23 on well I got out on the cheap listen to bed that's a train station sanctuary [Applause] what do you wanna trip by I got mine to have a chance at monopoly cuz I like that I'm giving him the brown so he's got extra translating the odds so he's at the voice the charts of the exchange over there apparently so he's the well-traveled Chancellor of the Exchequer perhaps you should be the Chancellor of the sta is that three or four three or four nice before that's definitely not zero 10 another train station a round you just traveled from train station to train station let's be fair isn't that kind of what they're for almost it's already making back some money I'll take it he's waiting long and hard to do this isn't he yeah three weeks he's waited I'm gonna come round and get myself back from the jail twins your time has come oh oh they go because of the rules of the stipulation now you can have your your two dice you're too nice I don't remember trading it back being part of the stipulation there you go I don't think [Applause] that's read here comes the pain oh do you know what let's make this interesting Jay what about interesting yeah dead Jay he's got his light blues there he's there we asthma you got a death fucked yourself by fucking me oh look at that he got to keep the hotels as well the light blue the light blue she got me to the hotel I landed on your Reds 750 and I could not see was it them either one but I just bankrupted myself too you see you got all the blues with the hotels on it could have been worse you could have got the 200 to instantly bankrupt yourself blue [Applause] [Applause] it doesn't matter anymore maybe we just don't matter anymore come on Jo already he's got yeah let's see if this is gonna be a risk Oh [Applause] it's your turn it's true I am your long-lost father Robi it is true okay let's see if this actually pays off Wow oh is that for give us yes god yes seven my big oof that's okay it's probably gonna get past us either to you or J big oh yeah from the grave it's better have hotels in four houses knowing my luck it will it's over you okay that's a train station okay 200 right now jail jail at this point the game I'll take the J Hill it means I'm not getting money from go but it does mean that I'm I mean it makes me spend three turns without having to run the gauntlet there's money on the planes right now misty business [Applause] that's an orange all play the scratch that would have been a safe spot though 6/6 Allah 11 no that's a train train station yes that's for me to save this spike and vanished I was gonna say at least the train stations are paying off dividends keV yeah you're not wrong I don't think I would have survived with only on only them though that's brown you're pay eight cash [Applause] bankrupt you've got bankrupt on the prams what's that oh there's only five houses left until somebody gets hotel bang out of cash again he can level the train station I'm out that's a safe spot with the hotels coming up I want to have some ready cash on me so hotels those hotels that only one person yes no that's mine no it's a safe spot [Applause] staying you know what for a game that has a lot of properties taken there's not a lot of money on the board that super tax he's safe here we go boys pink paint lime green take something [Applause] just a bit I think it's paid off you know as oh I don't think Jay can afford that I think he can sell off quite a fair bit to afford he's got he's got hotels and what did I blink to miss you mortgage the train station you know that was my that was my risk to lose my mortgage the train stations dust now except the one at the top to give me enough money to get the extra two houses 750 in it big oaf big oaf he said he needs to downgrade one hotels or mortgage one of his properties shake the dice and see what the future has a shoo-in for winning huh oh that was mortgaged what's up that's right well like that hope so as well yeah there's a certain turn around a lock for you mr. camford a saying mr. one thing I've never done doing last week was play a game based around a bit like David Banner Reggie Watts oh the play for the orange has begun he's my best bet to catch up food cards slightly worthless on the bases I'll be true but it does have a natural it does have a natural net worth of 50 [Applause] a lot longer trading is the heart of business signal and that should keep you in the game [Applause] interesting play isn't a bomb sideboard I'm coming round to that point one of the basis assets but never got to worry about housing always there Oh ROG she was a little mine with me Hey [Applause] thinking process is really prep we should level the team sorry yeah that's more than 750 I'll deny n ask either j-dub well I get the light blues with odells so those like loser just get passed around at nope added on under new management wait under new new man but I think one person landed on it I think it was myself but I lost a bit why it's in the festival stuff do you want to pay two objects for that what's that leave me that's one of the 150 welcome to monopoly your time has come the hell is all gonna get with a look at okay that's fine [Applause] truce so the lay of the land is when it's my I like how you ask for cash there I mean oh come on bluesy needs yeah but mine's mortgage that's fine it's paying for the horses drinking in do it no I'm just seeing what the situation is at this moment in time six just thinking oh yeah it's taken into in sneaking them into yellow territory yeah that's final one that is 1,200 so basically it's one two three four five or the houses they're 200 plus mortgage I can get eight hundred five mortgage you're still sure love it yeah and company would get me 75 so I could just survive I mean you can do that and then he could fuck us over with gets the mortgage stuff good good game good game well you know the right to mortgage I don't want to stay guys I think this might be Kev's game yeah yeah I mean I've got one coming around parking jeez but survived that turn had London on kept spaced I would have gotten nice upgrade the pigs I guess we're also not considering his life funds even the chat agrees yeah I this screen banks in the confidence SJ maximize all the profits last train station next next row I need gel something nice I know Yugi mr. Ava hey look at that it was thank you very much for the game of Monopoly Thank You mr. J Thank You mr. Bernardo I survived so long Thank You mr. random genius and my pleasure Thank You mr. turbo and I've been tight screen for budget pivots production so you can find my twitch streams on slash project unit productions and for a benefit of YouTube Oh we'll see you next time

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