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Internships. Most students are beginning to realize just how important they are. Internships can build your resume, increase your networking skills, and give you hands-on experience. But did you know out of 158 students with job offers at graduation , 145 of them had an internship? So the bottom line is, have at least one internship before you graduate, simple as that. I’m Derek, and I majored in marketing here at the Muma College of Business. When I was a senior, I decided I wanted to do an internship, so I applied for the Marketing Practicum here at USF. I got an interview, and then an internship with Bayshore Solutions. During my internship, I got to work with real life clients, and then bring that knowledge back to the classroom here at USF while I finished my degree. The best part is I got offered a full-time position at Bayshore when I graduated. And now, I’m an account associate at one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country. Hey Derek, you ready for the meeting? Absolutely, I’ll see you in there. Derek’s been a great addition to our team. He originally came to us as an intern for the Muma College of Business. Having a great relationship with the university has allowed our internship program to attract some of the best and the brightest in the country. Our dream is for every one of our students to have a job at graduation or very shortly after. A job in the area we trained you in with a very competitive salary. I know your parents would like that. To do so, we are putting an infrastructure in place to help you get the right internship. We are doing our part. Now, it is your turn to do your part. Start planning for your internships now. Today! As USF alumni, we believe so much in USF and the college of business that we invested in it. And I mean we really invested in it. We believe in you and your future, and if you want to assure your future in the business world, get an internship. So why are internships so important? Because they transform your future. Back to work, Derek.

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