My Best Marketing Strategies for [2018] | Creative Growth Plans for Business

52 thoughts on “My Best Marketing Strategies for [2018] | Creative Growth Plans for Business

  1. Neil my man, love your stuff, need to get a phone call with you, trying to help my dads company get traffic. Keep t up.

  2. I like the video format with this video. I would love to see more interviewed style videos. I’m not ready for domain acquisitions, yet. I’m geared towards more Instagram Ads, Twitter, and Facebook Ad. I’ll like to try some Ads using Bing as well. I was thinking about purchasing Instagram accounts using the same method. I see myself during this method a little bit more in the future.

  3. Sir neil, i really need your help i making a niche website about home needs. It is like ecommerce store but in the informational way for example:- when someone search on google "home table" he gets the result and no 1 is amazon….But i'm trying to write an article on every product and then promote this informational store!!! Is it possible? Because amazon don't seo on every single product can i outrank amazon by writing article on the product with complete seo?
    Please reply your reply really really matters to me thank you soo much

  4. Hi Neil, I have been watching all of your videos they are unique! and full of new information. So, I emailed n 16 January. If you would answer my email with your help, my life will be changed! So thankful that I found you🙏

  5. Love your content Neil!
    Really a great informative platform for new bloggers and webmasters!
    Maybe not this video since it is talking about very high numbers :p but most of the rest of them are a great source of referance for newbies.
    One thing is that, you might want to work a little more on your Youtube Advertisings. Youtube is also a great platform to self-advertise almost all of your sites.
    Keep going bro! You are doing great!

  6. Mr. Neil, thanks for all the good information!
    I'm curious on something…what exactly do you do with the blogs? Do you redirect all to your website or do you work on improving the blog's conversion optimization.

  7. Heya neil, we know that you are the best. But i have a question, john chow generates around 200k (or more) by spending 0 on traffic. How is it possible?

  8. Do you use Clickfunnels? Are they worth me paying 200 a month or should I just try and build a quality website?

  9. Neil Patel, thanks for this video, was super insightful!

    Please advise, what are the most
    profitable monetisation strategies for a website or blog, that capitalises on traffic? Thanks in advance! 🏆

  10. Hi neil can you plz make a video on Quality vs Quantity which is better for blogging. I read so many posts on internet but I'm little confused..

  11. I think that's a great approach to take Neil. I wanted to ask you something… It seems like most your decisions are based on analytics.

    I'm currently deciding whether to study digital marketing, marketing analytics or data analytics(cis). Which do you think has the most potential for the future?

    Keep up the great vids!

  12. This was fascinating. Extremely helpful to hear the stats (traffic and dollars). Thanks, Neil. And this format, conversational, not standing up and shouting, was much easier to watch, much more enjoyable, and much more convincing.

  13. Neil! I Started a social media marketing agency. I have been following a lot of people in the space for a while and I have to say. Your content is above and beyond! I resonate so much more with you than anybody else. Thank you so much, you are my digital mentor!

  14. Mr Patel, thanks for your marketing strategy video for 2018. Very creative, refreshing from all the other strategies that I have heard so far this year. Thanks again, this time for keeping it super simple.

  15. Hello Neil Patel Sir, I have 1 Question,me and my friends want to start website related to All types Events & Conferences Listing (Ex- Medical Conferences/ Trade Shows/ Startup and more) based on USA/UK/Aust/Canada and other Country. So it is good to take information through Organizers Official Website and Update on my website. Waiting for your Response Sir. Thank You

  16. Hi Neil, I'm curious to know, do you do any filtering of your analytics? In the total aggregate data, there should be a lot of junk information from bots and scripts which are not real persons. Do you have such filters in place when you show your analytics or when you talk about your data??

  17. Hi Neil. Once you've purchased a site, do you work on monetising that new site's content independently – or redirecting that new site's traffic to your main site?

  18. Great marketing tips and strategies. However, when you make casual comments about investing 100k and it doesn't matter or 1/2 million and that's ok, that is just not realistic for 99% of the internet folks out there (referring to that level of investment). Obviously, you have the cash flow to do that and I'm happy for you – honestly I am. I am surprised abit on the amount you spent on Youtube ads etc. Acquisitions and increasing your traffic – nice takeaway Neil. Cheers

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