My Market Story: Moses & Co Market Wholefoods

(gentle music) I started at the market here in 1990. Fresh off the boat. It was just fun working all of the years. I fell into it and fell
in love with the market. (soft music) Hi, my name is Moshe. And this is Omer, or we call him Om. – I’ve been coming to the market since I was about two years old. In the beginning, I started
climbing the back of dad’s shelves in the back of the shop. Over the years, when I was in school, I started working on weekends. And now I’ve decided to work
in the business full time. It’s amazing coming in to a workplace and feeling like you know everyone. The other stallholders, the customers, everyone’s friendly. It’s a really welcoming environment. – He loves working with papa. (laughs) – Sometimes. – When we started, health foods
was a very small business. But in the last, I
would say, fifteen years It’s just started to boom. It’s just a buzz. A lot of the traders here
at the South Melbourne Market, are dedicated to their
business, to their customers, and to the market. – Our friends tell us that they love coming to the
market and it’s a destination. So not only do our customers love it, but our friends and family, as well. It’s a small community but a lot of fun. And that’s my market story. (gentle music)

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