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Hello everyone, my name is Andres Arias I’m Venezuelan, and I currently live in the United Kingdom I’m on my first year of high school, and right now I’m gonna share with you one of my trades The first thing I do when I open the trading page Is to search for a stock in which the 20ma and 200ma are fairly close Because if they’re far apart, like this, it’s very difficult to trade For example, here, the stock starts going up, and then it goes down, and then back up So Microsoft we are going to ignore, same with EBAY, it’s too far apart In DIS they’re both close Both the 20ma and the 200ma are close to each other And now we’ll start the trading session. And we begin. So now the next step is to find an elephant bar, an elephant bar is a strong bar A big bar, like this one here, a powerful bar For example here, I would have entered at this point The next step is for another bar to clear said elephant And as soon as another bar clears it, we’ll enter In case the bar ends up being red, we’ll enter short, and if it’s green, we’ll enter long Those are the options we have right now For now there’s no elephant bar, nothing The price is very far away from the 20ma, and it’s bouncing, so it’s likely that it’ll keep going up Because the price is too far away from the 20ma This one looks pretty big So if the price reaches this point, we’ll go in If a bar clears out the low of this red elephant, we’ll go short. Ready now. Ok, so now we can enter With 200 shares, or 2 lots And here we can see our entry point This is where we took our short And our stop loss would be right here And now we’re gonna wait for the next steps which would be: push 1, push 2, and push 3 We need to identify the 3 pushes. These are big movements. For example, this is a push, because it’s a pretty big movement. Now, if it were to come back to my stop loss, I’d be going out A little bit more and we have our second push, right here There we have it We now wait our third push, and then we’ll go out We’ll take profits It’s resting now, but it might keep goin down What I usually notice in my trades Is that it usually comes down, rests for a while, and then keeps going down Ok, ok Ok, there’s our third push, we’ll wait a little more, and then we’ll go out It needs to get here, that’s where I’ll go out There we go I’m going out now because I’m seeing a big strong bar coming into it That’s a power profit for me And we’re done Now what I would do is to monitor the trade, see what happens next Ok, it’s still going down, even though I went out due to what I told you, the power Because those big bars are usually a moment to go out, but ok, this time it kept coming down It’s coming down. Now it’s coming back. They’re pretty far apart, so this wouldn’t be a good time to go short It keeps going up, going down Now it’s coming down even more And now we’re seeing how it’s going up Ok so right at the end it went up a lot This would be my trade, I hope you liked it, and I look forward to your comments Thank you

42 thoughts on “My Trading Kids

  1. It should be a compulsory subject in every school. In my view the system is corrupt as it does not want to teach kids about how the economics and money work so the very few can continue to take advantage of the masses.

  2. So my 13 year old daughter would like to be one of your trading kids Mr. O, what do I have to do to make that happen. I am a new family member of yours myself since black friday! This boy was amazing too watch, no emotion. Just rules. Excellent job BOOM 👊

  3. Wow, increíble!.

    Que bueno que esté aprendiendo algo super útil como es el trading, está aprendiendo a hacer dinero que es lo necesario para cuando sea grande con la ayuda de DIOS.

    Te felicito Oliver Vélez.

  4. Un razonamiento muy simple y una apertura muy buena. No tiene miedo al movimiento. Mucho mejor que la mayoría de los adultos. Excelente!!!

  5. Oliver I’ve been binge watching your content for the past three months trying to learn and apply your 20/200 sma to my swing trading and it has helped me enter trades and cut my losses better. But trying to get my losses in half this month as you teach 😉. But this has got to be my favorite piece of content from you. To see one of your kids trading so professionally, calm, confident, and able to explain his moves says a lot about him. But it also says much more about you as a teacher! You’re awesome changing and impacting the next generation. I really loved this content a lot.

    I’ll definitely be taking my profits this month and start the year off joining your team next year sir. I really want to invest in myself and take this seriously to be a professional trader learning from the master.

    Until then, keep the content coming Oliver. Definitely a subscriber here and ringing that 🔔!

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