27 thoughts on “Natalie Merchant – Carnival (1995) E. Rutherford, NJ

  1. I've checked all the attempts to cover Jennifer Turner's guitar work and no… just no. Sorry to all of them, but not one captures JT's organic contribution to this song. That also goes for later replacements in Merchant's band. JT's work here and in the studio version will be stuck in my head forever.

  2. If any Man watches this and is not even remotely enchanted by the beautiful thing that is Natalie Merchant, then I must say that he does not see absolute Femininity in its finest form!! What a beautiful Woman.❤👍🎸🎶

  3. I bought a lot of Natlie Merchants CDs when they first came out. Such a beautiful voice whenever it shows in her songs.

  4. I'm a huge Natalie fan but I don't understand the comments I'm reading. This is a very poor vocal performance.

  5. Hey guys, wasn't there another clip of Carnival live with Jennifer Turner? Her solo was different. I can't find it anymore. Or am I crazy?

  6. An honorary performance belonging to a vast and wonderful library of music. Excellent vocals and Jennifer Turner on guitar. Super fun to watch.

  7. One of the best songs. Guitar sounds great. Great music, great song. Was I hypnotized by what my eyes have seen? Have I been?

  8. All I know is this glass of tea would be a whole lot better if it was strained through the crotch of those red satin pants of hers…😋🤩Always dug this song too for real. I remember seeing the video on mtv when I was in middle school.

  9. I remember long ago hearing a live version of this song on the radio with a very long, stunning guitar intro (prior to any vocals) that was obviously done by JT. I was extremely disappointed that I could never dig up a copy of that performance and finally resolved myself to the fact that I'd never hear it again. Does anyone know if it exists somewhere today and, if so, where I can get my hands on it?

  10. Redhead on the PRS completely owns this. This is David Gilmour level lead guitar playing right here.

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