23 thoughts on “Natalie Merchant – Carnival (Official Audio, 2015)

  1. The electric guitar on the original song was fantastic. It was a girl playing I remember. It still a great song here but the original is almost always the purest and truest version. That is the cast with Carnival too.

  2. Love her voice, so real and what a tone. I'm a singer songwriter, just starting out, just recorded my first single and made a video too and uploaded it to my youtube page ~ love listening to Natalie's voice, she's an inspiration!

  3. It is a rare thing Natalie has. A unique perspective to her surroundings and the ability to put it to lyrical words. Not only her solo music, but also in her 10,000 Maniacs days. "Candy" is as relevant today then when it was, you know, a few years back.

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