New tariff hike puts pressure on US hog farmers

39 thoughts on “New tariff hike puts pressure on US hog farmers

  1. China purchased the largest pork processing plant in the USA…I dont think farmers are in "trouble" They sold themselves out. I have no sympathy for hog farmers. These prostitutes get billions and laws swayed to their benefit by the Federal Govn at the expense of local land owners whose property values plummet when they set up yet another feedlot and bring their stench.

  2. Always Trust rich Billionaires !!!!!!! They know what is best for the LIDDLE PEOPLE , like you !!!!!!!!!

  3. *Trump burns $10 Billion Taxpayers dollars in an unnecessary government shutdown.
    *Trump permanent Tax cuts to the 1%
    *Trump temporary Tax cuts to the 99%
    Trump will clam affluenza Defense when America goes to hell in a hand basket and it will be our fault.

  4. Looks like Trump has turned full on Socialist.
    The subsidies Trump and the government is giving farmers is Socialism!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    And you’re paying for it!!

  5. These "polly wanna cracker" Trumpkins just repeat everything their orange master tells them. "Short term pain ,long term gain". In a trade war there are no winners. Farmers are going under or are about to . Sure one industry may awaken like aluminum plants but for how long because the bottom line is significantly increased costs will get passed on to the consumers like you are already seeing in durable goods which means a slowdown in purchases which in turn slows down the economy. Even his economic advisors who for the last two years have told him no on tariffs are now saying " We have faith in our fearless leader" . We've all heard that before about 80 years ago in Germany

  6. Americans does not understand the "ART OF WAR" and Genghis Khan which is what President Trump is doing right now. Tucker Carlson forgot that President Trump knew what he is supposed to do but is doing it unconventionally and in an unorthodox way for one very good reason. HE KNOWS NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED IN WASHINGTON D.C and even if they can be trusted, President Trump will ask himself, what about their staff? Can they be trusted? Any shrewd business man will do that and he is applying in politics for the legislative process is CORRUPT TO THE CORE! Tucker Carlson is becoming like Alex Jones, the typical American mentality of "INSTANT THIS AND INSTANT THAT" when such a mentality can not be applied anymore in Washington D.C. President Trump is facing a kind of war, an unconventional one from within and must be fought in an unconventional manner "SO ONE MUST BECOME A MASTER OF THE UNPREDICTABLE". In war that master of unpredictability while maintaining a constantly adaptable strategy in all conditions is now the key to victory and that means "PATIENCE!". As Benjamin Franklin used to say "HASTE MAKES WASTES!" Economics is also a kinf of war wherein "PATIENCE" is sometimes required. Older Americans during WW II knew how it's like to live under some kind of circumstances and situations and tried to make do with what they got. As for the hogs problems, it is a blessing in disguised if the DEMOCRAT DOMINATED CONGRESS does not keep on sabotaging President Trump's plan such as the Jospeh Plan which is similar to the "EVER NORMAL GRANARY" of the New Dealers of the 1930s to acquire and purchase agricultural surpluses at a fair price and to preserve and store them indefinitely, especially during this agricultural crises in Nebraka and Kansas. In the 1970s , a wave of young liberals. Bill Clinton among them, destroyed the populist Democratic Party they had inherited from the New Dealers of the 1930s. The contours of this ideological fight were complex, but the gist was: Before the 70s, the Democrats were suspicious of big business. They used anti-monopoly policies to fight oligarchy and financial manipulation. Creating competition in open markets, breaking up concentrations of private power, and protecting labor and farmer rights were understood as the essence of ensuring that our commercial society was democratic and protected from big money.

  7. You deserve to lose every penny. Check out what Trump did this weekend while you lose your farm. Golfing. Keep supporting him you fool.

  8. So Trump will give out more Billions to farmers, but apparently that isn’t Socialism 🤷‍♂️

  9. More FAKE news Fox. Chinese pigs are suffering Major epidemic. Of corse, you know that, but your CIA (Chinese 5th column) handlers won't allow the truth. Tariffs are a Negotiating 'Tool in our WAR with the Cheating Chinese. Read "The Art of the deal" then repeat third grade.

  10. Russia always maintains a four separate pork surplus depots stockpiles for emergencies and it's pork production farms can produce even a 5th, 6th, and 7th surplus depots stockpiles. And that is not even sufficient to meet China's needs. China still needs your AMERICAN PORK and both sides are hurting and outwaiting the others. The question is who can outwait who?

  11. 40 years of taxpayers subsidizing farmers selling cheap food to China now they want to keep the gravy train rolling and take none of the risk of being a farmer if you can't run a farm without tax payer handout literally the first year things get tough you were never anything but a joke and a waste of resources and I don't feel sorry you gotta find a job

  12. Trump's tariffs will benefit the U.S. in the short and long terms. In the short term, we get an infusion of money into our system, and in the long term, businesses/manufacturers will stop production in China and either send those jobs to other countries or bring them home. Either way, China loses and when China loses, the USA wins. All of this talk about "the costs will be passed on to the American consumers" is nonsense. No they won't. In the short term, retailers will try to jack up the prices to have American consumers cover the increased costs of production, but when people buy less because of price hikes, the producers will be forced to bring the prices back down. In the end, the only entities who will have to swallow the burden of more expensive supplies/goods are the retailers themselves. In a sense, it is like dialing things back to 1975, when Americans made goods for American consumers by American workers who toiled while earning a living wage. The only difference between then and now is that the corporate entities back then accepted a smaller profit margin than they did starting a few years later when production in a cheap country like China became an option.

    Dear American Corporations: Stop emboldening and empowering our enemy China, bring the jobs back to the United States, hire Americans, pay them a proper wage to do manufacturing jobs, charge the American consumers the same price for these goods, and accept a smaller amount of profit like you used to do before you became über greedy in the age of globalism.

  13. hurts all american's not china. farmers going out of business after generations, everything from cloths to autoparts cost 25% more. Trump is a complete fool. this man couldn't even run a casino. a business that if you build it they will come. he literally didn't have to lift a finger and it failed. as did about 12 other businesses he tried. he is a FAILURE and is wrong about this.

  14. factory farming is cruel and inhumane. I hope they all go broke. Looking into the faces of these animals, you can tell they feel fear and pain. Just go vegan. It is cheaper, healthier and a lot of health conditions people suffer like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes just go away.

  15. Those tariffs will hurt the Chinese consumer, because they have to eat. It's not like a tariff on a plastic toy coming into the US from China. If the tariff makes it more expensive, people just won't buy it and opt for a US made toy that is cheaper. You watch and see, we'll see a lot of new startup companies in the US making things due to these tariffs. When companies see that they can make and sell a product cheaper than the Chinese import, they'll start making it in America. The Chinese product won't be able to compete due to the 25% tariff.

  16. We're losing 500 billion per year by trading with China. They only buy 100 billion in mainly agricultural products from us, while we buy 600 billion in all kinds of things from them. We have to do something to stop this bleeding of our economy, and we can't sit back and do nothing to protect your hog sales. Start raising something else if China won't buy your hogs. When we lost jobs in the US due to our jobs being sent to China, we had to find other jobs and ways of making money and you'll have to do the same. We shouldn't be trading with communist China in the first place, and helping them build up their economy and military, because we may have to fight those commie rats someday.

  17. Trump, destroying the American farmer one tariff at a time, to every nation on the planet, in his insane War on Global Trade. 🤔

  18. The botch is silly, yes hoe a farmer can be well spoken just like a hoe like you can be well spoken. Hell she thinks she is?

  19. Why is there no mention of the billions in subsidies that Trump is allocating to farmers because he knows they will be affected by the trade war? If you are going to put out a piece like this,TELL THE WHOLE STORY!!!!!!!!!

  20. Most hog farms are foreign corporate farms, most China owned, Google it. There are many family hog farms too, but mostly foreign, corporate farms.

  21. Listen, farmers need to buck up and stop whining and stand strong behind this president. They are getting subsidies. They can buy futures contracts to hedge their price fluctuations. They can find other markets. They can even sell to countries who can then sell more to China now that China is tariffing the US products. They are nowhere near the level of desperation that so many in the manufacturing sector have had to go through for decades in the rust belt with much less support from the government if any at all. We are going to be in a trade war with China for a long time. It is going to take some time to move the manufacturing supply chain back to the USA. Besides, what is the industry that hires the most illegal aliens? The agriculture industry. Did you lower your prices when so many American were put out of work when 57,000 factories left the USA? No, you sold to China. So shut up and stop whining and looking for more handouts. You know your industry. You have your associations and cooperatives. Figure it out and stop acting like a bunch of whining victims. If you didn't see this coming and didn't hedge your bets, you're too stupid to be in farming.

  22. How many of us here have confidence that manufacturing jobs will move back to US with the tariff with China and what's your reasoning? I'm curious to know.

  23. There is no law in China that requires foreign companies to transfer technology. If it did happen, American companies could have walked away. No one is preventing American companies from leaving China. The decision is totally in American hands.

  24. Using government to protect an industry and its profits over the average citizen is morally wrong. It's nice to support your local farms, but forcing consumers to subsidize farms with higher prices isn't good policy. It hurts far more consumers than the farmers it helps. Look at Canada's supply management nonsense as an example of how not to protect consumers from artificial farm monopoly pricing.

  25. Coming from someone with farming background..
    Just no… if farms are hit by a tariff hike, we the people are not at loss. Unsustainable farms will be unstable. Farmers problem and almost certainly terrible product in the end. I.E. poor diet, tight spaces, poor quality. Let bad farms go under. Market will self correct imo. Small farmers opportunities

  26. Farmers…think long term. China has taken us to the bank for decades…time to settle this and even the field. Just some patience and they will cave, we must not give up first…let the President do his thing.

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