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Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Okay, so today’s question comes from a student
whose just graduated from school and she’s hundreds and thousands of dollars in student debt. And she cannot find a job. So she’s decided to start a house cleaning
company. But because she’s so in debt she doesn’t have the money to dump into building a business. Or to buy a franchise. So, she wants to start her own cleaning company
on the cheap. How do you do that? Okay, so I actually wrote a book on that exact
topic for this reason. There are ten or fifteen people that ask me
that question every single day. Now, in a perfect world you would be able
to start a business with no money, and no research, and no experience, and all those things. Right? Yay! That would be perfect. But what kind of business would you end up
with? It would be like trying to cook a meal with
no ingredients, and no recipes, and no history of how to cook. You would make something, and it might turn
out, but probably won’t. And the same goes for your business. So, I wrote this book called How to Start
Your Own House Cleaning Company. And you can buy it as a book it’s actually
a paperback book with pages. And you can either buy it on Amazon or you
can download a free copy of it on Amazon as a Kindle copy. Okay, so in that book I’m going to teach you
how to set up your home office, how to go buy your cleaning supplies. What kind of uniform to create. How to choose a company name. How to choose a company logo. All of the things that you need to start your
business. So that’s a really good resource for you. Like I said you can download a free version
of it on Kindle. But what I really need to let you know is
this. No business is going to be 100% free. You’re going to have to make some investments. And you want to. Right? You don’t want to be the cheapest business
on the block because you have no advertising, and you have no branding. And you have no company image. Because then you’re not really a business
are you? You’re a hobbiest. Hobbies cost money and businesses make money. But in order for you to make money, you have
to invest a little bit. Now in the beginning, you have student debt
and you don’t have a lot of cash to dump into your business. You have time. Time is also a resource. It is a limited resource and most people will
argue with you that time is actually more valuable than cash. Because once that time is gone, you’re never
going to get it back. Right? One of the things you want to focus on, right
now as you’re starting your business. You’re going to invest back into your business,
not cash because you don’t have the cash. But you’re going to invest time. And so with that time, you’re going to spend
a little bit of time every single day building your business. So, until your business is full of clients
and you’re just working full time, right now the very early stages as you’re building your
business. This is the time when you want to get all
of your rules and regulations in place. You want to answer all of your frequently
asked questions that customers will ask you. These are things like do you work by the hour
or the job? Do you work on the weekends? Do you charge more if you work on the weekends? Do you work around pets or do I need to crate
my pet when you come? Do you water house plants? What are the rules and parameters by which
you work? You don’t want to show up at a customer’s
house and wing it. Right? You want to know what all of those questions
are. And I do have a list of 63 of the most popular
questions that customers ask when you get that very first phone call. And they say; “Hey, can you come over and
bid my house, or give me a free estimate?” So if you want that list of 63 questions,
the link will be in the show notes. That’s the easiest way to do it, the link
wil be in the show notes. And then, click that link and that will open
up a little thing that you add in your email and my machine will automatically send it
to you. I’m not there personally to send it to you,
there is an automated system set up to do that. Okay, so having said that, you want to figure
out all of the things that your business is going to need. Now one of those things that you need is number
one: How much money do you need? There are a lot of house cleaners that start
businesses and they just fly by the seat of their pants. They have no idea how their bills actually
cost month by month. Or they don’t know how much money they need
to bring in. So they settle with however many customers
they have. Before realizing, hey wait a second. I need five more customers to make my note
at the end of the month. And so along with knowing how much money you
need to make, then you can start breaking down your time into small segments. Saying well, I need three houses a day in
order to pay my bills. Two of these houses I’m going to live off
of. The third goes to paying my student debt. Right? So, what you do is you’ve got to figure out
how many houses you need in the course of a day and that will tell you how early you
need to start in the morning. And how late you need to work at night. So, that when a customer calls and says “Can
you come over at ten o’clock in the morning?” “I can’t. That’s right in the middle of one of my cleanings.” And so it’s going to prevent you from booking
appointments randomly to suit the customer, because you’re on a really tight time schedule. Remember, time is a limited resource, and
right now it’s your most valuable asset. So, once you figure out how much money you
need to make, and you figure out your scheduling there are a couple of other things you need
to figure out. Like, how much money are you going to spend
in cleaning supplies? Are you going to have professional uniforms? Or are you just going to buy some inexpensive
uniforms but make them consistent every day? Are you going to put logos on your company
car? And if you are, why? Are you going to be marketing all over town
because you’re going to hire a whole bunch of people? Or are you going to be marketing small in
the beginning? Because if you start out really small in the
beginning, as your business grows, and as you get more money coming in, that gives you
the money to expand. Now, sadly, I’ve got a buddy who just spent
$30,000 dollars. I’m not kidding. He did not buy a franchise, he started his
own business. But he spent $30,000 dollars setting up his
company with like wrapped cars and billboards, and signs, and all kinds of fancy things. But he skipped a whole bunch of steps in between. So now he has this amazing marketing plan
and no customers. And he’s not really in business. he just has this great big smoke and mirrors
show where people will say, send me your referrals. Show me the ratings and reviews. There aren’t any. Okay? There aren’t any. He hasn’t cleaned any houses. He just has a really expensive flamboyant
looking business from the outside but it’s a facade. So, if you start small, and this is where
I want you to start because you don’t have the resources to go out and be spending a
lot of money. Start small, and build your business. And as your business grows, as you have new
experiences as you have new money coming in, that’s going to allow you to still pay your
bills, to pay off your debts and to reinvest in your business. So, it’s a whole entire process. But my encouragement to you would be to block
out some time right now, and I say right now because you’re starting your business right
now. The habbits that you create right now are
the habits that will continue on and serve you for the remainder of your business life. I would suggest right now that you take an
hour or two hours a day to learn about business. Now I know that sounds like crazy, “I’m just
going to go clean houses.” No, you’re going to start an empire. And if you start an empire it doesn’t happen
on zero information. You just went to college, you just spent four
years or six years or eight years learning a specific trade. And so, it would be foolish to think that
you’re going to go in and build an empire with zero or no research behind you. You need to study about finances. You need to study about business. You need to learn about management. You need to learn about hiring employees. You need to know what motivates those employees. You need to learn about customer satisfaction. There is so much to learn about business then
once you start earning money, how do you do your marketing? How do you do your advertising? Do you know about search engine optimization? There’s a whole bunch of stuff that you can
learn in one or two hours a day if you really focus your time and energy. But that is business time. That is you spending time right now reinvesting
that in to your business. And I want you to do that. Because if there are house cleaners out there
and they are flying by the seat of their pants. And you are spending one or two hours a day
learning the business and implementing what you’ve learned. Suddenly you are going to be so far ahead
of all the other house cleaners that are in your market. That you will ace everybody. You will pass them and leave them in the dust. And you will be the one that builds the empire. So, it is entirely up to you. But right now you have the studying skills,
and you have the time. So create those slight progressive moves right
now in your business that will propel you into the future to a really successful company. That would be my suggestion right now for
starting out a business with no money. Okay, that’s my tip for today. And if you found this tip helpful, give us
a thumbs up. Let us know how you liked it. And until I meet you again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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