NYC’s TOP 5 Christmas Markets 2018 | Bryant Park & More !

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from New York City And if you’re planning to visit around Christmas and New years I’m guessing one of the big things on your list is shopping Today i’m going to be sharing my Top 5 Holiday Markets in New York So you’re ready for your next trip here Make sure to tell me in the comments which one is your favorite Here we go This is the only Holiday Market on the list that is completely indoors So come here on a very cold night Or just come here to walk around Grand Central Station first That’s worth it to admire this historic place Now this is by far the smallest of all the market’s on the list And you won’t need to budget a whole lot of time here There were only a few really unique shops, like this doll place Where you can buy a stuffed animal and actually accessorize it’s outfit Crazy stuff I know Adriana loved this booth with fashionable drawing of a girl living in New York No surprise My favorite stop was this art pop up with New York City prints Starting at $48.00 Did I mention that these markets aren’t the cheapest places to shop But if you’re going to spend you might as well support small local places The one thing I didn’t like about Grand Central Was the lack of food or drink vendors But that’s easily solvable Just head downstairs to one of my favorite food courts in all of New York City And get some shake shack If you’re going to visiting Central Park anyway You owe it to yourself to check this market out This is more of your typical Big Apple Holiday Market Although not the biggest by any means The location next to Central Park made me feel.. Like I was in the middle of some European Village for a moment There’s food vendors in the middle And that was by far the highlight for me We feasted on $6 Arepa’s De Choclo Not at all what I was expecting to find here but.. To their credit, well worth the price Sample some apple cider I don’t even know how that dog got in this video but hit that like button if you think he’s cute Insider Tip Visit the free hot chocolate stand in the middle And you even get a little sugar cookie on the house Outside of the food stalls in the middle Check out the spic shop and grab some sausage samples from Charlito’s Cocina This market’s all about it’s excellent location next to Central Park So pair them together for maximum effect Not only is Union Square an amazing landmark
But it also has A really cool market Okay folks now we’re getting to some of the bigger places on the list This reminded me a lot of Columbus Circle Because they’re both run by the same company There were some absolute gems in here As far as food and drink was concerned The 4 dollar Venezuelan Hot Chocolate was incredible As in some of the best I’ve ever had period They had other interesting vendors as well Like an outpost for Veselka Ukranian Peorigi’s And even a brick oven pizza spot What stood out to us about Union Square was some of the Unique Art Shops Team Adriana bought a 3 dollar sticker from Annie Draws Stuff I think those pugs eyes were moving but i’m not sure Say hi to the vendor at Slapz Photography The guys got talent And it’s all his own work There’s nothing better than supporting a local artist Oh one more unique thing about this place The N,Q,R,W subway exits LIterally runs inside the market A pretty cool way to start your shopping experience I must say This Holiday Market is the only one we’re covering in Brooklyn Right next to the Brooklyn Museum And trust me.. it’s worth a trip Calling all viewers with Children This is your top choice Because not only does it have a pretty neat market But it also has.. extra activities Like an enchanted Tree Maze And even pictures with Santa Well if you can find him For my adult single viewers I didn’t forget about you This market still rocks Because it’s actually got some of the cheaper item’s I’ve seen Like those ornament’s By the way, no bears were actually harmed in the making of those gloves While the gifts were cheaper The food and drink was just as pricey as their sister markets in Manhattan 5 dollars for a taco Que Loco 10 dollars for beer Still there was something really cozy about this place From the Kettle Corn to the enclosed wine bar If you’re anywhere near Prospect Park in Brooklyn You need to stop by Winterfest Number one The Bryant Park Winter Village Of all the holiday markets on the list Bryant Park is the one You can spend the most time at Even make an evening out of For one there’s the ice skating rink Which is free to use But you probably forgot your skates at home It’s 20 dollars for a rental For another.. This market has by far the most stores And they carry all sorts of random goodness I loved the shop that was selling framed photos
From 1980s subway rides The best cheap gift I found was a 1 dollar post card from the Strand Bookstore Pop up Team Adriana was a fan of the German Apple Cider But at 6 dollars that German love ain’t coming cheap This was the only market with an enclosed food court Perfect for any temperature They even have a beer garden outside Seriously this spot has something for everybody And if you visit You must, I repeat must have some cookie dough From Dough This joint used to have very long lines when it first opened in the village It’s the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted But there’s more than enough food and drink options To keep you occupied For a couple of hours here If you only have time for one market Make it this one Make sure to tell me in the comments which one was your favorite? I’m putting all the information down below in the description About their locations and their hours Make sure to subscribe if you’re new to this channel For a lot of fun videos from New York City and beyond Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  2. Looks like a fun place. I think we are starting to have xmas villages in SoCal. There's one now in Santa Barbara, but I don't think we'll gonna have time to go. the art shops are cool. $5 for a taco?!? cookie dough looks yummy!

  3. This is a great round-up! Havenโ€™t been to most of these – some cool features in each one like the wine bar in Brooklyn

  4. Columbus Circle wins my vote for sentimental reasons,as the Central Park West area was my home away from home for a few years. Thanks for highlighting them all !

  5. Great idea for a Christmas video bro! I really like that art pop up place, and yes… you can get me one for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    โ€œInsider Tipsโ€ is something you should keep doing, I think visitors would love it.

  6. Another briliant video, grand central & Bryant parks a must see for me this year, any videos on best location for shopping, clothes/entertainment/ souvieners?

  7. Another great video. Darn, I miss that city. I have friends from Rhode Island visiting there now and went to Bryant Park shopping. I guess Bryant Park and Grand Central would be a must for me. But really, how can you not want to see them all. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Hey man. Awesome videos. Iโ€™m visiting NYC for the first time in 10 days for a wedding anniversary. I would like to ask you a few questions.

  9. Sorry my man going to have to dislike this video New York is dead for the holidays it's not what it used to be very liberal and too picky there's nothing Christmas about New York only little spots here and there and don't mention the holidays this all started from Christmas

  10. Bryant Park is my favorite! Cause my last name is Bryant !!!! It's fun there. Been to Grand Central holiday fair. It's okay. Building is beautiful though .

  11. I rarely get to NYC for the holidays (I always have to go for work in January and then get stuck rescheduling flights around your snowstormsโ€”good times!), but that Bryant Park market looks really cute, and Iโ€™d sure like to check it out.

  12. They all look pretty cool have to check them out for myself before I decide which is the best one but first I have to fit in a trip to New York sometime

  13. This is a fantastic overview. So helpful for tourists! Bryant Park is my favorite too. I'll have to check out the one in Brooklyn sometime. Thanks! -Brian

  14. Yesss!union square!!!! Very unique market. I love your videos and I will check out a few markets this month. Like alway, Thank you .

  15. Can you please do a video about like 5/10 FREE things to do in NYC during Christmas!! Iโ€™m going to NYC on the 24th with my bf and we need some things to do!(:

  16. Hi ยก! I really love your videos !!! Do you know if all this sites are open in January? Because I will be in Manhattan for my first time the last two weeks of January

  17. I love Union Square Holiday Market, is really dynamic and amazing. And your video is super cool! just keep moving forward

  18. I visited NY for 3 nights, nov 30, dec 1 & 2, while I loved the city I was so sad that there was no sun and it was cloudy most of the time :(, this past Sunday was raining all day, I couldn't even go up to the One World Observatory because they told me I wouldn't be able to see anything because of the weather, came back to my city really sad ๐Ÿ™

  19. Subscribed! I would love to visit all the places. I just wish you were able to make this video sooner. I was in NY mid week-weekend last week. I was only able to go to Bryant Park. Great information in your videos! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  20. John your video lacks originality, you blew right by my booth several times? I had the most unique booth in any market, I was at Columbus Circle, you went out of your way to not shoot Venison Joe a growing NY based company? You will not find 1 market participant or vendor to say my booth was not both original and unique! Are you blind, or do you have issues with my product mix? Keep trying, someday you might actually post an interesting video, lol!

  21. I live in Washington state and have never been to NYC…but for some reason I have always wanted to spend a couple weeks there around Christmas/NYE time. Is it as amazing as I imagine it to be???

  22. Hi there? I am from Costa Rica and I'll be on NYC this holidays. Do you have any suggestions for places to dinner on december 24th?

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