Olivia Jade: How Wealth, Skin & Pretty Privilege Boosts Online Business and Social Media Growth

people who are beneficiaries of other
forms of privilege but they are without wealth, they make the mistake of denying
their privileges, their are other types of privileges because they don’t have
wealth so you can have different forms of privileges without having wealth
they’re all independent they’re not mutually exclusive necessarily so hi hi welcome back to my channel for
those of you who are familiar for those of you don’t, invite you to like,
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channel to do a deep dive into the different types of privileges that exist
in United States and in the world generally and how those privileges can
impact digital entrepreneurs online startup creators and folks who are
making things and reaching out to various different people through social
media online and how the privileges impacts your ability to grow and scale
your business as fast as possible so they’re about four or five maybe six or
seven different privileges I had planned to go through so what I decided to do
and is to instead interweave the latest pop culture topic that’s on the lips of
a lot of people well it was last week anyway into the discussion of privilege
because it’s timely so the pop culture topic that I’m gonna talk about is the
scandal last week called Operation varsity blues which essentially is an
endeavor between the United States Internal Revenue Service and the United
States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s FBI. They worked together to crack down on this huge scam… and the purpose of talking about these privileges is not
necessarily to shame people who have them or to make discourage people who
don’t have these privileges. It is for two reasons: one to build awareness, so
you’re aware that having these privileges or lack of access of the
privileges means you have to be more resourceful, use your other attributes
other skills or be different and differentiate yourself to make up for
the fact that you don’t have these these these these these privileges
available to you and the second reason why is not just so you could be aware
and also be resourceful but also so you can be mindful of different people out
there that you may encounter selling different packages and was saying this
is what I did, we did X Y & Z and we got this result so purchase our package or
follow our our path and you will have a similar result because a lot of times
other privileges actually do impact the ability for people to grow fast and
someone who tells you that you can just go faster just do what they do, may not
be telling you the behind-the-scenes stories you may not be aware of
something that’s unique to them that you may not have which may make your journey
a little bit harder so that’s the benefit that’s the purpose of it not to
discourage you but just to make you fully aware. There’s wealth privilege as
those of you know, there’s a saying that says money can’t buy happiness and we know
that whether you are clinically depressed, have mental health issues or
whether you are strained in your life in other ways independent the factor
independent if you have lots of wealth, if you have problems, you’re gonna be
unhappy however the fact remains is that wealth does allow you to buy your way to
get a lot of things you need that can make you happy so including therapy but
in the digital online world, wealth allows you access and opportunity and
gets doors open for you and allows you to exploit different resources freely as
we can see with Olivia Jade, she has a popular YouTube channel and she’s doing
pretty well however because of her parents being a
mom being a celebrity her mom my father being a really popular designer and
Mossimo who made a lot of clothing for the Target brand, she was
able to use her resources or wealth – perhaps position her channel or
perhaps get to grow pretty fast or possibly it may not necessarily be the
case however if you’re not someone who is a celebrity or has a pretty face, maybe
you have money you can purchase staff to help support you build your business and
grow your business and so you can take an idea or you can take a concept or you
can take a channel you can take a sort of prototype to market faster with
wealth and with also resources that come with wealth and access that come with
wealth so that’s one obvious form of privilege that’s undisputed that exists
and there’s you know a lot of the problem with that performer privilege
actually is beyond just that it’s um you know it’s not that unfair but it’s just
that it gives you an advantage is that people who are
benefices of other forms of privilege but they are without wealth they make
the mistake of denying their privileges there are other types of privileges
because they don’t have wealth you can have different forms of privileges
without having wealth. They’re all independent. They’re not mutually
exclusive necessarily so the first one is wealth and obviously Olivia Jade’s mom and dad are wealthy and she’s wealthy so she had that privilege that’s
the first one. Um the second one, I’m gonna skip on skin privilege for a
second and go to talk about pretty privilege, so a pretty privilege is it’s
people who are attractive. There have been studies in academia that says the
people who are attractive in the criminal context anyway are given less
charges, they’re given harshest less sentencing, they’re not even convicted as
a similar rate as people who are unattractive with the thought being that
people just for some reason don’t want to believe the worst in someone who’s
attractive and so they’re willing to you know excuse their transgressions because
they’re like blinded by the fact that the person is attractive and for those
people who are attractive they can use that to their benefit all their lives.
When I was working at the Law Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center we had
a student one semester who was very very attractive named Steven. Hi, Steven, if
you’re watching this and Steven was so good-looking that when we would take him
to client meetings, the the executive directors and secretaries would fall
over themselves trying to get his number for their daughters and people were just
like you know all the other classmates were just swooning over him. He was a
really nice humble guy. I’m sure he was aware of his attractiveness but he really
just in pay it in mind but it was interesting as from an outsider
perspective to see all these people really like going on their way to
appease this guy so I was like wow his life has got to be exponentially easier
because of his attractiveness that doors are gonna open for him and people just
gonna be more accommodating because of his attractiveness. 20/20 did a series of
experiments several years ago when they had some woman of average attractiveness
stranded by the road and they filmed in and cars were just zooming by her and they
had another woman who was like really attractive and within like one second
of her getting out of her car, cars were like pulling over to say, hey ma’am do you
need some help, so if you’re attractive in real life, it really opens door for
you. Now in the digital world, the way attractiveness helps you is that
allows I think you’d grow faster I know I used to watch a series of videos of
how to grow your Instagram following and these videos would say oh we just did
this and this and this and this and we just posted interesting videos for 20
days and then we had you know this and then our following grew, but when you look
at the videos they’re posting, it was usually of a of a white female she was
really usually thin, she usually had like blonde long blonde hair or long
pale hair and she was very attractive and so and in the video she was posting
were aspirational but I just can’t help but wonder if someone else who didn’t
have those same physical attributes posted those same exact same videos
would they be able to grow and scale their Instagram following as quickly as
she can and just you know I know growth mindsets all play in the factor of this
and so you should never ever look at what someone else has and say well I
don’t have those things so I can’t do it I understand that however you have to be
naive to not believe that people follow people based on their attractiveness
level and so even when you look at the phenomena with the fitness. There was an
article in this recently. Fitness Instagram or Fitness has been highly
sexualized for people like Jen Selter so they’re doing these exercises but
they really have the camera aimed on their their derrieres and so they’re
really not necessary is selling their squats, they’re selling their butt and so
that and then those people who do that and they have a certain physicality and
physical you know look and appearance and the traditional idealized version of
attractiveness, they’re gonna do much much better in this space so for those
of us that don’t have it those people who are not as attractive or don’t have
those similar features attributes, we have to differentiate ourselves and in a
different way that’s more maybe a little bit differently substitute I don’t want
to knock them or knock their hustle or whatever they’re doing, all the power to
them but that just says if you’re doing this space you have to be mindful that
one you may not grow the same way someone else because you’re not similar
to situated them that doesn’t mean you can’t differentiate yourself
so the second privilege in which Olivia Jade has. She’s really pretty attractive
little girl and so she had all these followings so in addition to being a
celebrity daughter of a celebrity and having maybe access and wealth and
resources she had the ability to be attractive so while she posted herself
on this yacht which is aspirational on on its own but she’s still
you know easy on the eyes to look at so she’s gonna grow and she’s gonna get
attention so that’s the second one is pretty privilege. Okay, third and finally
skin privilege and that’s the one that’s called white privilege it’s very
controversial I first came encounter with the term um there’s a professor at
Wellesley University named Peggy McIntosh so she wrote this essay called “Unpacking
the Invisible Knapsack” what that meant is that she said as a white woman
navigating the world not just the United States, she’s able to have an easier go
at it and have access and doors open to her simply by being a white woman and
when the concept of privilege essentially means it’s something that’s
unearned something that you can’t necessarily acquire though with pretty
you could get surgery and you could do different things to make yourself
thinner and more attractive artificially without being born to it but for the
most part privilege as it talks about things that are unearned benefits. It’s
the opposite of meritocracy. There’s this huge theory that’s in life in the world
that the whole bootstrap theory is that if everyone works hard and everyone
does what they’re supposed to do and put in their fair share of hours they will
succeed and that’s not the case necessarily all the time because there
are X factors that help other people go along faster and those X factors or
something that they’re just born with could be born with wealth like Olivia
Jade. You could just be born attractive and then you can just be born white and
so I looked at that essay and she had a long listing of like 10 to 12 maybe 13
14 different listings and three stood out to me and I always talked about it
and one is the most obvious one and this is the one I think it’s important for
people who are white t but they didn’t grow up with wealth is that any and you
grow up and go through school in the history books and when you look on TV
and the media and the magazines and everything that’s presented to you from
the time your child into your adults about who was creating society, who was
doing the best and society was they had who are the leaders,who are the
presidents, who was the head of the the the corporations, who are the ones who
making the money, the teachers, the police officer, the Chiefs, the head of federal
agencies, they all white for the most part in nice safe and it’s not just to
say because United States is a predominately white well it’s getting
less predominantly white country but along the way, there’s been other people who
have not been white who have contributed to society, but
you don’t learn about them and when you do hear about people who are not white
is usually Negative and it’s in the negative context and so the privilege of
knowing and being aware that everything that people would look like you at least
come from the same racial background as you have been the ones to do everything
and so you’re comfortable and so you don’t have the sense of anxiety or in
surety or insecurity about entering a field of being able to succeed because
you’ve had models of success all your life and so that is one of her
privileges that point out that when she reads a magazine or she reads a history
book she knows that the people who credited for society are people who are
white like her. So the second one that stands out to me also is that when you
go anywhere, you when you ask for who’s in charge, most likely the person in charge
is going to be white and that’s less and less so but however I know growing up a lot of
times when you go to even a fast-food restaurant, you’ll have all these
middle-aged Hispanic or black you know older people working there but you ask to
speak to the manager or the supervisor, it is a pimply-faced white kid. My husband, when
he was in college, he worked at the in a conference center in in our College and
he was doing it to make money because he was a student but there were a lot of
career adults, black people who were there who would train these young white
kids who come through and when I say kids, I mean their 20s and they would train them
they would become the manager it’s kind of this person clearly has the skills
and ability to manage but why are they training a white person and a white
person comes to become manager and you see that time and time again and so now
companies are more aware and people are speaking up and so it’s less and less so
but for the most part, in her essay is that whenever she asked speak was who’s
in charge to me a white person then the third one and the big bin, well the real one that stands out to me is that the “Benefit of the doubt” and that’s the one
overarching theme through all of this is that you get the benefit of the doubt of
being “honest”, of being “forthright”of being “credit worthy” of being having
wealth or having access or ability and just being a “trustworthy” individual and
I you so oh so you may not appreciate the benefit of that until you don’t have
the benefit of that and so in my life I’ve had several instances that
experiences that they are so hurtful that they are planted in my brain and
they won’t ever leave and I’m always thinking about them and then you could
say, you should let it go, not be bitter, but however you have a bad
experience and it’s based on someone judging you based on your race alone,
it really has a way of adding stress to your life. They always say there’s a stat
that says that black people and brown people in America live… have
shorter lives, just from the stress, just from just from consuming and absorbing
the stress of racism in their lives daily and so that adds I mean it
shortens their life span so that just tells you how it is important to not do
these things and I’ll just show you three examples that I have is like when
we the the benefit of being um creditworthy so I remember one time my
husband and I, know you know I’m a former lawyer he’s a lawyer but we were
at the time two lawyers earning a substantial amount of money we’d go to a real estate kiosk and I think was Montgomery Mall, an affluent mall in
the county next door and there’s a kiosk and the guy the kiosk, we walk up to the
kiosk, look at the pictures because we’re young, you know young married couple and
the guy doesn’t ask us, doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even knowledge our
presence and we’re like, wow you’re missing out an opportunity here boy and
around that same time, a young teacher I learned later on she was a teacher, a
young white woman comes. She’s single, not a couple. She’s by herself. The
guy stops puts down his pen and asks are all these questions, he’s grilling her and to see
what are you looking and then you know what she says, I overhear her say, no I
can’t afford this. I’m a teacher. I got four kids, single mom. This is out of my
budget. I just love looking at these pictures so by just seeing her being
white alone, he assumed that she may have the privilege or the ability to afford
those houses because she’s white Meanwhile, you have a black couple and
because we’re black, it’s like (in his mind, black couple=less likely to afford or buy our
house and meanwhile we were the higher earning affluent at that time, not so
much anymore, a couple and he was ignoring it and it happened to us at
Jos A. Bank I’m gonna call them out in Rockville. My husband needed a new suit
because he had a new job or something and he needed buy a couple of suits for his
new job and we go in and the guy says over there in that direction. He’s an Indian
guy so people of color can be, you know racist against other people of color,
So we are over there so we’re on our own looking for these suits and a white
couple, the woman is the same build as me, same size ,she had on similar clothes I
have on and the guy has on similar dress as my husband. There’s nothing
separating us other than skin and the guy leaves his station comes up and ask
him all these questions going around getting all these jackets
and suits, bringing over backwards for this couple and then at the end they leave
and don’t buy anything and I regret this to this day that my husband purchased from him because I really feel like we should have put everything on the table, took
all the time to do that, ring it up, let the sale go through and say you know
what we want a refund based on the way you treated us compared to the white
couple! I really feel like we should have done that Hindsight is 20/20 but those
types of incidents really really sting I’ll be my neighborhood jogging with my kid
and some one of my neighbors passing by and it’s dim, because it’s sun set and we’re taking a break and he sees two black bodies on a sofa on his on the road on
the curb and his first instinct is to clutch his person, he he’s a man he sees a
woman and a young child but doesn’t matter, we’re black so he grabs his
satchel and he holds the closer to him and he’s walking picks up his step and
he keeps looking behind it’s like does he really think we’re gonna rob him but
in his mind that’s the benefit of doubt we’re not getting the benefit out of
being honest people because it was a white mom and her child sitting on the curb,I doubt he would’ve done all that wrangling. We’ve had it at the ballpark, it has happened to us at churches when as soon as one of my kids come within a few feet of
people’s property, they are clutching and grabbing and making sure and go and
secure it because we don’t get the benefit out of being honest where people
and so that is one privilege that if you may not notice you may not have wealth
but people are comfortable with you you know and you you know we can let these
things go up it’s always a burden on us to let go of other people see people
treating us differently and just look the other way it’s always a burden on us
anyway so I digress how that impacts online is
that in terms of when you’re doing something you’re building a business
you’re building a presence sometimes people would take you less credible
because of your skin I had a video you can watch it here when I talked about I
created this digital video blog dedicated a specific niche area telecom
and people it just didn’t get traffic and people just were just leaving it but
the middle I made the minute I made an anonymous and took my name and face and
everything off of it it got there still even became credible and when people
started the guess who was behind the anonymous blog, every single person that they guessed was a white man so I was like I can present the same information but so long
as a black woman is presenting information it’s seen as less credible
and that’s the benefit of doubt and they assume it’s a white male, but when my face
was removed from it, nothing about the information that was being presented had
a face or gender to it, all of a sudden people look at it’s more credible and
they assumed the white males. That’s the white male
privilege and guy they recommended (guessed) was a Jewish guy so even though he’s
Jewish he’s, you know ethnic minorities still for the most part, still white, he
still has white skin privilege so um so that’s example of how skin privilege
can benefit or hinder you in the digital space and again as I said at the top of
this the purpose of this is not to shame people but the purpose of it is just to
make people aware of the various different factors that can impact their
ability to grow and then also to differentiate themselves with that
awareness and then also not to take and also when you’re watching advice that
you get online or different places that you’d be aware of when people grow make
sure that it can fit you that you’re able to plug in and do the experience
the same results doing the same thing but still being aware that there’s other
factors that’s independent of you or independent of them they may have
different results of different outcomes I hope hat was clear all right that’s it!
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