Online Banking for business: Pay Employees and Vendors

Welcome to Online Banking for
business! This module shows you how you
can pay your employees, vendors and others
electronically. The key is to use Pay Employees
and Vendors service in Online
Banking for business. Let’s start by getting you set
up. First, click on the “Pay
Employees and Vendors” link on
the left hand menu. This page describes the features
and pricing for this service. Once you’ve reviewed it, click
“Continue.” Next, complete your profile by
providing the required
additional information. Then click “Continue” to
apply the changes. Review the information you
provided, and click “Confirm.” Your setup is now complete and
you can start using “Pay Employees and Vendors.” First you’ll need the account
information for the employee, vendor or recipient you wish to
pay. The easiest way to get this
information, and be sure
it’s accurate, is by reading the bottom of a
void cheque. Transit numbers are ALWAYS 5
digits, regardless of bank. Financial Institution numbers
are ALWAYS 3 digits. However, account number length
can vary from bank to bank. Click “Manage Recipients” on
the left hand navigation menu, then click “Add Employee.” Enter the name and banking
details required, then click “Save.” To make payments, select
recipients from the “Employee,
Vendor or Others” list, Then click “Continue.” Select the “From Account”
both “Due Dates”, and
the “Amount” to be paid. In “From Account”, you can
enter a default date for all
payments, or for individual payments. Enter the Amount of each payment
and any Reference Information you’d like to be included in
the payment details. Check the details of
your payments and confirm the transactions by
clicking “Confirm.” Your transaction is now complete
and your payments have been
submitted for processing. That’s it, you’re done! Not business as usual! RBC for Business.

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