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Hey, I’m Preston. And I’m Trent, we’re here with TRUiC, The Really Useful Information Company. Today, we’re gonna spell out some ideas for your next online business. What’s really cool
about an online business is that they can be started quickly, can be run in your free time on the side, and are the perfect way to test out ideas. Not only that, but you
can grow an online business into an empire, if you put in the time. Follow along with the guides
in the description below, as well as find links to
hundreds more business ideas to get you inspired. (mimics upbeat music) (bass guitar music) Generally, people will tell
you about an online method or two such as dropshipping,
flipping items on Amazon, loading your blog up with affiliate links which are all great starts, but are hardly the whole picture. Hardly, when starting
your business online, it’s best to have a multi-method approach, which we’ll demonstrate. This will increase your brand’s presence as well as provide additional income. Regardless of your methods, though, you’ll want a domain and website
dedicated to your business. This acts as the address, like how a physical building is the hub of a brick-and-mortar business or office. We’ve linked below some
of our preferred methods of securing and building your own website, as well as our guides that can walk you through the process on your own. Idea number four gives some more insight into how important that is. Idea number four? Isn’t it a spoiler, Preston? No, just a helpful hint. Not everything is a spoiler. Anyway, let’s jump into our idea list. These are designed to get you thinking about the infinite
possibilities of the internet, without making deciding
an impossible task. We’ll pair different ideas with different supporting methods, but by no means are they the only options. We just wanna get your gears turning. Turning, there are
generally three avenues that you can pursue as the base of your online business model, products, services, and content. Let’s jump into the ideas,
starting with products, Trent? Our first online business idea is the direct product method, in the form of a specialty spice shop. Taking a simple product everyone uses and transforming it into
a stylish, modern brand is a smart way to establish your business. Make yourself a clean,
professional website preferably with a shop built-in. Make a fresh label and
source wholesale spices, grow your own, or resell and repackage through a third party. The way you can really
make this business shine is by making an accompanying
social media account. A boutique spice shop with
an eye-catching Instagram would pull in curious shoppers. You can also build
a blog into your site, where the brand posts articles, recipes, lifestyle elements, and
other discoverable pages that can bring in organic traffic. These pages can be embedded
with affiliate links and ads to generate
some additional revenue. Our next idea is a recurring
product purchase method, such as a subscription box
for seasonal gardening. Subscription boxes have
taken off with the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, Bark Box, and so many more. With a gardening subscription box, you can offer a variety
of seeds, nutrients, tools, and resources at
intervals throughout the year that encourage and enable people
to successfully grow goods in their own back yard. Upselling customers
with a garden assessment will ensure people get the
products that suit their needs. You can support this
subscription box business with an eCommerce shop that
enables one-time purchases of additional items. Oh, a blog and social media account will keep you in touch
with your customers, and provide opportunities
to get revenue from ads, affiliates, and sponsorships. Don’t forget about affiliate
deals and sponsorships. You should also find
sponsors that will pay to partner with you to add goodies to some of your shipments. It’s a great way for them
to promote their own brands, and for you to have slimmer margins. So those are some ideas
for selling products online. These next ideas will look into some of the services you can offer online. This brings us to number
three, a consultation business specifically specializing
in video editing, software, storage, and techniques. People learning how to edit video and needing help will
be our primary market. This service has never
been more in-demand, and small tech support and
consultation businesses are finding that their personal touch is greatly appreciated
especially in a world flooded with call centers. Even in a strictly
remote, web-based format, you can make a living by
troubleshooting technical problems and guiding clients through tricky issues. These services can be charged by the hour, or charging at regular intervals
for on-call assistance. You can further strengthen this business by creating videos that guide people through simple problems, which will attract new customers and establish you as an authority. If you roll ads on these, you can collect some passive income. You can also start a
website with blog entries that discuss programs,
issues, and solutions, all while encouraging the readers to reach out to your
professional services. Partnering with companies
and inserting sponsored links to programs can provide
you extra cash, too. Next up, number four,
a web design business. Web design has a market
value exceeding $20 billion and the need for designers
is constantly growing. Believe it or not, the
majority of consumers evaluate the trustworthiness of a brand just by their website. An alarming 36% of small
businesses don’t have a website, which could be an excellent
group for you to target. Between making great sites, you can create individualized
branding packages that can help businesses stand
out amongst the competition. It’s always important. Having a one-stop shop where
you can get a great site and a strong design package is worthwhile for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, investing
in and developing some interesting domains on your own can be an extra source of revenue. Those pages can serve as a portfolio showing the diversity of your work. If you get a domain
someone is interested in, you could always sell the
address, the designed site, and the branding for a huge profit. People frequently sell domains for several thousand dollars apiece. Remember, I do remember There are plenty of site-builders and domain purchasing tools
that make both building and flipping websites
easy and cost-efficient. You don’t have to
have a web design degree or even the ability to code
a site from the ground up. There are plenty of templates
that are highly customizable and look very professional. True, a business’s
website is the first thing the majority of consumers
check before deciding to do business with them. So whether it’s your
own site, or a client’s, keep this key fact in mind. And then, we’ve gotta address
your cast on camera, right? Nope. (laughs) Just kidding. How could this be a thing
without saying anything to our viewers who are so
concerned about your health? Yup. All right, those poor viewers. Now we get to everyone’s favorite method of building an online brand, content. This broad word has come
to encompass everything from videos, articles,
music, speeches, conferences, basically, information, baked
into some kind of media. So, our fifth online business
idea is podcasting business. Whether it’s education, entertainment, or somewhere in between, audiences love having
a selection of podcasts that discuss all manner
of specialty subjects. If you’re a creative writer but want a unique outlet for your talent, consider making your own
serial short fiction podcast. All you’ll need a quality microphone and some audio editing skills, but this is a great outlet to make money from your creativity. Podcasters make money by
charging per episode download, having episodes sponsored by
one or two brands in exchange for being mentioned in the
show, and selling merchandise. Those who take this business
even further sell tickets to live tours of their podcast, let their fans give donations
through programs like Patreon, sell downloadables and
eBooks, and so much more. It all depends on your niche and what your audience is looking for. A podcast is a great piece of content that complements lots of
different business models. If it’s something you’ve considered doing but you’re not sure it can
be your primary business, see if it can work alongside
another business idea. Our sixth idea is an
online auto repair course. Car owners often look for solutions to solve their mechanical
troubles on their own, especially when it means
spending less at a mechanic. And especially when brakes cost $300. Exactly. Learning to take
care of your car on your own is an incredibly valuable skill, and as a car repair instructor, you can show students how
to be more self-sufficient. The outlook on education has made a big shift lately.
True. People are excited to
seek out things to learn on their own time, and to want to source this information from
experts they can trust. Enter the online course. Whether it’s through videos,
downloadable content, eBooks, or bundles of those options, online courses spread valuable information and let you monetize your knowledge. You can charge per lesson,
or for complete course packs. There are dozens of e-learning sites that host independent instructors, take advantage of these tools as you grow. With a supporting website,
free sample lessons, and even offering individualized
lessons for a fee, this business could evolve
into infinite educational, authority-based possibilities. Don’t forget about affiliate deals, ads, and sponsorships here too. You can offer links to products,
brands, insurance quotes, and other compatible deals in order to secure some additional passive income from your existing students. Always good to try and
bundle those methods. Oh yeah. Finally, our seventh idea,
an online fitness magazine. This popular site layout presents readers an authoritative voice on niche interests and fitness is an industry that’s becoming more widely appealing,
as people are looking to take their health into their own hands. Informed writing is
sought-after in practically every corner of the internet, and costs you absolutely
nothing but your time. Whether it’s by offering
a monthly subscription, putting up paywalls for
access to exclusive content, or thriving on donations, your audience pays to read
what your brand publishes. In addition to those revenue methods, an online fitness magazine
can implement affiliate links, ads, and sponsorships into their articles. This provides a more
passive method of income, but allows you to offer more free content to attract readers. Online magazines are
an excellent business that can eventually dabble
in other kinds of media, such as book publication, video
content, and even products. If you have the ability to
be an authority on a subject, consider this as a low-cost
way to enter the market. Don’t be afraid to
swap out the specialties, substitute one platform for another, just keep an open mind and
see what calls out to you. It’s always a good
idea, and don’t forget, these are just some of the ideas that we’ve brainstormed for you. We have hundreds more
on And we’re coming up
with new ones constantly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really am constantly
writing business ideas, like everyday. So many of ’em.
A lot of ’em. And we’re not just
providing the ideas, either. Follow the links below for
full-blown how-to guides on starting each of these businesses. We also have instructions,
legal documents, discounts, basically everything you’ll need to form an LLC in your state. And we’re dedicated to
providing quality content and educational materials to make starting your own business easy and approachable. Give us a like, and
subscribe for more videos. Leave us a comment if
you’ve got a business idea you need help getting off the ground. We’d be more than happy to point
you in the right direction. That way, that’s all for now. From all of us at TRUiC, we
wish you the best of luck with your new business. Good luck. I think that was solid. Or we could totally slow it
down if you guys would prefer. (both mimic slowed down audio)

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