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– Hey everyone, Matt Clayton
at Build a UK Business. Coming to you from sunny
Staffordshire today. Just out walking the dog. So, if you’ve tuned in to the video, I’m just going to talk briefly to you about lead generation for your business. And if it’s something
that you’ve got covered, good for you and I can just see the border terrier over my shoulder. (laughing) Or is it something that you’re
struggling with in business? So whether that’s generating leads online, offline, or whether your sales team just aren’t hitting the mark for you. So, a couple of things
to think about here. What’s your online presence like? So, we at Build a UK Business, work with a few clients who, to be honest, have struggled with that online presence. So what do I mean by that? So what does your website look like? Is it a place that you’d be proud of? Is it a place where people would get a great impression of your business? If not, maybe it’s time to
look at that and get a review. Secondly, social media. How does your company
appear on things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? What are those profiles like? Do they accurately give a good
impression of your business, or are you a bit ashamed of them? Let’s be honest. (laughing lightly) So, you know, be honest. If you’re trying to generate more leads, more customers, through
your business stand, take a look at what you’re doing online. Start with a website,
be honest with yourself, get a third party review, ask someone else to really look at that. Look at the functionality. When someone inquires
through your website, do they get a great response? Do they get a quick response? Are you a business that somebody else wants to do business
with or wants to come to and buy your product or service? So think about these things,
they’re quite important. Only a short video today. This is for business owners,
if you’re out there in the online, offline marketing
and you’re struggling, a couple of things to think about. What’s your online presence like? So, website, social media,
probably the third one just to throw into the mix
there is, email marketing. Duty PR is all over the
place at the moment. Think about how you’re managing your client email list effectively. Are you communicating with them regularly? Are you giving enough value to allow them to make the decision to stay on your list? Lots of things to think about there, however, as always, please
put your questions below. Anything to do with marketing
your business online. Feel free to post any questions on there and me and my team will come back to you really quickly and help you
through those questions. Now this week we’re
gonna be posting a lot, probably the rest of
this month, lots and lots to do with sales and marketing, particularly marketing
your business online. So again, thanks for listening. My name’s Matt Clayton
at Build a UK Business. I’ll speak to you soon, bye-bye.

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