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How to sell products through website Hello there I am Ankita from Weblink
and I am going to talk about the new age market which has become the most happening place
for every business yes. u got it rite. its the www market. A web-site is an ideal mode
to tap the unexplored potential clientele and expand your business horizons worldwide.
If you are looking to sell your products online and dont know how to start look no further.
Coz I am gonna give you an insight on various ways in which u can sell your products through
YOUR website. Ist thing we are going to need is Domain Name
Booking & Web hosting The domain name is your online identity and may ideally be named after
your company name products or brand name .and Web hosting is what provides a place to your
website on the World Wide Web. But make sure the web hosting company you chose provides
few imp things like a) uninterrupted support services
b) cost-effective solutions c) It also must have a very good industry
experience or in other words d) Is highly reputable & has a satisfied clientele
The next thing you are going to need is getting your own website Like in a market place where
your shop attracts your clients in online business its your website that gets your clients
hooked to your products. To Quote a few essential ingredients to make ur website attractive
first of all comes a) The Design A Well designed aesthetically
made website immediately grabs the attention..doesnt it..afcourse it does..
b) Functionality A Well developed easy to operate- bug-free website surely makes it
user friendly. c) Information aspect A website thats up to
date and most informative keeps your clients coming back for more
d) Navigation aspect It helps linking the relevant sections to keep your clients glued
to ur website e) Shopping Cart now a shopping cart is a
must have in your e-commerce website. It is a shoppers delight to add any number of products
as they surf through your product catalogue and order for a purchase in one go.
f) Payment Gateway Integration U must Chose a payment gateway thats secure offers maximum
features is cost effective and is compatible with your shopping cart.
Considering that your website is ready and hosted the next thing you need to focus on
Search Engine wat is SEO .A website is useless unless it is promoted
wisely as it is not going to reach the audience it is meant for. You will need to tie up with
the SEO experts to get your sites listed on search engines.This will not only get your
websites content enriched with industry specific keywords but will also incorporate other tactics
to divert quality web traffic to your website. So If u want to save your valuaeble time money
and efforts Tie up with the web experts. Weblink.In Pvt. Ltd an ISO certified web solutions provider
is here to offer to you all the above services under one single roof. Get
1. Secure & dependable web hosting 2. Vibrant and impressive web-designing
3. Excellent web-development services coupled with strategic SEO.
All this and more in pocket friendly packages. BUT WAIT..This is not all We would also promote
your website on Indias most prominent B2B portals owned and managed by Weblink.In – IndianYellowPages.Com
ExportersIndia.Com and All this at no extra cost. This would definitely
give you an ideal platform to showcase your product catalogues to an authentic target
audience. Socome to us and discover a whole new world
of web services ..suited to your needs aimed to give you an enviable online presence and
manifold increase in your business revenues. Wishing to c u at our offices soon..
Till then take very good care of yourself. Bye.

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