Ontario Chamber of Commerce Roundtable on International Women’s Day

Minister Bethlenfalvy>>Here today with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to talk about how we can advance the interests of women and
gender equality in this province. One of the great takeaways from today was we
did distinguish between a mentor, who was someone that you can learn from, versus a
champion, who can really open doors and that we’ve got to do both. Minister Mulroney>>And we talked about challenges that women face entering the workforce, the challenges
that women face as they reach major life’s milestones such as having
children or dealing with an aging parent and how that affects workforce
participation. We heard also a lot of ideas of things that we can be working
on as a government to how to address some of those problems. Minister Fulleton>>So I’m very happy to celebrate International Women’s Day with a number of groups, various groups
from business to trades to academia and hearing about their ideas and sharing
our ideas on how to empower women. We all benefit when women contribute and when
we create an environment that encourages that. [Ontario logo]

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