Opencart Import/Export Pro Easy – Lesson 3 : Exporting Product Sheet

Go to Export/Import Pro Easy Option in
System>Maintenance from Left Menu As you can see we have opened our Extension Here you can see a lot of options to Export many types of sheet But this video is about exporting products sheet so we would be focusing on that only Click on Products Option as shown in the video. Using this option you can download the product sheet. Here, You can Export 2 types of sheet A. Sheet with all website products B. Sheet with products of a specific category. First we you be Exporting sheet of All Products Now scroll down & Click on Export button As you click on Export button, a sheet will get downloaded Now open the downloaded sheet As you can see the downloaded sheet has opened This sheet has many tabs, having different content. we would review all the tabs one by one in the Next Lesson Now if you want to export sheet of a specific category, go to the category field And enter the name of the category you wish to export Now click on export button again as you can see another sheet has downloaded Now open the sheet And as you can see this sheet has lesser products then previous one, because this has products only of selected category And that’s all for this lesson, in next lesson we will discuss about different options and would learn how to Import the sheet

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