Opencart Import/Export PRO – Lesson 02 – Creating an export profile

To create an export profile, we go to the “Profiles” tab. We can load an existing profile here. We can create an export profile here. Let’s create an “Export Profile”. In this area, we can define the basic configuration of our profile, including file format, destination and which elements we want to export (products, categories, orders, etc). As an example, we will use products as our export profile. For that, we select products under “Elements”. In this area, we can see the general configuration,including multi-language options, category trees and other optional settings. In this area, we can define the number of fields that can be associated with the product (categories, images, specials, discounts, filters, attributes, etc.). In this area, we can define the field by which the export file will be sorted (product ID, name, SKU, etc.). In this area we can apply fast filters for our export, such as: products that perfect X category, which belong to X manufacturer… In this area, we can add as many filters as needed, the possibilities are endless. These filters will be applied during the export process. In this area, we can define the configuration of the columns. If we want to load the configuration of the columns of another profile, we use this selector to pick the desired profile from which we want to extract the the column information configuration. We can sort the columns by clicking these icons. (The order does not affect the import and export process. Sorting is optional). Here, we can see the real column names. Here, we can define custom names for each column, this is ideal for exporting our data to a supplier that requires specific column names. Here, we can define default values ​​for the enabled columns that ​​are empty. Here, we can define an additional configuration for some special columns. For example… We can define a value for “True” and a value for “False”. Finally, we have to assign a name to the export profile and click on the “Save export profile” here.

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