Optus Wholesale – Supports OVO, a disruptive hybrid telco and content startup

Name a sport you’re passionate about and think about the barriers to getting access to those sport. The first one is the ability to access it on your mobile easy on an app and the second is the cost of data for streaming OVO is a disruptive new hybrid
between a mobile phone company and a media and content distribution providing
fans content that they’re passionate up on their mobiles anywhere anytime So our content vision is really about
providing access to things that people are passionate whether that could be favourite sport or favourite video which we really creating a telco service
for the fans. My experience with the Optus network has been really fantastic and I do a lot of travel with the v8 supercars going to the race rounds to remote places and
I’ve never had any problems Our race car driver Chaz Mostert signed
up to it and the Audi sport customer racing team signed up to as well and
they’re finding it really positive We’re approached by one of OVO founders who were looking for a telco partner, we were particularly
excited by the content proposition and by the potential partners that we could
see we’re not talking to what really set Optus Wholesale apart was their ability to get us enabled rapidly We were from project start to live within
three months. We work with our partners to develop which strategies across the
project management product development marketing and operations support Technology aside though it’s really about people engaging with us inside the
tent strategically to help us execute marketing plans and give us
great advice and support when you have to work with a partner like Optus every
day interacting operationally platforms like
the Optus Unity is critical to enable us to deliver services
and real time to our customers

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