Oxford Algorithmic Trading Programme | Trailer

I think good traders follow good rules. And all algorithmic trading does is takes those
rules and completely removes the emotions out. While algorithmic trading has been around for a
long time the academic disciplines of finance haven’t really caught up with it because we were
under the idea that markets are efficient, you can never beat the market. This programme is a new adventure, and
I’m really excited about it. It is trying to do something, that as far as I know,
hasn’t been done before – bringing together the really, really top people from academia, the most
rigorous type of research in behavioral finance and also bringing together some of
the best people in the industry. I believe that by the time you finish this programme
you will really feel that you have learned something new and that you really are confident
to now engage and work within this industry. Join us for this new and very exciting Oxford
online programme on algorithmic trading.

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