Panda Retail Company

the most important issues that’s being discussed
into retailers is the customer experience. Using analytics, you
can get more information about each touchpoint of
the customer experience and try to be more
closer to the customer. We are using SAS Enterprise
Miner and SAS Enterprise Guide to gain these advanced
analytics within the business. Things that make us
understand customers better. We have launched a loyalty
membership just last November. We were using other tools,
normal business intelligence tools. The BI tools is not designed
for advanced analytics. They are good for
just coding the data, representing
presentation of the data, but not for advanced analytics. Looking into the market,
checking the available tools, SAS is the leading tools in
terms of advance analytics. So, before launching the loyalty
system, or the loyalty offering to the customers, we
acquired the tools that allow us to better
use this kind of data. Moving forward, we are
trying to take SAS analytics into our next level. One of the areas we’re
trying also to discover is the 360 degree understanding
of the customers– being online, on the social
media, or at the store, how to understand different
behaviors from different angles and different touching points. We believe that using
this kind of analytics is making our
customers more happy and we are creating more
customer satisfaction in terms of offers on promotions. Being a customer
centric organization, our management focuses
on advanced analytics, understanding customers better,
and using these analytics in stores operation in broader
changing and offering, which help us in getting more
satisfaction from customers, gaining more market share.

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