Penny Stock Trading Lessons with My New Millionaire Student Mark Croock | The Tim Sykes Show

64 thoughts on “Penny Stock Trading Lessons with My New Millionaire Student Mark Croock | The Tim Sykes Show

  1. Mark is boring as HELL. Dude needs to get out more and FLIP & DIP, and have some fun.


  2. Congrats Mark…You are a great addition to the Millionaire Club and an invaluable asset to

  3. Finally! Mark did it! Slow and Steady wins the race. Mark brought up an excellent point of focusing on the set up that works and removing the noise. I got into trading after watching Mark's webinar (Trader Checklist Free Study Guide Part 12 Of 14). Pennystock Framework Part Deux is already at 9 hours, 59 minutes. Will there be more videos Tim?

  4. Based on what you guys are saying, Mark must have really been grinding it out trade by trade. Very impressive to have that kind of discipline. You hear about the big gains sometimes and you think you need the home runs but just looking at an amortization calculator at 5% made me think differently. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like that's the way he's done it. Slow steady gains constantly compounding. Thanks for the video!

  5. Hello Again Timothy!✌ I am reading the book you recomended: The Complete Penny Stoc Course,Learn how to generate profits consistently by trading penny stocks. I am on the page 161 and i like…in a future i would like to be your student but i am mexican and i talk just like 50% of inglish…Is it a problem? Regards from Mexico!

  6. great stuff tim thanks for posting, congrats to mark , i was able to get some nice webinars of his youtube channel i think, the guy is very good at breaking it down and explaining his approach. looking forward to being a challenge student soon

  7. Great interview check out how i plan to grow my account Tim and lmk what you think please go to my youtube channel 5ish min video

  8. I have the privilege as Challenge student to have Mark as mentor and I'm learning a lot from him! Thanks to both of you!

  9. The Best Play Ever:Watch after 10 Morning,+10%daily gainers>50-80%Drop<Uptrending Bounce on Volume over 5 million>Positieve News=Moneyshaker

  10. "Counting".. 8 indicators.. grins at mark. Lol
    Also just wanna say im studying tim g's dvd trading tickers right now n working some odd jobs to be able to afford your challenge in the (hopefully) near future..
    (In the meantime i want to take the silver membership)

  11. Congratulations mark but i dont understand how you are just becoming a millionaire now after years of trading, and how dux was able to become a millionaire after one year.

  12. I bought your how to make millions DVD. I also have been enjoying the complete penny stock course. Would you recommend me learning from the penny stocking silver videos next or The penny stock frame work part deux next?

  13. Shalom, Tim! Enjoy Israel! I do not trade at all yet, but I want to absorb as much as I can of your teachings until I am ready to study full time as a Millionaire Challenge student. Always glad to see how you help others!

  14. I loveeeeee Israel!!! I pray God allow me to go one day. Tim that's why I am here, I need to learn this I am so very interested I wish I could be connected to One your students.

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  16. I know I'm working on it LOL. I'm self-employed in a construction oriented industry. The winter sucks in my business so every year in March April and May I'm always playing catch-up. I've been learning since last August and making a lot of mistakes but those are getting less and less. As I make more green trades this year I will continue to invest in the other DVDs. I've been working 7 days a week for the last 10 years so what I'm after is freedom and I'm sure a lot of people are just like me.

    What you say is true, every millionaire student will be that much closer to the next one I bet. I think Tim's millionaire students will grow at a fast pace because his fundamental teachings, once you learn them are solid. Take the base hits and cut losses quickly. Those are also two of the hardest lessons to learn. LOL.

  17. I paid for your millionaire student challenge July 7th. I barely sleep. Still waiting for the interview. I have done all of the homework. I have 2 small trading account. I have spent a lot of of money just to get ripped off. I am Syked and that is my favorite saying. Thanks for all the lessons,. I keep watching them. Definitely hooked! Love the emails and I jump right on them! I won't let you down. I will be your first severely disabled lady!

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