Phenyl Manufacturing Business – Low Investment Huge Profit Small Business Ideas

hi friends this is Dinesh in this video
we are going to see about phenyl making business watch this full video without
skipping so that you can understand easily you can start this business from
your home itself with very little investment I will say you about making
cost of phenyl making at the end of the video now we say about how to make
phenyl I am going to show you demo I am going to make two bottle of phenol so I
am taking two bottles with water it’s a one liter can bottle so we are
going to make two liter of phenyl take a bucket and pour water into that bucket
pour two bottles water fully into that bucket you should not add salt water to
make phenyl if you do so it will get expired soon then you need to add a phenyl compound into the water this is a one liter phenyl compound bottle if you
want to add this phenyl compound fully you need to add 20 liters of water but
20 liters you can make twenty one liter bottle of an phenyl but here I am showing
you demo I added only two liters of water so I’m adding only 100 ml of
phenol compound into it now you can see it turns into white
color after adding it you have to mix it well till it gets full white color you
can also sell this white panel if you don’t want to add scent and colors but
if you add scent and colors it will be more attractive you can get more sales
so adding scent to phenyl is a great advantage for you we are going to add
this type of scent this is a Jasmine scent you can get this type of scent in
all chemical stores for 20 liters you have to add this full bottle but here we
are going to make only two bottles so adding little bit is enough
after adding mix it well it will give a pleasant smell then you have to
add color you can add liquid color or powder color you can even add food color
there are different types of colors available in the market you can choose
any colors to add it I am adding powder color if you get liquid color you can
also add liquid color I am adding rose color powder you should add only little
amount of color after adding mix it well it changes to
rose color if it does not change it to desired color add two to three drops of
color so that it will fully change into rose color phenyl now your phenyl is ready
pour it into the bottle you can even add your own brand sticker and can sell it
to the retail shops your nearby homes departmental stores and many more so
let’s see making cost of phenyl and how much profit you will get for each sale
for example you are going to make 20 bottle of phenol then you need one
little final compound rupees 140 one sent bottle rupees 35 color rupees 5 so
totally you need 180 rupees bottle cost is rupees 5 if you buy plastic bottle
directly from manufacturer then you will get it for low price so for 20 bottles
total cost is rupees 100 making cost for each phenyl is rupees 9 bottle cost is rupees five
so total cost is rupees fourteen in retail market cost of each phenyl is
rupees thirty if we sell it to retail stores you can sell it for rupees twenty
with a profit of six rupees for each bottle if we sell directly to customers
you can sell it for thirty rupees with a profit of sixteen rupees for each bottle
in one day you can make hundred bottles you can get average profit of rupees 11
so if you supply hundred bottles to retail shops unto your direct customers
you can earn thousand one hundred per day so per month you can easily in
20,000 to 30,000 it’s all in your hand you have to market your product when it
comes to selling marketing is everything if you are good at marketing then money
will flow into a pocket getting orders is not impossible if you try it in a
correct way you will get more orders don’t lose hope at the first stage of
rejection do your hard work success comes to you if you liked this video
please share with your friends if you have any doubts leave a comment and
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  1. Hi friends, I re uploaded this video. Because I made a calculation mistake in lastly uploaded phenyl making business video. So I deleted that video and re uploaded now.
    Thanks for watching.

  2. Sir i like your speech marketing is everything can i.sell marketing with 20 rupee how much i sell in aday


  4. Phenyl concentrate only 140 rs litter , you can make 25 to 40 litter . Contact Manoj Aggarwal Delhi Laxminagar 9250225182

  5. Putting this kind of video on the net with no more explanation than this is pretty fucked up. Molarity? Purity? Legal considerations? Why no buy it direct for less than you could make it?

  6. where should I get empty bottle For filling phenol for business purpose….Im from chennai kundrathur I want wholesale 1ltr bottle. Plz suggest me. Thanks

  7. Nice video, calculations & info brother.. thank u v.much for this video.. keep more ideas brother

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