Phuket travel guide book # 10 Chillva Night Market

Chillva is one of the famous night markets in Phuket Outside, they sell small items such as souvenirs, T-shirts MON-TUE : Secondhand Market WED-SAT : Chillva Flea Night maket (today is Friday) 5pm to 11pm ( Sunday is a break ) There are various performances in a small concert hall You can buy some simple food and can eat here Outside- Small Goods Inside- street food Lots of street food shop is gathered here I recommend you WED to SAT Several Seafood BBQ shops here but I don’t want to recommend it. Short-term tourists are their main customers. Like Old Town Sunday Night Market, no roof here Phuket always raining at nighttime It’s a 50% Probability I hope you to be ready Min 500THB for prawn I want to recommend another place Please look forward to another episode. This is a place where you feel Thai night while enjoying simple street food When you go abroad, you meet a lot of first-time food. In Thailand, if you choose coconut, you never fail And this is the one Pad Thai – rice noodles fried with sprouts This is the best food that never failed in Thailand Thai fish ball are also excellent There is also daily market next to the street market, The outside sells items such as clothing souvenirs It started to rainnig There are two of my favorite restaurants in the back yard of the market. I eat here twice a week I recommend you to eat here if you come Chillva That’s the market This is a buffet restaurant I can order as much as I want Pork set 299, beef set 439THB ( no time limit)

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