Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate – HD Video Export Tutorial

do I look defined I hope I don't look hot cuz I sure enough they been smoking hey guys how y'all doing out there it's time for another tutorial from pinnaclestudiopro that's right is me your boy malik holding it down once again bring you that pinnacle studio love you need for all of my pinnacle studio peeps today i'm going to show you how to get that HD video love you've been looking for it now if you appreciate the content that I bring to you make sure you leave me a thumbs up leave me a comment if you need some help with something or just to say hi to your boy say what's up what's going on and of course please share this video on all the social media out there so that other pinnacle studio users know where to go get great content and know where to go get help from for use in pinnacle studio alright let's jump off in the pinnacle studio 18 to get things started ID my pinnacle studio peeps here we are in pinnacle studio 18 ultimate and I'm about to show you how to get down on some HD love alright time to get our export in high-definition High Definition all right that's coming to iTunes real real soon so keep your eye out for that all right not all right let's get into this all right first thing you got to remember is when you are setting up your project you got to set up your timeline to be high def HD so in order to do that you need to go to setup control panel and then you have to go to project settings now this is where you set up your defaults for every time you open up a new project so when you go to the video standard you click on that you have a bunch of different options on here to choose from now you want to go ahead and choose something that's 1920 by 1080 if you want full high-definition you could also choose 1280 by 720 but make sure that you are choosing something that is matching the file that you record on a regular basis that you want to bring in to Pinnacle Studio so if most of your files are done at 1280 by 720 then you want your default 4 open up new new projects to be 1280 by 720 if most of your recordings are done in 1920 by 1080 then you want your default to be 1920 by 1080 also you got to keep your framerate in mind you either will choose between 24p 25p 30 P 50 i6 TI and so on based on how you regularly record your footage so if I regularly record my footage at 1920 by 1080 at 24 frames per second then I'm going to select 1920 by 1080 24 P all right now one other thing that you have to be aware of is how you're going to have your file set up for the region that you live in so what you want to do as well is go to export and preview and you want to make sure that your external preview standard is set up correctly this means that other devices that you watch your finished video on whether it's a DVD player a blu-ray player or whatever it has to be set up for the region that you live in so most of Europe is pal and most of North America is NTSC if you're not sure what region you're in you can just Google that and figure it out and select the correct external preview standard for the region that you live in I'm in North America so I'm pressing NTSC now since everything is set up I'm going to click on OK so my default is set up correctly now let's say I recorded something at 30 P instead of 24 P well when I open that new project I happen to default to 24 P if I want to I can change my timeline since this is just like a one-time thing I don't want to change my default I just want to change my timeline I can go over to these little cogs here and click on the timeline settings cog and now I have the option to change my frame rate to 30 P or 50 P or whatever I want to change it to alright I can also change my resolution whether I'm 2d or 3d whether it's widescreen standard what-have-you alright so now that I got everything set up to match my files that I'm bringing in my project is finished it's time for me to click the export button so I click on export and now I choose to create files I don't do discs I don't do to the cloud very often I definitely don't do device you might do something differently now as far as the settings if I want to export something in 24p I have to choose transport stream MTS I won't thank my boy Tony P for that bit of info because I wouldn't have known it if worried for him you see I don't know everything I learned too just like you do so since I want this to be 24p I'm going to choose transport stream and for my preset I'm going to choose custom and then I'm going to click on advanced now under advanced I can change my size make sure it's set on 1920 by 1080 and I can change my frames per second make sure it's set to 24 frames per second and then I want to make sure that I have progressive instead of a top field or bottom field interlace so I want to choose progressive then I'm going to click on apply now if my settings here were different before you should see that your video settings have updated to be a h.264 1920 by 1080 and 24 frames per second then if you wish to do mp4 and you're doing 30 frames per second then if you just choose mp4 and you select HD 1080p if my timeline was set up to 30 frames per second then you'd see this here would say 29.97 so let me show you how that would look and now you see that in the preset details the video is now says 29.97 frames per second so keep in mind it's important to make sure your timeline is set up correctly to get it to export at the correct frames per second alright and once you're all set up all you got to do is click on start export and now you have that lovely lovely HD footage you've been looking for okay you

30 thoughts on “Pinnacle Studio 18 & 19 Ultimate – HD Video Export Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much. The only problem i had with Pinnacle was that it made the quality worse after exporting but with your video the problem was fixed. Cant thank you enough man 🙂

  2. Amazon Video Direct is fussy about video / audio specs. Can PinnacleStudioPro export in any of these two combinations?…
    1) AVC / H.264 in a .mp4, .m2t or .ts container with audio as AC-3 or AAC.
    2) MPEG 2 in a .mpg, .mpeg, .m2t or .ts container with audio as PCM or MPEG layer II .

  3. So helpful, even after I took video editing classes in college, this is a remarkable brush up course! Highly recommend this videos to "experts" and "novices" alike!

  4. MAAAAAAAN I LOVE YOU! Thank u so much, your videos are perfect and without them i'll be totally lost! Thank you so much again! 💪💕🎥

  5. Dude, thank you so much!! I was so confused as to why WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER had a better final quality than pinnacle studio, it made no sense.

    Seriously though, thanks so much. You're awesome

  6. I have been trying to export clips from Pinnacle Studio that are perfect in clarity – but as soon as i try to export, they come out terrible!
    I am lost for options to try, I think I will have to buy a different software to use 🙁

    PLEASE anyone having the same issue with Pinnacle??

  7. I Have pinnacle 18 ultimate, Im trying to put together a hour long film, everytime I go to export, it get to the end where it says complete then it stop working. how do I get my video to export all the way thru

  8. i ben lerning from you can you help me to make a dvd video better quality and i use a dvd 8.5 and i wans better quality video pece and love brother

  9. I have a question: I want to export with DivX Plus FullHD but it only have 2 channel audio (PS15version) Is there a codec or another pinnacle version Divxplus that could export a 1920X1080 video with 5.1 sound file? thanks.

  10. Hi Maliek,
    When I make a snaphot in my clip, the file is approx. 137 kb. (very low for Photoshop)
    Can I change the resolution for my snapshots ?

  11. Thanks for your vids! However, Studio 20 is frustrating. I go thru all the details of authoring a DVD with title, scene selection, and more making it look great. Sad that it won't play in anything. Finally had to resort to Pinnacle MyDVD to make it play in a DVD player and the title screen is crap (best of the worst options of title screens in myDVD). Maliek, you rock.. but the software is a kick to the nads at times.

  12. did exactly what you showed in this video but it always comes out very pixelated and low quality after exporting. do you know what's going wrong?

  13. all ur videos r fine thanks,,sir mts videos in my pinnacle studio 14 are not working with Transitions black and ! this symbol is showing me how to solve it…

  14. I've been watching several of your videos and have had no luck with rendering. Each time I do, it ends up not in sync at the end of the video – the beginning is fine. Important: There are several clips in this video. When I play it on the timeline, it is flawless. But when I watch the rendered file, there are 3 frames that are grey and have a broken circle with an arrow. It seems that is causing the video to become out of sync. Any ideas?

  15. do you ever export to youtube and then in the middle of the video it starts flashing. The image will start looking there is a strobe light going off. what am i doing? thanks im ripping my hair out.

  16. I am considering pinnacle studio ultimate but not sure which version although I know there is 21 now, i know a lot of people don't like it. I am looking at getting 18 or 19. Which do you see as being the best? I bought version 14 quite awhile ago and can't get it ro work right on my computers using windows 10, I have a Fujitsu t901 with 17 processor and Tangent all in one with i7, not sure what the deal is but I need something newer anyway. Which do you think would be the better version? Thanks

  17. Thanks So Much!!! My video was exporting so slow and this video helped!!!!! Subscribed and liked the video!

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