Process and Chemical Industries

northeast England is home to 200 chemical biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies employing the skills of thirty four thousand people and served by a dedicated transport training research and engineering infrastructure access to markets worldwide is a Blee assisted by sector organisations and national bodies like UK trade and investment this world-class cluster of companies is worth 7 billion pounds per annum to the UK economy Nicholas pyramid India Limited provides contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals from the site acquired from Pfizer which has been in production for 40 years they supply a hundred and six different markets from Australia to the USA with ease all from the northeast we've never found difficulties in the 30 years that we've been established here in attracting and recruiting any specialist scientific expertise to this facility add more junior levels of the operation then there is a heritage of technical based industries manufacturing based industries in the northeast of England and so attracting the right caliber of individuals to work and shop floor jobs has again never been a problem our costs on a global basis are very competitive we're starting to understand that more as we become a contract manufacturer on it on a global basis we move goods to over 100 markets worldwide all the way from Australia New Zealand through Southeast Asia Europe right across North America northeast is I would say it's one of the top shining stars internationally it's got all the right infrastructure in place it's got a beautiful environment you've got all the facilities located close to you and it's grateful family the quality of schools of public services is excellent quality of housing is good at reasonable prices and therefore disposable income levels for anyone in a reasonable employment are much higher d1 oils is a new biofuels business covering the whole supply chain from field to filling station the region's strong sector heritage made it easy for them to recruit exactly the right kind of chemical operatives biofuels is a huge growth area as an industry which started a matter of 5 years ago we are at the leading edge of that field in terms of meeting the blade down targets have been able to supply 20% of the UK's Road fuel requirement from a renewable source by the year 2020 so the prospects are fantastic in the quality and skills which are available here in Northeast meet all our requirements this part of the Northeast is well known world class for its oil plants for the petrochemical plants for the steel industry it has therefore the kind of people which we need to operate our plants agencies such as one northeast have been a great help to us here in being able greater pointers in the direction when we wanted outside help from universities and we set up a number of agreements to do that and in terms of bringing other people with other skills that have been a use to us when you're starting up a company you need all the help you can get in 2006 Saavik acquired Huntsman's ethylene cracker and a polyethylene plant nearing completion combined financial and sector development support from various regional organizations has helped sabic ambitious expansion plans somehing is a very successful company summit corporately is one of the top 10 petrochemical companies in the world and has growth plans to increase its size by 10% per annum over the next five years the industry is constantly restructuring and I think that is becoming more and more internationalized more and more global and sub is at the forefront of that change the clusters in the Northeast are very important first of all they create wealth for the region secondly on the back of that they create a huge number of jobs collectively over 200 companies come together that allows the cluster to have a huge voice that the workforce is flexible its adaptable its a workforce that will understand change its willing to embrace change and the fact that it understands that is a huge advantage I think the transport links in the northeast are second to none we are very well served by deep seaports road networks rail networks and access to local airports Saavik and others have seen the Northeast as a tremendous area for growth they've seen a skilled workforce they've seen tremendous infrastructure and they do have faith in this region and I would say to other companies that what sabic and others have seen is true and I would welcome any industry to come and join us in the Northeast northeast England passionate about business you

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