Profitable Home Business Ideas For Moms

Hey, welcome back to the Six Figure
Mastermind. Glad to have you back on today. We’re gonna be talking about some
profitable business ideas for moms. Maybe you need a little bit of extra income to
make ends meet, maybe you just want to add some stuff into your income. Totally
got you covered stay tuned. Alright, so it’s time to get a little
bit more money in your personal cash flow. I get it, I’ve been there. You know,
actually it could be a nice supplement to income maybe that you already have or
maybe you just need something to little make ends meet at the end of the day or
the end of the month. There’s a few quick ideas that don’t require you know, a lot
of education, you don’t need a degree, just eight things that I’ve found and I
brought together and I want to share them with you so that you can get
rolling on some of these ideas and just bring a little bit more money and that’s
quick and easy, okay. The first thing when I tell you about is delivery driving
service. Now I’m not talking necessarily like going to Domino’s and being a
Domino’s delivery driver, that’s not necessarily your niche maybe but
nowadays, people are getting really into custom delivery service. You know, Uber
and Lyft are even getting it on this and maybe that’s something you have time for
at home is driving for Uber and Lyft. So a lot of companies are actually creating
its specialized delivery service that you can join and be a part of. You know,
you could do a dessert delivery service, you could do uber food so lookup
delivery services and they could be custom to your area too. Look up on Google,
look up and see if there are delivery services that you can participate in by
your own measure on your own timeframe. The second way to bring a little bit of
extra income in is being a language tutor for a company called VIPKID. It’s
VIPKID. Now this is a really cool institution especially for those who
have college degrees. What happens with a VIPKID is that they will have students
all the way across the world from China and maybe even countries around about
that need and English tutor and your job is to get up at 2:00 or 3:00 or maybe
even 4:00 in the morning and get on your headset and be a live video teacher for
these children who are learning and practicing English, it’s a very reputable
website, it’s got great reviews. I know a lot of people who are personally doing
it and it’s a great way to supplement your income if you have a college degree.
Another great way to bring money in online is through e-commerce. Now there’s
a huge is a huge spectrum, right. E-commerce could mean many things, I’m
talking specifically about buying and reselling, buying wholesale and selling
retail. There’s a lot of websites that can help you through this,
there’s a lot of ways you can sell on Amazon, products that you bought from
China. One caveat is that you’ve got to make sure they’re quality products or
you won’t get reviews and you won’t get customers. So you can totally do
e-commerce whether with existing products or even with products that you make
yourself from home. Another great way to do this is through Facebook marketplace.
Facebook is catching on that people are buying and selling on Facebook and
they’ve made it easier for us now than ever so use space of a marketplace to
either sell your own goods or goods that you bought at wholesale and you’re
selling it retail. Another great profitable business idea
for moms like you and me is to become a personal trainer, personal trainers get
paid on a case by case or client by client basis and a lot of times you can
go into gyms in your area and be a subsidiary or affiliate of that gym. A
lot of gyms will allow you to come in and use that space if you can work out a
joint venture agreement with them. If you’re into fitness and you know how to
personally train, be a personal trainer, that’s one avenue that you can go down
to make ends meet plus it keeps you in fit too. When I first started out, one of
the ways I started making business, when I first started out one of the ways I
started making money from home was I started creating with my passion of
photography. I had a lot of clients and and I just was getting off the ground
and I wanted to build a portfolio and I even have a video for you. If this is
something that specifically you’re interested in of how to get your
photography business off the ground at home and what you need to do that but if
photography is just one example, it could be any of your passions but create
something that you’re good at that’s your specialty that you know you have
some talent in and create a business from home doing that, that you value to
create your own hours and your own price point. Another great ways for
stay-at-home moms to make a little bit of extra money is to be a childcare
provider. Now before I say anything else about that, I want you to get licensed, I
want you to get CPR certified, I want you to be legitimate, okay. Anyone can open
their home technically and say there being a childcare provider but I want
you to be covered, I want you to have your bases covered and I want you to
have your contracts all in place with all the training necessary. You can open
up your home and become a daycare service provider but please get licensed
to do so and please make sure you enjoy being with those amazing kids.
Another profitable business idea that you can do from home is coaching. Now
this could be any kind of coaching it can be health and fitness coaching, it
could be life coaching, it could be marriage coaching, it
could be financial coaching. Coaching is very flexible, you can do it from
anywhere especially from home. Your coaching business usually will look like
taking on one-on-one clients four six or eight weeks at a time or maybe even
group coaching business and you can decide whether you want to do that live
in-person in home where people actually come to your door and come sit down with
you or you can decide to do coaching calls. One thing I want to let you know
about coaching, you can’t be fake and be a good coach. You’ve got to have results
and you’ve got to have clients who have results and I’m going to dive way more
into that in another video but it can be a profitable way to run a business from
home. One of my favorite ways to earn money from home is blogging and I got to
be honest with you, I am surprised that blogs are still as popular as they are,
they’re extremely popular, people are blogging and making money blogging all
the time. Blogging has been around for more than 10 years which is saying
something in the tech industry. There’s not a lot of avenues that have been
around for that length of time with that kind of staying power. You can make money
blogging by using affiliate links, by selling your own product, by connecting
to your e-commerce site or a mixture of all of those things blogging can be a
great way to bring in income especially with those Adsense and affiliate links
with marketing your own product. Last but not least, we’ve got a community on
Facebook called the Six Figure Mastermind and I want your guys’s input in that
community. It’s a free community. I’m going to put the link for you right in
the description, you can come join us and share those ideas for more ideas for you
to make money from home as a stay-at-home mom. Thanks for watching
today’s video. Those of you that have tried those ideas, leave me some comments
below, share your success story with me. We want to celebrate you. Hit the
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