PROJECT CABIN: Behind the Scenes Interview

My name is Steven Varela. I’m a former Imagineer and the founder of Deepest Immersion Industries and I’m here to tell you about our first real world game attraction: “Project Cabin” “Project Cabin” is the codename for a highly immersive collection of interactive performances in which guests experience unique stories customized by their actions and guided from behind the scenes by a director as they solve puzzles and
interact with a cast of characters. To describe the experience to anybody who has never been to an extremely high-quality escape room or murder mystery theater, it’s like stepping into a movie as an actor or onto the board of your favorite tabletop role-playing game where your choices change the plot
and what happens next! Experiences of this quality level haven’t existed up until this point because of the complexity and the cost of design and staff them were too high; but at Deepest Immersion Industries, we have spent the last two and a half years in secret developing the world’s first real-world
game engine and privately funded the research and development for all the
software and hardware on which it runs. We’ve designed industrial-grade systems,
the same systems that people trust for traffic control, water purification and
manufacturing; but instead, repurposed to provide a highly immersive themed
environment as a real-world game engine. Our tech was designed with the future in
mind We had to ask ourselves a lot of challenging questions: “What would it take to realistically run a virtual world and tell cohesive stories?” All while coordinating themed special effects, actors and safety systems. After figuring out ways to offset the costs of labor through automation we needed to think about how to track quests and story progress, redundancy in case of system failures and maintaining a safe environment for our guests and staff All of our controls were designed in-house. This includes our programmable lighting
controller, environmental audio systems, cued video playback networks, our autonomous prop and inventory management system and most importantly our very own “Virtual Intelligence” that works hand-in-hand with our human director to weave complex stories. Like a “Dungeon” or “Game” Master… our Live-Action Response Entertainment Network, or L.A.R.E.N, works closely with a team of human counterparts to dynamically affect each group’s experience. As a team, L.A.R.E.N and the Director simultaneously oversee and manage dozens of complex narratives, track props and items, automatically cue dramatic music or lighting and even summon non-player characters for unique interactions with our guests. The philosophy behind the design of “Project Cabin” was not only to act the next evolution of high-tech entertainment. We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to answer a call to adventure. We all grew up reading stories and watching movies where the lead character is
whipped up into wonderful quests; but many of us have grown up and still fantasize about the day that we might one day be a part of these stories. This is that opportunity! Those who have been involved with Project Cabin so far are not only highly passionate about storytelling, we are composed of a majority of entertainment professionals with the technical knowledge to actually implement and execute the future of real-world adventure games. So what’s our next goal? We’ve fully built and tested all of the systems we need to run our first set of experiences That’s the hard part; and it’s done AND working, but we still need your help to make this into a physical reality. We will be announcing a number of
fundraising opportunities in the near future. So follow us on social media to
find out how you can be a part of Project Cabin, as well as seeing behind the scenes and learning when you can eventually get your hands on some of our
custom tools. In the long term, after opening our first permanent location, we hope to open additional temporary locations across the country so that everyone can have an opportunity to experience Project Cabin. We want to remove the barrier for entry into an unexplored medium of storytelling. Storytelling remains one of the most important tools of human society. Not only offering a means of entertainment, but a tool to escape the limits of our
understanding of our world and ourselves, and there has never been a better time
to create an escape.

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