Question: Is Tiffany Haddish A Sell-Out? | BET’s Mancave

Fire in the cave!
Fire in the cave! Bah, bah, bah, bah!
So Tiffany Haddish clapped back in a major way
on a fan, okay? They called her a sellout
for having seasoned salt. She jumped in and said,
and I quote… Oh, wow. Yes…
Now, my question is,
gentlemen, gentlemen, is she going too far
with the clap back now that she’s this famous? No, no, no, no, no.
Or is it okay to just– No, no, no.
Tanky– She’s not going far enough.
Huh. This is what this woman
is known for, okay? She’s known to be
abrasive out of the mouth,
you know what I’m saying? Have you– Have you seen
“Girls Trip”? I have. She got
a filthy mouth.
Filthy mouth. I need more of this, Tiffany.
I love it. That is who she is,
she built her career
on being who she is. Some people say ratchet,
some people say abrasive. She need to give people more, ’cause that’s what
made her famous. Don’t turn into
Aunt Bee right now. You know the other thing
about it is?
Absolutely. I don’t know a celebrity
that looks like they’re having more fun
than her.
Right. Right, right, right.
And I absolutely love it. And the clap back
is part of her fun.
That’s part of her fun. I mean, I-I-I look at it
like, look, Tiff, don’t necessarily respond
to everything, ’cause the haters gonna
continue to come. Agreed. Agreed.
But… I know there’s sometimes
when I see some shit on social media that just
get up under my skin. I’m the same way. I been put
on clap back restriction,
you know what I’m saying? (Jeff)
By who?
Who put you on– My manager put me on
clap back restriction. Really?
Because I’ve been known
to get out there. And the thing about me
is is that, you know, my brand is sexy.
Right. My brand is uplifting to women. My brand is not
and, you know, so when I clap back
too serious, it’s-it’s bringing me
out of character. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I need to stay
in character. You know what I’m saying?
I need to keep it sexy. (Kosine)
That’s a fact.
That’s a fact. Tanky, Kosi…

54 thoughts on “Question: Is Tiffany Haddish A Sell-Out? | BET’s Mancave

  1. How in the hell is Tank shit sexy… You are of the past sir.. Your draws are grandma's.. Older women look for younger guys… Young loose things might be interested if your money right…

  2. We still waiting on the Moniece clap back and she went in on ADD………… or the clap back to the Zena threat that every time she see Zena and you talking crazy she gonna get it?????? I need you tuo clap back like Envy on Desus

  3. Tank you have no room to say anything! Your brand is garbage, you have no subtance in your music, you sound silly and its degrading to women period! Its Rachett music.

  4. Grow up people we all have a right to speak our minds without anybody hating on one another & neither man said anything bad about my girl. They all had nothing but good things to say about her so why u hating girl?

  5. I love it Tiffany, DO YOU !!! If they don’t like it they should get out of your business. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. 0:28 Exactly!  We live in a day and age where trolls abound. People get off on posting negative comments, just waiting for the person to clap back. Personally if I have to clap back, I try to do it in a respectful way. However, these days, sometimes it is best to give as good as you get! LOL!  What she said was priceless!  People think because the internet is anonymous that gives them a license to be as mean as they want. I am pretty nice 95% of the time, but catch me the other 5%…..It ain't pretty.

  7. Tiffany definitely selling out tickets and grinding slay these haters…..Go #Tiffanyhaddish #SheReady 💕

  8. Why even give it thought that showsl your character.Clap back means you spend way to much time on shit no important in your life.

  9. I just know Tiffany is pretty – so easy on the eyes. I just like looking at her. Happy for her because she's been grinding for a long time.

  10. She isn’t a sell out..she a beautiful smart and funny sista doing her thing…💯….now if she shits on black men to date white men and only has them as her love interests in movies then yes she is a sell out…but she hasn’t done it so she isn’t

  11. Look Ms.Tiffany Haddish, the Truth is that you're not funny At-all. Hell, you're not even aware of your own Blackness let alone Black-comedy & humor? You're just the typical everyday Ignorant, Filthy-mouth, Welfare Section-8, Proud Black-bitch Who's Not Worth A Damn in the slightest but who thinks themselves Unique, or in your case, a Unicorn? Lol. Bitch-please, grow up and don't believe your own hype? It's Women like you who are man's greatest enemy truth be told. Oh, and so that you know Ho, there's no such thing of unicorns. Didn't they tell you? Besides bitch, you're to Got-damn Old be a Unicorn-horse anyway. Must be some kind of Sex-thing huh? Ms.Tiffany Haddish is just another celebrated buffoon. How sad, oh so sad.

  12. Amal, lets be very clear ! REAL men dont talk about when,how or where it goes down. Prince was creative and talented, he made music. His sexual content did not overshadow his musicianship. You need to listen to JOE, he is underated and way better then Tanks ratchet old ass!.

  13. She coming up too fast for people and they hating viciously!That's a haters role though,you can't hatem!!!

  14. Seriously I live for my ppl to advance especially when they put in the work. However I can't seem to find any reason for her success.

  15. Any time a black woman or man is on the come up and doing great things and becoming more successful other black people want to tear you down and talk bad about you . Why can’t we uplift one another let Tiffany be Tiffany and you worry about. Y’all act like you can say whatever you want to people and get away with just because she’s a public figure doesn’t mean she isn’t a regular person leave her alone

  16. This is type feminine. Look at the setting. Anything goes now huh? I mean rappers wearing dresses and rumpers and shit why not sit at a table and gossip right? Smh

  17. I can't say she's a sell out. ….but I'll say her comedy fits into every negative stereotype depicted against Black Women…ie….we're loud, abrasive, ratchet, uncouth……I'm no fan of her comedy.

  18. Why is it when black people become successful, they are being called sellouts? I hate that shit. Black people can't win no matter what.

  19. Hell, BET sold out to Viacom for a bucket of chicken, what's the difference?? They should be called VET now. BET is so black that they have Imagine Dragons as an intro on to their so called "black experience". Sounds like pimpin to me Viacom. It just proves that "whitey" still has his foot on our necks as a whole, "just give 'em a Happy Meal and a few toys( Kanye)???? Works every time. #WILLIELYNCHLETTER

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