Rakul Preet Singh’s UNTOLD Story: Battling nepotism, financial woes, bodyshaming & insecure costars

it’s happened very early on in my career
in the South two films that I was replaced from you know how difficult
that can make your simple not difficult I see people act all happy and then
they’re insecure but that’s okay when I just started working when I just moved
to Bombay but then I said ah but this is what it is
somebody told me you know you’re very good you’re really nice but the problem
with you is that you have a generic face she has made her presence feel down
south in the years that she’s worked there and now she’s getting the
necessary recognition in Bollywood but the journey has not been devoid of any
struggle talking about her own inspirational journey today and her
untold story is Rahul Peterson joining us only on Pinkvilla
welcome Rahul hello how have you been very good so you know we started this
segment and of a personal thing that has come from us it’s a very hard filthy so
a lot of people like you you don’t want to become actors and who have had no
filmy connections especially in the industry become very difficult for them
to you know even make that first mark or opportunity get that first opportunity
was it difficult for you because you come from an army’ background you were
in Miss India but after that has it been difficult for you see of course it’s not
easy but what comes easy yeah I just live in Kandivali and because
obviously I could not afford Andheri or Bandra and also we had a relative in
Kandivali and my parents so much it relaxed because I was just 20 when I
shifted and you know I have someone that is like who’s very close by so I used to
have a ritz car I would drive every single day from Kandivali to Bandra
to workout with my trainer who’s here get ready they’re set out for auditions
meetings and get back in the evening I think five days a week I did that but I
never I never went back with all oh my god it
was such a tiring day yeah because I had to do this really who does do yeah I I
wanted to do it right I’ve always believed that if you are pursuing your
passion then the journey itself is beautiful you can’t use the word
difficult you can’t be negative about it yeah but when you were auditioning we’re
there any times when something mean was really said to you because a lot a lot
of times that happens yeah kaha se aa gai hai or nothing like that no no it was really
decent I wasn’t that bad but I just feel I’m better when it’s the camera rolling
when I know the role a little better you know as a person you came here when you
were 21 you said 20 20 but tell me at such a young at such a young age it is
difficult to you know brave through rejections cause there were rejections
in the beginning yes was it anytime heartbreaking for you because you were
trying to make your mark um I think somewhere now and that’s a very good
question I come from a very solid value system and my parents have always
entrained a lot of self-confidence in me not overconfidence and there’s a line so
ever since we were kids they gave us the freedom of opinion freedom of choice
freedom to express our free will like we were very confident kids I was always
very confident of the fact that even if I don’t make it I will do something else
because I’m so confident that I will go back to studies I will do my marketing I
will do my MBA but take me for what is right and I think that confidence when
you have things become easier but you know Rakul I want to ask you this that
sexism is a very very big deal that plagues the industry and society at
large especially yeah in the world have you been a victim of that when in any of
the industries especially when it comes to pay remuneration of the differential
treatment um not differential treatment I think
I’ve been very very well treated especially you know I think work
with good teams and in the South they actually put women on a pedestal I do
understand that actors are huge crowd pullers and
you know the entire film rights on their shoulders but if it is a film which is
riding on a female actor and we need to stop calling it female centric like up
like how in the best thing you you the you playing the main role central character
so now if there’s a Sand ki Aankh or if there is a badla or if
there is a chappak coming now it’s those women are playing central
characters so you should be paid accordingly I think it should be what
you bring to the table and what’s your involvement and the number of days and
time and effort cause honestly you’re also putting in extra effort ever going
to the gym to look thin and wear those tiny clothes and then dance and you know
yeah so so I think it’s it should be you have Taapsee is a friend of yours and she
had come on this segment and she had said that the for a period of time
because a few films in work down south she was called in iron and ye hota hai
iron leg like yeah and they and golden leg golden leg is when it works really it
has that ever happened to you like golden leg my first few films were
blockbusters and then iron also happened neither did I believe when you guys
called me golden leg neither do I believe I think just
superstitions they’re you know you’re making a film with all the right
intention it works it doesn’t work it’s not in your hand but also because you
don’t have any connections does it become difficult to approach people for
work but because a lot of actors have come and said that you know there are
times when they want to do a particular film and they don’t get it and because
somebody’s family makes the call that happens has that happened to you that
happens but then do you remember I mean I can’t name there’s no don’t didn’t
mean of course that’s happened I’ve it’s happened very early on in my career in
the South two films that I was replaced from but I’m so glad that happened so
early on because it gave me even more so I’m the kind of person I had this quote
in my house people who try to bury me did not know I
was a seed yeah if my dad was connected and if he was a
producer or a director I would have probably got that first opportunity but
having said all of this I think only if you are talented you’ll
last but here in Bollywood also that has happened to you has it ever happened
when you’ve been promised a role and you almost got it and then this happened
like they’ve just know they’ve been nice enough to say that because of different
reasons we are having to opt for another option
and I really respect that you know I just feel that’s fine I mean if it was
meant for me it’ll come to me if it’s not meant to me I honestly believe I’m a
God’s child in a lot more ways
I’m telling you nayaan and things that I should all be saying this but things
that have not done like that at that point I felt oh my god I wish I’d done
that films they haven’t worked and I’m like thank God you know you were there
and things that and even when I look at things which have not worked and what
has happened after I think it’s a larger good so I’m like God I got you you’re
my friend but do you ever regret leaving of him like that I don’t regret anything
along with nepotism one thing that is very very prevalent in both the
industries is camps they’re like does it become difficult then for you to fit in
when it becomes like all about campism why I have not worked with any of
the camp yet and I don’t know if it’s gonna be difficult or not him no but do
you think it’s difficult to crack that to get them to crack it and see if it
was difficult or not I did I can’t say it but I think it’s such a good space
right now yeah as in I think people have become so accepting of your talent if
you look at some of the present stars Vicki or Anushka Sharma or Taapsee Bhumi
Ayushmann they’re all non filmy people so somewhere somebody is giving them out
is right so I think it’s a great time to be in the industry finally I’ll ask you
this because it’s been a conversation for a lot of men and women actually you
know the me to movement started last year and a lot of actors even some film
families have come out and like not name but they have spoken about the kind of
propositions that they are faced with in and outside the industry when you are
making your mark in any of the industries and I’ll give you the Liberty
to choose whether you want to name them or not that’s your choice have you ever
had such an incident if people know that you’re very desperate and they see that
we’re in an opportunist world human nature is often opportunist you give
somebody a job and you go away and look away they’ll not do their job correctly
they want to make more money out of it that’s how we have been conditioned now
if that person sees that you are desperate it’s an opportunity they’re
through now whether you’re desperate and you’ve given or not is one thing now
this is one side of the story I do understand that when people come and you
know I can talk like I said and I also told you I’m privileged that I had a
family that was supporting me many people don’t have that and which is why
they feel this is make-or-break but let me tell you I have always believed
nobody is going to cast you in a film or shell hundreds of crores on you because
you’re easy yeah it’s just probably a trick and don’t fall for it it’s all I
would say and my heart totally goes out to people who have fallen prey
who have fallen prey and it’s really sad but I think yeah I mean any time has it
ever happens that people have actually criticized you or they have been body
image issues not personally not individually like not internally but
because because this is a make or be make-belief word has they ever been that
I wouldn’t name but that’s happened that’s happened when I just started working
when I just moved to Bombay but then I said ah but this is what it is somebody
told me you know you’re very good you’re really nice but the problem with you is
that you generic face so I said the problem is
now this is the face literally I said that I love having fun with people like
that I don’t like but what do you mean by generic face I also don’t know no na abhi naak tedi ho then you make news about it ya
ya kuch ajeeb ho ya surgery karalo so I was like I don’t know
but this is what it is right so again like I said everything stems from your
belief in yourself I have always believed that so I have said and it’s
okay for someone to feel that way nayan and you cannot expect everybody well I like
me yeah I don’t like everybody yeah might not like that you know I might
like a certain actor might not like another actor but it’s okay if someone
doesn’t like me but I have to love myself yeah
and when you love yourself and when you accept yourselves I think half the
battles also but now that you spoke about working with actors male-female
both tell me something has it ever happen where you have work with somebody
who’s been a little insecure and you have noticed that in the way they behave
with you or you know how difficult that actors make your people not difficult I’d
say people act all happy and then they’re insecure but that’s okay but
isn’t it difficult to work with a difficult actor like Ileana said that
when she was working with this actor that person apparently had I will tell
you the name later apparently had a mood swings
every day every you know it would be like why do they shorten you go back to
ganda cuz they’re happy nobody’s had mood swings with me and then I actor so
don’t talk too much which is okay give them their space some people don’t like
to talk on set some people like to talk I made the way you should be able to
flow like fluid but you know that is what you’ve done them creating your own
space in both the world I mean as I do I’m trying to no but I do think that you
have managed to create a space especially in this one year I think the
amount of recognition that you’ve got is exemplary and thank you for sharing your
journey and I hope this gives more power to those women who want to be like you
someday oh God thank you so much thank you hi
guys this is Rakul and if you like this video then please like share and
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