Receipt for Cash Transactions?

Denise Jenkins/BART Rider:” I’d like to know
about getting receipts for money spent on your travels on BART.” Majorie Washington/BART Station Agent: “Thank
you for the question. I’m Station Agent Marjorie Washington from
the West Dublin Station. BART ticket vending machines were not designed
to give receipts for cash purchases for a couple of reasons.
The more choices a person has to make at a vending machine – such as whether you want
a receipt or not – the longer the lines back up.
BART is legally required to provide receipts for credit and debit purchases and those little
receipts end up littering our stations. Imagine if every transaction produced a receipt? It
would be bad for the environment. If you need proof of purchase….perhaps for
documentation for commuter tax benefits offered through your job, here is a trick:
Put an extra nickel of value on your ticket. That way the ticket will be returned to you
at the end of your trip – showing the trip you made and what you paid for it, which you
could copy for your records. You could then add more value to the nickel-ticket
the next time you need to travel.”

10 thoughts on “Receipt for Cash Transactions?

  1. Because it's very wasteful! I've seen them strewn about the ticket machines at the West Dublin/Pleasanton station.

  2. Some people (who pay by cash) actually do need those receipts, for a few reasons. I need them for tax purposes. As much as I want to use cash instead of a card, I really have no choice in order to obtain a receipt. Even entering a debit/credit could be hassle because it only sets up for a certain amount, and you manually have to change it which takes time. If wastes are a concern, you should set it up something in the machines that asks you "if you want a receipt or not"? just like atms,etc.

  3. Why not do what was said in the video, and add 5 cents so you get a ticket back at the end with the info printed on it?

  4. Some people who use Clipper to pay for their parking have received parking tickets because of errors. Receipts would mitigate that issue.

  5. It's a hassle, and it's not a legit receipt when I have to record/report it to the irs. Receipts show how you payed it, and when you payed as compared to a bart ticket, that does not tell you any or little of those details. If you even took the muni train, their ticket stations do ask you whether you want a receipt for not. Would be nice for all bart ticket stations to have that same feature.

  6. I almost never ask for receipts, and when tax time comes, I just make reports in general terms without them.

  7. Least your able to get off the hook. That money is coming out of my college fund to get to school, which is why they're stricly tracking down what I'm spending.

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