Recent Graduate Perspectives: MS in Business Analytics

When I graduated from my undergrad I got
a job out in Washington DC doing sort of policy analysis working in economic
development. And in my role there we we did a lot of data-driven research and
that sort of introduced me to the idea of working with data. I realized I liked
it so much and I realized there’s a world of possibilities with data and
data basically in this day and age is everything. I always knew I wanted to
pursue a master’s or a graduate degree. I wanted to broaden my skillset and get
that analytical mindset and background and also have some analytical tools
under my belt. I came to Simon for the first time for the Scholarship Weekend
and then again for the admitted student’s weekend. I chose Simon because of the
close-knit community that I observed and also because of the investment that they
put into all of their students. What really stood out to me about Simon was
the focus on being analytical and in the great reputation that Simon has. And I
like that it was a smaller school smaller class size more time to
experience the class with your teacher and have more of a personal relationship
my favorite class would be introduction to business analytics. just because you
get to learn a lot of tools in just one class. So in that class we learned Sequel,
Tableau, a little bit of R, so it’s a combination of a lot of different things.
I think my favorite course here at Simon was probably the communications course. You know I think so many people spend time on the technical skills and
learning you know the nitty-gritty of their subject whether it’s finance
accounting or whatever, and I think the communications class really gets you to
step outside your comfort zone. It gets you to work in a group work as a team
and and practice your public speaking skills which I think is often overlooked.
Yeah Simon provides a lot of opportunities for students to apply what
they’ve learned in the classroom in real-world situation Simon VISION
Consulting club is it is a great club and basically you have the opportunity
to sort of work on a consulting project for a real company, a real life company
in the Rochester area, and sort of solve a business problem for them. So I was
lucky enough to work on a project where we
he worked on a market sizing and market opportunity plan for a woman who owns a
patent for a life-saving medical device. I think it equips you really well for
when you graduate and go and apply your skills at your job.
I love the Benet Career Management Center. I went there almost every week
to meet with my advisor and I think the Career Management Center is something
you get what you put into it. I’d minored in psychology in my
undergraduate and I’ve always been interested in sort of combining human
behavior with a more…a subject like mathematics or analytics in this case, so
I discovered my interest in people analytics and I think the CMC definitely
you know encourages me on that and supports me, and the Career Management
Center definitely helps to guide us with our specific interests and kind of what
we can do or tailor our résumé to positions that we’re applying. Join every
club that you have any interest in because they’re all very helpful there’s
no minimum requirement there’s really only benefits. I’m part of Simon VISION
Consulting, the Master’s Advisory Council, Simon Volunteers, the dance club,
also I’m part of the Data Analytics Club. I think analytics is something that’s
ubiquitous across all industry now so knowing basic analytic skills is really
important and the Data Analytics Club is great because they host trainings, we’ve
had some very interesting speakers, we had someone who works in baseball
analytics come talk and that was really fun. So they’ll you know provide lunches
for you and get to learn a little extra stuff while you’re on campus. I didn’t
have an analytical background, a programming background. Simon does a good
job of kind of accommodating everyone from different backgrounds and starting
at the basics and kind of escalating from there. It is okay if you don’t have
any programming skills coming into the program, but just looking into the
coursework before you get here is a really good idea because once you get
here it goes fast.

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